Life Insurance 10X

What you'll learn:

Star Panelist: Larry Rybka, JD, CFP®

Would you like to make your business 10 times bigger?

Your procedures to go 10 times faster?

Your service and value proposition to get 10 times better?

Life insurance is a unique financial product, but one that screams for competent ongoing advice. In this presentation, you’ll hear Larry’s core ideas on what will make your practice 10X better by incorporating key elements into your life insurance plans. On top of that, we’ve invited 2 other top advisors who were featured in Larry’s book, “Life Insurance 10X” to share the highlights of the chapters they contributed.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“The Q&A periods are always insightful and a benefit to my practice. I had to leave the session all during the middle and obviously missed a lot but Rybka on life insurance is time well spent. Policy maintenance vs policy reviews.” -Albert Kirchner

“Make sure you know the policy fine print. Study the product more. One of best programs you’ve had, even though I was late.” -Joseph Guess

“Various life insurance phrases, ways to handle buy term and invest the difference, handling Ramsey advice/objections. Use the 4 quadrants in prospect/client meetings.” -John Weeks

“The importance of servicing existing life insurance policies. Change my review process.” -Jerry Gillespie

“To actually see the policies from clients that have policies that I didn’t put in place.” -Tobin Mason

“Why I love the life insurance profession. Look into variable products with guarantees.” -Michael Kirsh

“The 4 keys to providing quality life insurance. More reviews and inforce illustrations. Great seminar.” -Anthony Petruzzi

“During the review process, reviewing the policy with the client in detail to ensure that they are still in the right position based on their current situation. I purchased the 10X book and will be eager to learn more about this market.” -Jennifer Giampapa

“100 years old story and the “Scary Stats.” Thanks again and wish you have a nice weekend.” – Judy Ngo

“The importance of reviews. Ways to debunk Dave Ramsey. Begin reviewing current clients policy and make sure that they are sufficient to their needs today.” -Judy Johnston

“Probably looking carefully at a prospective carriers IUL contract to see if they have a provision to limit the cap at 3% whenever they want. Emphasize the advantages of the big opportunities now available with the new Tax Law. The session was Fresh, Stimulating, and worth my 2 hrs.” -Chuck Stickney

“Slide on the order of best products to consider based on income more or less than $200K and time of more or less than 20 years. First quote of the day “Leave your kids life insurance, not your house. Good questions and answers on focusing on the death benefit and what you want it to do for you then structuring the type of products around that.” -Brian Harris

“The quadrant showing income vs. time. How to evaluate carriers differently.” -John Green

“That to be a 10x advisor you need to learn about VULs and to sell the death benefit not the product. Consider earning my securities license or to find a partner that has these licenses.” -Roberto Corral

“Need for annual reviews and why. More annual review contacts.” -Robert Zic

“The importance of annual reviews to see what may have changed to impact the future values of the policy. I want to make sure that the client and I can sit down once a year to review their goals, their life changes, and the values in their policies. Great presentations! Thank you.” -Steve Hennessy

“Pay more attention secondary guarantees.” -Randall Reichenbach

“About the pitfalls of policies that short change clients at age 100 or payout. That may not be clear or apparent to their owners. Not sure why these policies were allowed to be sold?? Were the premiums less?? Review policies for the short change aspect and ensure I do not sell them.” -Lisa Hatterman

“Honest, relaxed advice and NOT marketing and selling approach, rather an advisory approach. Buy the book. Keep up the good work and guest webinar speakers.” -Rob Winters

“I highly value the thoughtful response to questions. I plan to change my prospecting technique to include evaluation of existing policies. Thanks for the good information.” -David Osmond

“How to answer client saying “I believe in Dave Ramsey.” Start to offer variable life.” -Diane Marcus

“The importance of ongoing policy reviews and how to deep dive into them. I would love to be able to partner with a firm that could manage the policies ongoing. With as many policies as I have and basically being a one man shop, it is very hard to make the time to do this at the level of Larry Rybka and his firm. I am going to read the book and re-evaluate the Index UL need. Need to get make a plan for who that policy would work best for in my practice before they have to jump the new 2012 Mort Tables by 2020!. It is very clean and simplistic to use with a client on the concepts and positives of life insurance. -David Goodrich

