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The Presidential Panel

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Regulation changes offer both challenges and opportunities. The DOL Rule put a lot of companies under immense pressure, but it was repealed. 

However, things may change with the new president-elect, so to give us insight on what we should be aware of and prepare for, we’ve put together a panel of presidents of broker-dealers. There also have been so many mergers & acquisitions in the industry – the big companies are getting bigger – and many have transitioned to fee-based. 

How has and will all this change the way we do business?

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenges & opportunities of regulations
  • What may be coming down the pike
  • How the industry’s transition to fee-based changes the way we do business
  • How the many mergers and acquisitions affects the industry and advisors
  • New opportunities with life insurance

Agenda, subject to change:

  • 10:30: Intros
  • 10:35: Larry Rybka, ValMark
  • 10:50: David Hoff, FHC
  • 11:05: Drew Jackson, Concorde
  • 11:20: Real Wealth® updates
  • 11:25: Q&A
  • 11:55: Closings
  • 12:00: End

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