Tools of Top Advisors

There are so many strategies, ideas, opportunities, softwares, processes, and technologies that advisors use to run their businesses… but which ones do the BEST advisors use? Which tools make the BIGGEST difference for their businesses, and for their clients? Join this session to learn about 3 key differentiating tools that top advisors use to provide better value to their clients and reach more prospects.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhance the value you offer to your clients
  • Save your business owner clients $5,984/yr in taxes
  • Learn about huge opportunities right in your existing book of business
  • How to run your business more successfully

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Help the clients with Tax savings ideas and you will be better than 99.9% of other advisors. Get better prepared.” -Rhonda Paluck

“Everything!!” -Gail Van Nest

“Taxbot and Tasc benefits. Taxbot and Tasc.” -Bert Hermelink

“I need to meet with Harlan and learn much more about Rev. Mortgs… One less speaker, since we went “way over” the time I reserved today.” -James Van Ham

“Rethink reverse mortgage to avoid taxes for withdrawals if not necessary. Review HRA and reverse mortgages.” -David McCaman

“Tax saving ideas. Contact client/prospects with these ideas. Looking forward to more tools.” -Dan Jankelunas

“HRA Plan and Harlan’s new tool. Already contacted Jim Yinko and Harlan.” -Barry Boscoe, CFP®

“That MoneyTrax, COW has a Model for HECM, Also, Taxbot very informative and very useful tool. Promote and recommend HECM.” -Javier Perez

“Work with advisor groups when appropriate for clients. Thanks for sharing.” -Robert Priganc

“Value of reverse mortgages. Expose clients to reverse mortgages. Excellent information.” -Bill Brantley

“The Tax advantages of HRA’s. Check into HRA’s, as well as be sure I have my vehicle deductions documented well. Thank you!” -Gina Mills

“How important Business Valuations are currently and especially, with Baby Boomer Business Owners! Also, the many important and variable reasons for using Reverse Mortgages in your Retirement Plan, whether you need the money now or not! Talk to clients more about both topics: Business Valuations and Reverse Mortgages for Retirement!” -Joe Anthes

“Reverse mortgages. Consider the possibilities of using a reverse mortgage when in the Best Interest of the client. Awesome, always incredible.” -Robert Van Slyke

“HRA. Add value.” -Joseph Mann

“Watch my mileage.” -Stan Fortier

“Explore the Section 105 opportunity.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Bought a New Car so will write off the depreciation. Share some ideas w/ Clients on how to reduce taxes. Tax preparer vs. tax consultant!” -T.W. Henry McFadden

“There are great tools available to assist me. Take advantage of more resources that are available. Very helpful.” -Alan Farley

“Probably going to implement tax bot into my practice and share with my business owner clients. Look at HRA plan for me and my business owner clients. Great info.” -Stephen Patterson

“Tax Bot/HRA/HSA.” -Richard Lazarski

“Taxbot and Reverse mortgages.” -Mark LaViola

“Inspiration to talk to more clients, there is so much I can help them with. Get busy and make some more calls. I will also ask you how to contact TASC. Call me about the marketing gig.” -Dan Cairns

“In a time of change, seeing how tools can be adjusted. Look at HRA.” -Dan Altmire

“RWM attracts great guests. Must be kinda good yourselves… Miss ya’ll. ” -Edward N. Bond Jr. CFP

“I am 64 and going to get a reverse mortgage proposal. Talk with people about reverse mortgages. It was an awesome session today!” -Joe Swiderski

“Various bits and pieces to help business clients particularly. Telephone various clients! Great as always and look forward to our chat with Sam Tuesday pm.” -Roger Relfe

“HRA updates. Review client base for some opportunities using the knowledge gained.” -Timothy Smith

“Saving $ on the section 105. Talk about using the equity of your home as a source of money in retirement. Thank you.” -Hope Feller

“HRA. Importance of regular business valuations. Be well prepared to have tax conversations with clients and closer relationships with tax advisors. Discuss business valuations with clients who have life insurance partners.” -BJ Cottrell

“HRA info.” -Gerard Goulet

“Pre-retirees and retirees age 62 and over should consider all of their options regarding mortgage payments and their home equity. Read Harlan’s book.” -Patrick Brough

“WOW….only ONE?? Can’t do it….TaxBot & Reverse Mortgages. Please connect me with TaxBot, TASC & Fairway.” -David Barr

“I need to rethink reverse mortgages; an attitude shift. Quite a number of my clients have no mortgage. I need to explore how a reverse mortgage could help them. Thanks so much. Great information.” -Jackie Weinaug