“Do you have term insurance that lasts a lifetime?” -Julie Kranitz

“That annual policy reviews are a must to “actively manage” client expectations. Begin to actively manage and offer to manage client policies.” -Glenn Newlin

“Never stop trying to communicate the importance of annual reviews. Become more of an advocate!” -George Beutter

“More emphasis on reviews. As soon as you have something, an add-on about what this new SEC/DOL fiduciary reg might be looking like would be verify helpful.” -R Allan Jensen

“Monitoring of policies after the placement of the correct product is the most important part of a life insurance practice. Monitor all policies my clients own on a yearly basis and read each policy.” -David Newbill

“Religious reviews!” -Deb Wagemann

“To represent companies that are committed to life insurance. Use some of the wording that was brought out today when talking to prospects.” -Gail Dodd

“Policy reviews are critical. Will try to more of them. These sessions are awesome, keep em coming.” -Lee Bowman

“Good language of the many benefits of life insurance, the significance of the tax changes. Meet with me now to see how taxes will impact you. Very good session.” -Bill Drennan

“Reminder to set up reviews for UL policy holders. Don’t have a ton of them. Prioritize UL policy reviews.” -David Kaplan

“Account for all future tax implications when looking at overall investment/life insurance portfolio. Set up consistent review “best practices” for current and new clients.” -Kevin Carnine

“GUL policies need to be, companies not sending premium notices, COLI. Review old policies contract language and make sure that GUL policies are monitored.” -Amy Madden

“VUL policies with secondary guarantees. Do more policy audits on my polices sold and offer to do so for prospects. Keep up the great sharing of ideas. Thank you!” -Joe Swiderski

“3 buckets of money – tax, tax deferred, tax favorable. Encourage people to review their policies NOW!” -Michael Palet

“Lots of good stuff to choose from, but probably the replacement income tax diversification (taxable, tax deferred, tax favorable) or how to respond to the “Ramsey” argument. Now I have better answers/explanations to common questions/concerns. Great call, questions, and discussion!” -Luke Peterson

“What a bigger part life ins. plays with the new tax law.” -A Bonita Brakefield

“In the beginning, the concept of an agent vs. Advocate. Include Life options in the discussion.” -Gregg Webster

“Reminder that the fine print is crucial. Would love to see good and bad examples of this to help us more quickly ascertain policy pitfalls before selling one. Look hard for the gotcha’s in perm policies — new and in-force. Thank you for this webinar.” -Garth Hassel

“Great webinar. Worth time invested.” -Susan Lawson

“The review of the policies for a fee. Will setup a review of all clients insurance policies that they bought from someone other than me. Love to have a copy of the slides & recording of the program to review and study it.” -David Smith

“Easier explanation of life insurance to clients.” -Tiffany Cole

“Sell the right amount of coverage the client needs.” -James Goodacre

“Policy review and how to answer the questions on Dave Ramsey. Really learn our products. Excited to read your book. Thank you for sending us a link for the first 3 chapters and the link to get to book for $30.00.” -Bob & Terry Grooms

“Monitor of policies and policy design issues. Evaluate my insurance service to clients. Your programs are outstanding!!!! A real value add!” -Gail Van Nest

“Review and be careful with Illustrations. Don’t let no to doing a review be the final answer. All good.” -John Field

“How to overcome Dave Ramsey objections.” -Jesse Davison

“The three circles of Life Insurance. Present that concept. I enjoyed the Webinar. No technical difficulties. Slides were very good.” -Steve Petersen

“Policies require more monitoring. Monitor policies more closely.” -Richard Barr

“The value of choosing a company based on their performance not just the pricing of the products. Analyze what companies I will align myself with.” -Robin Washington

“Now is the best time to be in the life ins. business! Concentrate more to be intentional in scheduling those annual reviews. Great learning capability and resource.” -David Janson

