People scared of getting sick? Consider them a prospect

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Everywhere you look this year, COVID, Coronavirus, Pandemic – how many of your clients are fearful of getting sick? Join this session to learn how to differentiate your offerings in order to make COVID-19 seem less terrifying. Bhupinder Anand, 2x Independent Financial Adviser of the Year Award winner and Top MDRT Speaker, joins this Power Session LIVE to share why clients are more receptive to Critical Illness Insurance, and how this is an opportunity to protect our clients while minimizing their fears.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Fees for doing the work, not just relying on commissions. Fees.” -Judith Shonnard

“What is covered. Talk to clients and prospects. I owe Sam an email reply. please tell her I will contact her.” -Robert Van Slyke

“CI Toolkit. Talk about CI.” -Drew Powers

“Positioning critical illness within the context of a disability sale. I’ve positioned it with major medical coverage in the past, and this has opened up some opportunities for me. Add rate comparisons and underwriting requirements to my 3 ring binder “sales bible”.” -Hans Heath

“Sell product. Side by side.” -Danny Hankins

“Need to change my viewpoint around fees. I’m a Real Wealth® member. I’m going to review this presentation several times after you get it posted. Thanks for all you do.” -Mark Coker

“Comparison of DI/CI and language ideas. Watch language presentation and implement CI sales. Thanks, great session again.” -Timothy Smith

“Don’t call objections objections! Talk to more people.” -Sue Cornelius

“I was skeptical about the session beforehand, kept an open mind and was glad that I participated. Mr. Anand successfully crossed the Atlantic.” -Randall Reichenbach

“That we really have to get on the critical illness train and sell, sell, sell it.” -Glenn Newlin

“Just one??? So much great info. I will be checking into critical illness policies. His verbiage was awesome on this and life insurance! I haven’t ever charged fees so I’ll review my notes on what Bhupinder said and start outlining for implementation to begin at least charging fees: 1st meeting at my expense (love that), engagement and/or research and advice fee. In the U.S. I don’t think we can give option of a commission product to say we can waive if they go with life insurance for example. I will also look up his video on “The Power of Words” and reach out to him about his book and also ask about his Masterclass. I appreciate being able to continue participating on the live monthly events.” -Tonya White

“Asking permission to be blunt with a difficult subject. Acknowledge, agree and ask a question from the objection. Re-word my question – fall under the bus and did not make it home – what is the financial consequence for your family tomorrow morning – now be silent.” -Kristen Young

“Ways to overcome certain objections. Find out more about CI opportunities.” -Louis Berteotti

“A must to fill the gaps. Add to the agenda as a must conversation.” -Doug McMurry

“I was educated regarding CI and will look more into this product as I see value for my clients. Learn more about CI and find carriers for this program. As always, great information!!” -Roberto Corral

“That I need to be using CI ins.” -Bert Hermelink

“Critical illness insurance. Learn more about it.” -Ramit Saha

“Present the Critical Illness coverage and call my broker for product info. Start using my toolbox again and update new info. Working with a younger advisor who runs the practice and I’m working to add more input to the meetings. Staying involved but not concerned about being in charge again. Appreciate being involved with the meetings. Thanks.” -Robert Priganc

“Learn that English technique of criticizing your decisions while sounding ever so polite. ;)” -R Allan Jensen

“Bhupinder’s verbiage and using right words to ask questions. Also, his tool kit for chronic illness. Chronic Illness toolkit.” -ZDravko Glavan

“Didn’t know much about critical illness and reminded help people to buy. Lead.” -Rich Slavin

“Rolling of the dice. You do it every day. Would you roll the dice that you would come up with a 1 or 6? Bring up the idea of Critical Illness.” -James Goodacre

“How he interacts with clients. Use some of his ideas and questions when speaking with clients.” -Joseph Cianchetti

“How to use Critical Illness insurance and importance of it. Run quotes for all of my clients so I know how and when I would share it with them. Great job – love your resources and your calls.” -Robin Edgar

“Fees and warranty. Interested in the critical care kit.” -Gail Van Nest

“CI vs DI. Contact companies to see what contracts are available and put my presentation together.” -Bill Williams

“Awesome opportunity with Critical Illness sales & service. Help consumers with purchase of Critical Illness protection. Brilliant.” -Robert Snyder

“How to approach the question of insurance at all…vs. paying nothing for it… Continue the online work with clients… with conviction… Great presentation and all the best to Bhupinder…as a life member of the roundtable of almost 50 yrs…thanks for the update…” -Jay Miller

“The difference between DI and CI. Investigate CI.” -Adam Thielen

“How to compare disability insurance to critical illness insurance. Put critical illness insurance into my “tool box” and offer it to everyone I talk to.” -Jim Hatlestad

“I need to listen somewhere other than the office…lots of interruptions today, would like to watch in replay. Miss you guys!!!!” -Heather Lindsley

“Risk statistics and how to better utilize them in conversations.” -Derek True