Key Strategies to Increase Retirement Income

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It’s not about assets – it’s about cashflow. 

Financial professionals have long looked at Reverse Mortgages as the “Loan of Last Resort.” This session will create a major paradigm shift in your thinking. Harlan explains how recent program changes and groundbreaking research by the financial planning industry and noted academics have overwhelmingly proven the necessity of using reverse mortgages at the age of 62, not 82.

Reverse Mortgages aren’t for everyone, but having it in your toolbox of retirement income tools is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competition. It will help you show your clients that you think outside of the box and care about their happiness in retirement.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to leverage a reverse mortgage for tax planning
  • How a reverse mortgage can protect against falling real estate prices
  • How a reverse mortgage can mitigate market volatility and sequence of returns risk

Harlan points out some of the key aspects of why American’s dislike reverse mortgages and how to overcome this psychological barrier.
– Jamie Hopkins, Eq.,MBA, LLM, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, CFP

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Planning with using reverse mortgages. Incorporate what I learned. Quality presentation. Great format & case studies from Jim. -Dan Jankelunas

“Buying a new home using a Rev Mtg for 50% of the purchase. I’m going to buy a home using a Rev Mtg!” -Elie Aharon

“The benefits of having a reverse mortgage in your tool kit. Will talk to people about a reverse mortgage. Excellent information.” -William Riley

“Reverse mortgage is a valuable asset. Find clients to educate.” -Rhonda Paluck

“I need to check this out since I’m 65 years old.” -J. Garcia

“I need to talk to every client about the availability and usefulness of a reverse. Great job, thank you. A year ago you featured Simon. I hired Simon and its change my life.” -Dan Cairns

“If I were younger than my current 86 I would jump all over using Real Wealth to grow my business. The education is still great for me and my family members. Keep up the good work!” -Bill Brantley

“The positive aspect of a Reverse Mortgage vs. a traditional mortgage / refinance or HELOC. Add another tool to the “toolbox.” Going to learn more. -Gary Ruden

“Never too early or even too late to look at a Reverse Mortgage. Many many applications have one. Another option for so many people and they need to be aware of it.” -Barry Moore

“A new way of planning for clients with reverse mortgages. More discussion on this topic. Great job.” -Dennis Axman

“Flexible nature of the mortgage options.” -Tony Woelfel

“Whole new perspective. Incorporate RM into planning.” -Steven Holtz

“Reverse Mortgage can help a lot of people! Make reverse mortgage a part of the planning process. Thanks for answering my questions & I appreciate all you do!” -T.W. Henry McFadden

“Age requirements for Reverse Mortgage. Ask more questions about this strategy.” -Richard Coffin

“It was a good refresher.” -Bill Popko

“I just liked that I confirmed many reasons why I need to continue to educate and inform my clients around this topic. Made a list of clients I need to make sure they know about it and I think it might fit for them. Great job as always.” -Robin Edgar

“How I can recommend a reverse mortgage to my clients that are close to retirement. I will keep Harlan’s contact information and email him with specifics. I already have Harlan’s book. So educational! Thank you!” -Steven Hennessy

“Reaffirmed my belief in reverse mtg. Found different uses for them. Present more of these options to my clients.” -David Oldenburg

“Better thinking of the home equity being worth nothing. See who I have age 62 and older with a mortgage. I’ve been with Northwestern Mutual for 28 years and compliance has always been an issue for outside marketing.” -Robert Mance

“Educate clients so they have the facts. Present concept to all clients.” -Robert Olvera

“Opportunities available with reverse mortgages.” -Michael Kirsh

“The presentation cleared some of the misunderstandings I have about the process and when to use them. Go back to clients over 62 and try to open that discussion!” -Mike Weaver

“Be aware of reverse mortgage being alternative tool for many clients above A62.” -Dale Whiting

“How flexible the reverse mortgage is. Incorporate the reverse mortgage option into retirement planning. Harlan was fantastic!” -Dave Bollinger

“I have been onboard with the concept for years and have gotten some clients into HECMs.” -R Allan Jensen

“Concept that home equity may not be that useful in retirement or as a legacy. May actually suggest to clients that they consider a Reverse Mortgage.” -Randall D. Reichenbach

“Tax Advantages of a Reverse Mortgage. Make Home Equity a part of the Financial Planning for the future. Great presentation on Reverse Mortgages, Harlan is Terrific!!!!” -Ray Daniel

“Obama Care Credits & 50% equity by 62. Have rev mtg conversation with all customers. Can you please also send the tax white paper that Harlan said he would include-thank you.” -Kristen Young

“Should learn more and use this. Investigate…get books.” -David Barr

“To learn more about counseling retirees and pre-retirees on reverse mortgages. Read Harlan’s books.” -Patrick Brough

“How reverse mortgages provide solutions. Talk about reverse mortgages as to their viable option. Real Wealth® does an amazing job with great speakers and programs that provide great value.” -Charles Lape

“The use of Reverse Mortgage in planning. Be more open-minded. As a long standing member of NAIFA I thank you so much for the Professional way you do all things. Very Classy. I’m Proud to know your Firm and the People within.” -Robert Van Slyke

“Thinking differently about a reverse mortgage and its use. See if I can have a client speak with Harlan. Thank you for an informative session.” -Joseph Aragona

“Reinforcing value of Reverse Mortgage. Thanks for making the presentations available thru NAIFA.” -Robert Priganc

“I should look into a reverse mortgage for myself. Going to look into the elder planning class.” -Robert Rifkin

“How to use the RM as part of a financial plan.” -Fred Nesvet