Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

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20+ Year CPA Sandy Botkin teaches you how to take advantage of tax law changes.

Many are saying the tax bill will be passed in December. What planning will you need to do in light of those new tax law changes? Sandy Botkin, who has taught thousands of taxpayers how to save millions on their taxes, will present to you the new opportunities that these proposals bring. Learn how to take advantage of these changes before year end and prepare for 2018.

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“Act on what you can… Double Pay State Income Taxes and Property Tax BEFORE year end… if you put on a credit card (with or without points), you can pay next year. Use this as an opportunity to talk with clients, AND don’t act on the unknowns. Wait for the final tax bill to become law. It may not be until 2019. Consider using my home for client events. You excel in this space. I am getting “thank you” notes from clients/prospects, and that is a great change of outcome when you are marketing your business. Having the Power Session right after the Podcast going out is BRILLIANT. Having the Q&A is helpful. In other words, you have an amazingly powerful product!” -Kathleen Eckerson

“Real Wealth and specifically you folks are of Real Value. Thank You. Stay current on this moving target of tax law as it may change a bunch, offering our clients opportunities. Thanks to Jade and Angela for being so responsive and truly interested in making me better.” -Ed Bond, CFP

“Pay this and next years state taxes with credit card now.” -Stephen Biron

“Rent my house for 14 days a year.” -Chris Everett

“The changes in standardized deductions and itemization which will take pace in the new tax bill.” -Jimmy Alexander

“I appreciated the insight Sandy provided. Love the programs.” -Bill Popko

“Taxbot. Get details to be an asset to my business clients.” -Susan Riedel

“Taxbot is great! Think hard.” -Spencer Woolley

“Learn how to prepare for future. Educate & help clients to prepare. Thank you for all information.” -Kim Hae Jung

“Understanding the differences between the House & Senate versions of tax reform. Focus on impact of tax reform act and ensure clients understand long term the increase to the deficit will still have to be paid.” -Maria Chalmers

“How many deductions will be going away.” -Dick Nolan

“Awesome tax information. Keep an ear on the forthcoming tax changes in DC. I enjoy learning from the experts.” -John Holloway

“Great opening questions to ask clients and prospects. Discuss tax issues more often. Great session Jim and Angela. Thanks.” -Ken Specht

“Since the legislation is in conference and not law, subject to 100% revision, there is nothing yet in law. However, with potential changes, there is nothing lost and much gained by pre-paying state, local taxes and charity contributions. Some end of year tax planning.” -Thomas Harrington

“Double property tax payment for this year.” -Richard Hall

“Tax planning strategies.” -Jude Mertes

“Good info regarding pending tax law changes.” -Bryan Wayt

“It helped to clarify the accuracy of many items I had heard, but I learned about other aspects of the proposed tax law changes. I will feel more comfortable in having these conversations with my clients.” -Mary Hanson

“Gave me a heads up to potential tax changes.” -George Betancur

“The top three tax tips! Need to review and see where changes can be made.” -Maggie Wilcsek

“Taxbot. Wait to see the final tax plan for the Fed finally passes. First quarter 2018.” -John Maggio

“End of year tax opportunities. Improve tax law knowledge.” -Bj Cottrell

“Taxes for S-Corps may change the value of being an S-Corp. Contact my larger clients and use the new tax laws as a reason to review their situations.” -Carl Noble

“Q/A at end was very helpful. May prepay some 2018 taxes this year.” -Jeff Snyder

“This whole thing was so amazing and articulated perfectly. I have already downloaded Taxbot and signed up for the free trial. I would encourage all execs to become a part of this system so they know what their members are facing and can encourage them to become premier members.” -Lynda Turner

“How the tax bill could affect my business. I will be more proactive with clients and look at taxbot as a tool for them and myself.” -David Oldenburg

“Insight into the new proposed Tax Plan. Ask more questions to uncover opportunities.” -Lisa James