“The simplicity of the subject. You made it a lot simpler to explain. Market attorneys and cpas. I really love these webinars. I wish I could hear them when I have a conflicting appointment at the same time. I have an office and sometimes walkins happen which prevent me from attending. I am glad I didn’t miss this one. Thanks.” -Bonnie Grant

“Options. The advice not the company.” -Consuelo Avila

“Developing consistent process to provide 10x advising. Plan to pick up book and see what other information is contained, then implement the processes to be a 10x advisor. Great Job!” -Brian Wilson

“Presenters prefer VUL. Opportunities in policy management.” -Sean Kelly

“Policy reviews! Strive to get these policy reviews scheduled.” -Curt Repass

“A couple of different responses to questions that are raised by prospective clients. More reviews.” -Hollie Guist

“Managing the complexity is a key. Get the book and really dig in.” -Timothy Smith

“About Reviews and Monitoring policies as options to increase customer satisfaction and possible getting referrals. Consistent Policy Reviews. Thank you!” -Javier Montoya

“So many great elements! It really reinforced the focus that I’ve been building in my conversations. This just strengthened my conviction. Thank you. Keep up the great work. Thank you for providing this. Our industry needs it! Thank you.” -Steve Kastrul

“Breakdown of products. Talk more about tax advantages.” -Tammhy Douthit

“10X ADVICE IS THE WINNER. Look more closely at alternative VUL policies. Good session.” -Dale Seymour

“The complexities of life insurance policies in the last twenty years has created an industry in of itself. I have been in the business for 38 years, now. The annual review was the staple of returning to see clients to review, enhance and gather new client introductions.” -Marc Gaudette

“How to conduct a life insurance review and the value for the client of reviewing the current contract language. I will conduct more reviews. Good Meeting.” -Lisa James

“Must do Policy Reviews and order inforce illustrations for current clients and non-current clients. Policy Review meetings in a dedicated and consistent manner. Great program.” -Javier Perez

“IUL drops to 3% cap rate at company discretion.” -Laura Blankenship

“I want to learn more about 10x. Buy the book today and start implementing the things that were talked about today. Great presentation!” -Tom Binge

“Life policies running out before death, big concern at age 95 or 100. Do a better job of reviewing policies.” -Steve Rothschadl

“The value of the on going policy monitoring and servicing policies. I will develop a system to review existing life policies.” -Amanda Weiler

“To review the policy along with the illustration as best practice. Use the tax diversification idea with clients.” -Ruth Tsakonas

“The importance of conducting a policy review with my clients. Calendar policy reviews and really encourage clients to participate in them. Working on it now.” -Bobby Thomas

“Make sure I’m reviewing tax changes. Make sure reviews get done. 3 buckets been using, just will more.” -Thomas Eng

“Look at the policy not just the illustration. Review and take time in reviewing. Make sure the client digs out their old policies.” -William Kecskemety

“Our industry is more complex than ever and there is no room for being a part time agent. Being even more diligent than I have been with regard to policy management.” -Dermot Healey

“I was unaware of that Transamerica situation and interestingly enough, I have a client who was approached by a Transamerica agent, so this article helped me provide the client with great information, and I scheduled an anniversary meeting with him. Thank you so much. Well, I thought I did comprehensive reviews, but I learned a ton today that I hadn’t been doing and will even be more thorough. Thank you.” -Jennifer Steed

“Mr. Levin. Study in depth IUL policies.” -Bill Stone

“New language for what I am already speaking to. Use the new language.” -Jeff Snyder

“Go the extra mile.” -Steven Daniel

“There is a lot of opportunity out there and we are at some of the lowest rates. Be sure to follow up 100% of the time! Stay awesome, thank you!” -Morgan Thacker

“Looking forward to receiving visuals, three free chapters and link for Life Ins book on Amazon.” -Susan M DeBruin

“The importance of policy review with today’s life insurance polcicies. Increase the number of policy reviews.” -David Fullinwider

“The slides were great. I have additional ways to put life insurance into an asset allocation plan. Great topic thank you.” -Paulette Auclair

“The importance of professional continual life policy monitoring. Great all pro lineup. Just a pleasure to have the opportunity to be part of such an appropriate, timely, and important presentation.” -Ed Bond

