Life Insurance 10X – The Sequel

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What you'll learn:

Back by popular demand and beefed up with new sales & marketing ideas ready for you to use!

This session’s focus: Managing Mature Policies.
Would you like to make your business 10 times bigger?  Your procedures to go 10 times faster?  Your service and value proposition to get 10 times better?

Life insurance is a unique financial product, but one that screams for competent ongoing advice. In this presentation, Larry will expand on his book, Life Insurance 10X and specifically spend time on what to do with life insurance that has reached its natural end. There are opportunities, folks! In this presentation, you’ll learn how to recognize and leverage them to grow your business… and at the same time, make your clients your #1 fan!

P.S. Our featured Guest Panelist is Michael Dranoff, 12-time MDRT Top of the Table Advisor… so you might learn something!

Why a sequel?

Why a sequel? Because you & your peers asked for it, and Larry agreed to deliver!

Larry originally presented Life Insurance 10X for us in February 2018, and now he’s back with a new Guest Panelist, Michael Dranoff, to share more ideas on how to grow your life insurance business like never before. And it’s going to be awesome.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Changing life insurance into an annuity. Be looking for cases that need to be changed. Always need prospecting tips.” -Priscilla Russell

“Things to consider when a client is considering dropping a life policy. Introduce other options and considerations with the client.” -David Norgord

“Not to surrender policies as a first step.” -Gail Van Nest

“Don’t surrender. Network and bring in a third party for additional credibility. Well done. Thanks.” -Alan Blecker

“Helping client with the CV in their policy. Reach out to my clients with a lot of CV in them.” -Sharon Combs

“Life settlements. Keep these webinars coming!” -Kim Butler

“Term options 4 sale of policies. Do more FACT FINDING.” -Al Opas

“There are better options than letting life policies expire/surrender. I have a better understanding of options to present my clients when they run into these situations.” -Chad Johnson

“Using cost basis for exchanges to annuities and life insurance especially from term policies. Review my clients who have big increases in the cost of insurance.” -Ronald House

“The options available in mature life insurance policies. Do more policy reviews. Please keep info coming.” -Robert Van Slyke

“How to present the alterative uses of a mature life insurance policy. Talk about the alternatives, not leaving anything out.” -Elie Aharon

“That IULs need a lot of examination to find all of the “parts” that a carrier can use to degrade the product’s performance. Read Life Insurance 10X again!” -R Allan Jensen

“Keep thinking about what is possible but unknown to the client. Call clients to review their insurance even if I haven’t spoken with them in many years.” -Randy Densmore

“Life Settlements for term policies near age 70 or at the the expiration of the conversion period. Review some old policies with clients over age 65 and above.” -Thakor Champaneria

“Value of the annuity 1035 strategy. Thanks.” -Martin Lowenthal

“Look deeper for options when clients believe they no longer have need for life insurance. Become more knowledgeable on reverse mortgages.” -Barbara Cottrell

“Rolling cash value to annuity. Be aware of old policies to review and solutions.” -Gregory Corrente

“Don’t throw away term look to convert and sell to life settlement. Prospect to older people.” -Grant Coldwell

“Long Term Care. Look for better alternatives.” -Jared Gibbons

“All Good.” -Grant Thompson

“Reminded me of the value of life settlements. I will look into this very soon. Thank you. Existing policies will be looked at differently. Also I do have access to life insurance with plenty of living benefits, I will also refresh my knowledge of those riders. I think anytime I learn something new or reminded of something old, it is very worth my time! so Thank You!” -Stella Castaneda

“About how to present more options to a client when their policy circumstances change.” -Glenn Newlin

“Great examples used in making a somewhat complicated area easier to grasp. Be more open to the opportunity.” -Semmes Hughs

“What to look for in maturing policies! Going to ask clients if they have them.” -Harlan Johnson

“A Lot. Get into Real Wealth.” -Versie Reynolds

“Consider all the 1035 options.” -Steven Holtz

“Options available. Review options before surrender.” -Laurel Ziemann

“Don’t let term policy lapse without trying to get a life settlement.” -Judith Shonnard

“Reminder that can 1035 LI to annuities (not converse). Look more closely at term conversion options. Consider settlements among other options prior to recommending policy surrender (rare to begin with). Thank you.” -Garth Hassel

“Look before you leap. They gave me a window to look through if the right situation comes up. Thank you for wonderful programs!” -Bill Popko

“Surrendering a policy should be the last option. Explore existing term & UL inventory.” -Albert Kirchner

“This material is out of my realm since my focus is primarily Medicare insurance, but I could certainly see value in asking a few more questions and knowing where to refer joint work to. Very informative. Thank you.” -Glenn Miller

“Great program. Wish we had this in Canada but the sales stuff is great! Thanks.” -Julie Kranitz

“1035 life to annuities and capture the higher basis. I picked up ideas for conversions.” -Kerry Wickler

“Options for old term policies that I wasn’t aware of. Ask more questions.” -Woody Syverson

“Do more policy reviews.” -Derek Bohne

“To keep life settlements and 1035 Life to Annuity exchanges in mind. Keep life settlements and 1035 Life to Annuity exchanges in mind. Excellent presentation…thank you!” -Stephen Hecht

“More info regarding settlements and tax treatments. I would like to review this with an accountant that I share business with.” -Maureen Kirschhofer

“Life settlements. Have other options to bring to the client that has a policy that they no longer think they have a need for including options for Term policies.” -Jennifer Giampapa

“The idea of 1035 exchanging a life policy to an annuity to preserve the basis.” –

“Term policies can be sold under the right conditions. Be on alert for people who say they don’t need their policies any more and then review and present some options other than surrender.” -Darcy Long

“Viatical settlements on old term conversion options. Looks at terms that are ending and viatical options.” -Quentin Davis

“The ability to use and multiply the benefits of life insurance products. Start listening in on your webinars and organize a rescue program for older life insurance policies that may have a perceived ‘reduced value’. Great USABLE information. Was not a waste of my time. I came off vacation to schedule this and am pleased i did. Thank you to all the professionals involved with organizing and presenting this information.” -Tom Steele

“Gift to charity and getting the policy appraised to increase the value of the gift. Use the information.” -Michael Halloran

“Life settlement options. Explore options on how to help clients with convertibility.” -Joshua Engels

“The importance and dynamics of contract administrative flexibility. Actually, the presentation aligns with my redefined and restructured business strategy. Very interested to learn how your services can fit into my evolving business strategy and brand.” -David Sterling

“Never cancel a term policy without looking at all the options! Educate clients on the leverage power of permanent and term life. Someone called me in the past about the drip program. I never got back to them and don’t remember their name or phone number.

“Uncertainty regarding performance of life insurance policies.” -Michael Kirsh

“Look to build the LIFE REVIEW discussion into my practice.” -Mark Rogers

“Different options with what you can do with your life insurance policy. Id like to do more life cases.” -Arturo Benin

“Good life companies are valuable.” -Randy Mader

“1035 exchanges, turning term into a buyout. Look for more exchanges. Great presentation.” -Terry Becktold

“Numerous options exist to surrendering a policy. Try to remember today’s messages for when an opportunity presents itself.” -Brad Mainster

“The settlement option and conversion being a reason to buy. Lock in the coverage for other reasons. Great topics and like Mike said, didn’t use these strategies years ago, because we don’t know what we don’t know. Hearing from the experts accelerates the learning curve in your favor.” -Brian Lacey