Social Security: The Effects of the Pandemic

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Social Security is a significant piece of a solid retirement income plan. Unfortunately, SSA reps are just order-takers – our clients can’t rely on them for tips or advice on how to increase their benefits! Join this session featuring Jim Blair and Marc Kiner, Co-Founders of the National Social Security Advisor Certificate (NSSA), to learn the ins and outs of Social Security and planning strategies for every situation: singles, couples, widows, divorcees, public employees, children, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the pandemic has affected peoples’ decisions to withdraw their benefits
  • Social Security planning strategies for every situation
  • How to optimize benefits
  • Little-known (disappearing, actually!) strategies to maximize benefits
  • The future of Social Security

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I’m going to have to watch the replay. I do a lot of SSA questions in my practice, and these guys know their stuff.” -R Allan Jensen

“Survivor Benefits. Talk more about SS.” -Roy Massey

“There is professional training available to me in order to assist my clientele. Take the training & promote my Social Security advisory services.” -David Barr

“Exactly how little people do get on SS on average. The ways it’s calculated. Let clients know that the SS office will not advise them and they need to consider options more carefully.” -Meredith Lamas

“(TIC) It depends. Find better software that does a better job of incorporating social security.” -Mary Petrucci

“More details about spousal benefits. Also learned some additional details about RA. Take more Social Security classes!” -Jackie Weinaug

“Complexity of Social Security requires education to help explain and apply the options. Will be much more proactive in addressing SS strategies to meet each client’s individual needs and goals.” -Steve Rasmussen

“Think outside the box. Do not base decision on benefits at age 62, FRA, 70 – Inside the box ask my customers what their claiming strategy is going to be.” -Kristen Young

“Mulligan options.” -Randall Reichenbach

“That it depends when the best time is to take retirement. Don’t just assume. Be more aware and refer to experts. Make a better statement about how much time things will take.” -Kyle Larsen

“There are strategies available and my clients can get a professional consultation. Make social security part of the discussion.” -Shanna Stringfield

“Let my business partner be the SocSec advisor. Appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn.” -Robert Priganc

“They are available for consultations. Going to sign up for their class. Thanks for the opportunity to learn.” -Donnie Britt

“Spousal filing info (though I’m not perfectly clear on it, I know to ask the question.). Listen better for opportunities to help clients navigate SS. Thanks Guys (and Gals!) I hope you ALL have a blessed Christmas! I miss seeing you in person. Next cigar is virtually with you Jim!” -Mark Miller

“Additional resources that are available for Social Security information. Really push the Social Security discussions.” -Sarah Mosley

“90% of all SS beneficiaries do not maximize their benefit. Look at 1/3 tax vs. 1/2 of tax on SS & help clients be in the 1/3rd tax.” -T.W. Henry McFadden

“I knew the 3 answers to the questions in the beginning 🙂 Not much really just need to stay on top of the options and what it may look like down the road.” -Heather Lindsley

“So many good details and reminders. For $99 what a great resource! Confidently ask more SS questions of clients!” -Douglas Bird

“Its a VERY complex area, but critical to client’s planning. The presenters were clearly knowledgeable.” -Beth Hoffman

“Lots of good material.” -Rich Slavin

“Government and civil service employees affected by FICA and SS participation and non participation. Have more discussions with clients about Social Security benefits and how they relate to their future taxes. Another great presentation as always! Happy Holidays to all of you and your families! Stay safe, healthy and happy! Enjoy!” -Joe Anthes

“Refresher for front of mind for those born after 1954 now mostly: taken care of older ones as I’m/we’re there! Same advice. Excellent slides will help. Thanks. Good one, and look forward to the gents response to my overseas military pension and UK National Security income point.” -Roger Relfe

“The value in knowing the SS options. Get the training and promote the advice service.” -Dale Whiting

“More clarification on GPO and WEP as well as the survivor, divorced spouse and children’s benefits. I may very well take their course.” -Tonya White

“Where to go for expert help. Use for consulting.” -Timothy Smith

“Ways to maximize benefits.” -Jodie Gibson

“You can lookback 6 months when applying for SS benefits. Bring the subject of SS up with every client.” -Jim Hatlestad

“Id like to know whom in Green Bay does good SS planning to refer my clients to. This is not something I would do myself.” -Romeo Raabe

“It’s wise to have SS experts available to assist clients in their SS planning for their retirement.” -Philip Newsome

“Prior year’s incomes are adjusted for inflation up to Age 59. Reviewing Social Security more carefully. Thank you for answering questions!” -Laurie Bitter

“Claiming strategies. Remind people we can do Social Security Analysis to maximize benefits.” -Ellen Tillman

“Understanding the clients situational issues of Social Security and how to maximize benefits.” -ZDravko Glavan

“Be aware. Recommend to start early planning.” -Malaki Gore

“Consider survivor’s benefits when looking at when to take ss. Incorporate more survivor benefit discussions and “situational social security.” -Sandy Wheaton

“Clarification of some rules about SS payout. I need to be more comfortable (learning the nitty gritty) or have the clients to spend $99.00 and provide them information from an expert.” -Gobind (Gary) Hemnani

“National Social Security Advisor certificate. Possibly conduct more social security webinars. Great information.” -Art Miller

“Understanding how to coordinate a couple’s social security benefits. I will be looking to use this knowledge as a way to better market my business.” -August Hardee

“Social Security is complex, know when you need to get assistance for client. To use their consulting service. Great Presentation Today!” -Joseph Aragona

“It’s clear that Social Security is so complicated that an Advisor really needs to consult with experts like Jim and Marc! Happy Holidays!” -Drew Powers

“Make sure to stay focused on SS benefit planning – which we do but always looking for the best strategies for our clients. Keep doing what we are doing and keep learning. Keep up the great work.” -David Anderson

“More diligently show people the difference in waiting to take SS.” -Robert Stoltman

“That we are on the correct path, and that we have a resource to send our clients to. Use this resource.” -Joe DeMarco

“The importance of SS planning.” -Michael Kirsh

“Dictate information for my spouse to know! Advise clients who may be eligible for the restricted benefit before it goes away. You are doing well!” -John Mueller

“Restricted application, higher benefit for widow if I wait till 70 to collect mine. Talk more about the benefits of SS. Jim! I hope you’re doing well.” -Robert Skelly

“Situational social security benefits. Thanks for providing these webinars.” -Joe Ducceschi

“That if you work passed 70 your SS retirement check will probably continue to continue rise. Refer clients to these two gentlemen. Keep up the great work you are doing!!!!” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Confirmation of the need to help clients understand. I would like to get the certification.” -Doug McMurry

“One size does not fit all. There is a great need to analyze an individual’s circumstances in order to properly advise best strategy for optimal results. Aging of personal clientele requires building knowledge and proficiency in social security options and strategies.” -James Randolph

“Excellent presentation. I sure would enjoy a rerun if available. I have studied this subject more than once. Every time I do, I learn something new. This subject is so important to everyone. It’s more important than interest rates or one product vs another. I’ve learned that I must stay on top of this subject.” -Richard Gurdjian

“Survival benefits for exes. Still outsource this.” -Joseph Mann