“Using the ‘tax deferral’ argument in greater detail. Use the above info.” -Leca Harris

“Importance of having regular policy reviews — and making sure trustees are aware of potential dangers of not reviewing policies. Use different language to stress importance of policy reviews to clients. Keep up the good work!” -Robert Billingsley

“Some sales ideas at the end in Q & A.” -Robert Stoltman

“It was a great reminder about reviewing existing policies. I thought of something I could send out with some of the stats that were presented. I like this stuff. I’ve been in the business since 1986 but I always hear new ideas or good reminders.” -Kevin Brown

“Sell vul. Present vul.” -Jamie Norvell

“Advice and consultation–not price, product, or company–are the keys to doing what’s best for our clients. Stay the course. We’re doing the right thing.”
-Peter Achor

“Importance of review/monitoring current policies. Start reviewing current life policies.” -Judi Cooper

“Look forward to seeing some of the tools they discussed.” -Christopher Kelly

“Learned a good history lesson on insurance products.” -Jack Fries

“Looking at the insurance company first (vet them) before looking at lowest premium. Presentations to incorporate #3 above. Consider doing what Larry does, which is send 3 notices not only to the client, but to the trustee(s).” -Traci Eisner

“The importance of remaining up-to-date on the various facets within policies and putting that knowledge to use with monitoring. Locate companies which meet the four criteria mentioned at the outset of the presentation.” -Sarah Kerr

“The importance of policy monitoring and servicing. Proactively continue to try to do more annual or ongoing policy reviews.” -John Worrel Jr.

“Positioning life insurance as a gap closer. Modify how I present buckets.” -Frederick Saide

“Keeping it simple, tax diversification, the 4 things I provide my clients.” -Elisha Aharon

“Reviewing policies of clients and non-clients on a regular basis will provide value to the consumer and is a best practice. The speakers are very knowledgeable and articulate. Thank you for that.” -Michael Baer

“The importance of reviews and understanding how the contracts work.” -Tim Kiesling

“More policy reviews.” -Lawrence Barrett

“Monitor my clients policies. Intentional monitoring & reading policy forms more than just comparing pricing and benefits. It was a great session. Very powerful.” -Sandra Bailey

“Term and invest the difference with tax advantages. Sell the idea that in a low tax environment now is the time to buy Life Insurance.” -Michael Drymiller

“Complications with some older policies. Get a better understanding of policies from providers.>” -Tonya White

“The history and evolution of Life Insurance. This is extremely valuable to me (even being that I have been in the business now for just a few months). I have a few prospective clients (not yet clients) that have been burned decades ago by a Western Southern Permanent Life Insurance Policy and being able to talk intelligently about the history of the Industry will really help them and has helped me understand a bigger picture. I now have great knowledge and more comfortability and confidence in approaching my friends and family to discuss opportunities to come in to discuss their financial world with myself and a senior partner. This has helped me very much hearing the great collection of knowledge and experience of veterans in the industry to be more knowledgeable and confident myself; less than a year in the industry. I also really appreciate the speakers answering my question and giving such valuable feedback. Thank you very, very much. Please keep doing what you are doing, it was extremely useful to new advisors like myself who are day-in and day-out riding a roller coaster of highs and lows, from extreme sense of opportunity in this market to the extreme sense of fearing failure and shame. The more I know & the longer I can survive in this industry moving forward, the better I am able to relay confidence, trust, and credibility to my future clients. This was extremely helpful stuff, thank you.” -Steffan Fehrenbach

“Options for life insurance placement with older individuals. Ask for relevant questions. Great webinar.” -Rodney Trottman

“The bucket analogy was not new to me, but great to hear it from more than the original source. The quadrants of income & time horizon with ideal retirement funding was a great piece.” -Andrew Sheehan

“Quadrant for asset allocation. Encourage people to buy whole life now while rates are down.” -Michael Long

“Charging fees.” -Anthony Melsi

“The value of permanent Life Insurance. Ask better questions about “monitoring” rather than review existing Life Insurance contracts. Today’s panel was awesome. I am looking forward to reading the first 3/chapters of the book, Thank you.” -John Holloway