“I’m going to download taxbot and start using it.” -Tom O’Brien

“Good overview of what may come.” -Michael Raspallo

“Great personal tax planning ideas. Well worth the cost of your service. I need to go back and review the HRA program from last month and use that to approach small businesses.” -Randall Reichenbach

“Pre-pay taxes was a great idea.” -Steve Milazzo

“Learned about new pending tax law. Buy new truck or SUV at end of yr 2018 or 2019.” -John Crowley

“No changes to life or annuities.” -Louis Robert

“Watch closely and try to keep balance and share with clients.” -Doug McMurry

“Double pay on property tax (only if you can get 100% of itemized std deduction $).” -Fochson Fung

“Too many to track. Lots of tax info. Considering the taxbot app.” -Ken Beer

“Double up on your Tax payments (State Income Tax & Property Tax payments) to increase Tax deductions for this year since most will be eliminated next year. Discuss more topics with clients regarding their taxes & how they are affected by new Tax Reform Law. Please do another follow-up to Tax Reform Law changes after it is passed in January!” -Joe Anthes

“The ability to write off the taxes paid on a “big-ticket” item used 80% or more for business purposes. Bring up HRAs to my business clients.” -Daniel Ward

“How the lives of all taxpayers will be affected and especially the lower middle income ones. Hosed again… Pay more attention by using the tools available.” -Glenn Newlin

“Rent out your home for fewer than 14 days at no tax consequences. Investigate HRA.” -Judith Shonnard

“HRA. Get TaxBot.” -Alfred Current

“S-corp benefits may be disappearing. Speak to individuals and business owners about tax changes.” – Scott Johnson

“Good job. Talk to more people.” -James Connole

“Section 105 plans. Use these for myself and as a door opener.” -Frederick Saide

“Year end tax tips. Consider taxbot.” -Michael Nash

“List of changes, feel for upcoming events. Client info.” -Timothy Smith

“Year end tax tips. Stay more informed on tax changes.” -Maria Zakutny

“Time to get in front of the tax changes coming soon.” – David Norgord

“Credit card tip for business expense. Minor modifications. Good stuff!.” -TJay DiBacco

“Year end tax planning. Get taxbot.” -Kristen Young

“Change is guaranteed to happen. Careful we don’t pigeon hole our clients with no ability to adapt. Exercise great care.” -Richard Orred

“How sweeping the tax changes will be. Advise my clients.” -Steve Feldman

“1035 not affected.” -Wayne Davis

“All the participants energy and vitality to help us planners out in the field. I want to meet Face to Face 10 family households and 10 businesses by 12/22/2017!” -Kevin Leifeld

“What was going to be allowed and removed from the new tax bill.” -Michelle Dean

“So many new tax changes on the horizon! Glad to have them explained. Get much more in depth with my business clients to make sure we are taking all advantages possible.” -Jeanine Walentoski

“Too many to list. Great content!” -Tim Kiesling

“1099, Sole Proprietors will benefit more from new tax plan. Pursue more education in the area of tax planning in order to better provide financial services to my clients.” -Andres Navarrete

“Options of both Senate and House bills. Encourage clients to act today.” -Michael Palet

“Several things but one big one. I help families with college bound students and if they have to pay tax on tuition waivers that is gong to change who can and cannot go to college. Ouch. Schedule more end of year reviews. Always love Sandy. I ordered my first course from him way before I was a financial planner. Good info!” -Bekki Harper

“Just how significant this tax change may be if passed and the weasel-like way it was done. Adding taxbot and finding out if prepaying state tax will work. Great job as usual.” -Steve Oriol

“More details about some of the possible tax impacts of the House and Senate tax bills, depending on what comes out of reconciliation. Be ready to discuss proactively with clients and prospects.” -Darcy Long

“Things are always changing. Prepaying my Property Tax if we are going to loose the deduction next year. Keep up the good work.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC