Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home!

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Featured Guest: Don Quante

It’s Long Term Care Awareness Month!

Who better to learn from than Don Quante, one of the top Long Term Care agents in the country?

Don is an MDRT Top of the Table Advisor and nationally renowned speaker who specializes in Long Term Care and authored the book “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home.”  Join this session to learn how to help your clients with their medicaid eligibility, veteran benefits for care, how to legally protect assets, and much more. There are even tax incentives that you can educate your clients about that will encourage them to meet with you NOW vs. later! Long term care is a huge risk retirees face. Learn how to help more people, open more opportunities for sales and turn prospects into clients.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“LTC tips and language, ask the right questions. Drill down a bit more with my planning clients at their quarterly follow ups. Great job.” – Russell Talone

“That I can help people not go broke and also increase my AUM. Talking more about LTC and will put on some seminars in the future.” – Greg Shamas

“Developing a “written strategy” and to make sure we are coming up with alternative ways to position LTCI as an “asset protector.” I’ve written down THREE action items during the webinar of BETTER ways to explain the NEED for LTCI decision-making. This was my initial webinar… I took eight pages of NOTES….Thank You for all of the ideas!” – David Frick

“Educate clients & friends for need of LTC insurance. Until this time, I recommended clients to invest or grow their assets, but from now on I would like to have clients to be properly insured to protect their assets.” – Kim Hae Jung

“Ltc planning strategies were outstanding! Reevaluation on how I incorporate in my practice.” – Gail Van Nest

“The many possibilities of long term care rather than traditional long term care. Talk to clients about Long Term Care. Loved the presentation.” – Donna Hatcher

“I like the 3 questions to ask a client or prospect you’re meeting with. I will ask the questions that way.” – Sharon Combs

“Just more educated on LTC news. Get more educated.” – Grant Thompson

“Utilize asset based products.” – Scott Kehoe

“Effective way to market what I’m already doing with asset based LTC. New marketing message.” – Laura Hughes

“Get more involved and put Don’s system in action!” – Dwight Mitchell

“LTC needs more attention! I’ll be going to Don’s workshop.” – John Barada III

“A potentially new way to market to clients in an under-served niche. Become more knowledgeable and discuss LTC with more clients. Also adjust my marketing strategy.” – Robert Javens

“Good line of questions. Discuss more LTC.” – Thomas Snell

“New ideas. Very good.” – Wilbert Swieso

“New potential tax implications of LTC. Plan a LTC workshop.” – Robert Burgett

“Choosing the target market to discuss “The New Kind of Insurance.” Target 69-82 year olds to discuss LTC.” – Glenn Collins

“Great lead-in questions.” – Jeff Farley

“Presentation of key questions.” – Jeanine Devine

“Marketing ideas & how to differentiate myself in the market. Learn more about LTC so I can become a better resource for clients and prospects. Good presentation!” – Deborah Buckler

“I am thinking and planning correctly, now I need to implement and execute!!! Narrow the focus and target the niche by profiling myself as “the specialist”. Power sessions are truly “must-see TV” !!!!” – Franklin “Skip” Walter II

“Ask the right questions to drive interest. Thank you for sharing this information. Much appreciated.” – Michael Baer

“Changing some of my language is more impactful than what I have been saying. I’m rewriting some of my thoughts and materials at the moment.” – Alan Parker

“The value of Asset Based plans.” – Bill Popko

“Asset based strategies. Look into prospecting current client base and prospects for strategies for them.” – John Worrel Jr.

“The size and needs of the senior market to preserve wealth for next generation and/or to take care of themselves. Get appointed with a LTC carrier. Mike Grandgeorge

“Focus more on LTC benefits.” – Terry Jordan

“How to use existing monies to fund life insurance LTC plans. Go after the large sources of funding.” – Richard Kemmler

“PPA. Talk about ltc in every appointment.” – A. Duer Pierce

“Asset Based LTC. Come to the boot camp.” – Sam Keck

“I liked the focus on age 69 to 85 market. Go to Bootcamp.” – Michael Hood

“Using qualified money to qualified money without a tax event and having liquid tax free $ available. Buy the book and decide about the one day bootcamp in Dec.” – Barry Amsler

“The 3 Questions were very helpful.” – Gordon Conwell

“Jade and Angela are the BEST!” – Gene Mahn

“Easy questions to ask clients. Ask the three questions he shared.” – Roger Fishel

“Pension Protection Act of 2010; never heard of it before. Now I will do my research on it. Will ask the three questions and market to 65 – 83 age group which is older than I’ve been targeting.” – Catherine Grambow

“That he has a system… This was like a breath of fresh air. I am a former HR manager who just put our parents in a facility so, I am VERY interested in transforming my practice to Don’s approach! And I used to own a mortgage company so I understand the power of mortgages and Reverse Mortgages.” – Jim Kindred

“Questions to ask. Have clients sign a disclosure that we discussed LTC and it was their decision not to plan for it.” – Maria Zakutny

“Methods to liquidate assets to pay for LTC. Elevator speech.” – Whit Ferguson

“Interesting to hear alternatives of LTC plans.” – Kevin Christoffers

“Long term care expense as an absolute killer to a retirement plan. One of my very good clients refused LTC coverage about 10 years ago. The only flooring in their retirement plan is SS.” – Albert Kirchner

“Change what we say, USP or just client talk. Focus on LTC differently.” – Wayne Holliday

“Three questions to ask about Assets for LTC. Market Diff.” – Gerry Hamill

“Different strategies for different scenarios.” – Tim Pugh

“The 3 questions to start the LTC conversation were awesome.” – Joe Blake

“TOO much to list! Good plant the seed conversation starters!” – Chris Shields

“The three alternative programs for providing LTC income…IRA monies concept was attractive. Seeing an Ill. would be very interesting. Be more knowledgeable in the concepts presented in the webinar. All your programs are extremely informative.” – William Riley

“I want to find out more about the Pension protection act annuity. Look at the long term care need differently. I need to learn more from Don!” – Keith Eakins

“LTC Alternatives. Complement LTC strategies.” – Jorge Sanchez

“Deeper dive for using qualified money to fund LTC.” – David Kikoen

“Long Term Care can be used as a great way to gather assets. I will become a specialist vs. generalist!” – Steve Goslin

“Lots of great ideas, but I really liked Don’s 3 LTC questions he asks all of his clients regarding where, how and is there a better way.” – C Bruce Burnett

“Position myself as a specialist. Perception matters. Great presentation!” – Gabriel Garcia

“Confirming my belief that many baby boomers have the means to redirect their monies and it can be done to help them with their Long Term Care. Many need help in preparing for when and not if a health crises hits. Will they have enough money to ride the storm? Most will not, even with the careful savings and investing they have done through the years. I know when I have talked to many over the age of 65 they do not have any LTC plan or investment in effect. I have asked the owner of the agency to start looking into assisting his clients with LTC and investments but his focus has been on Property and Casualty. I am going to assertively talk to him about broadening his business by including more LTC investments since he is licensed to do so. I think Don did a great job and is very knowledgeable. I knew instinctively that the agency I work for is missing the boat on this opportunity and want to pursue a more active role in introducing our clients to a better way to help them have their money out live them.” – Scott Astrosky

“I have been using asset and life insurance linked LTCi benefits for some time. The webinar added depth to my knowledge. Have signed up for the Boot Camp in Missouri to learn how to make this a more significant part of my practice.” – Robert Leger

“Great language. Change my marketing strategy.” – David Acker

“The importance of Long Term Care. Attend 12/14 & 15 and then change the emphasis of my practice.” – Dick Barr

“The HUGE need and availability in the LTC market today, and the next 15 years or so. Begin incorporating a discussion of LTC costs as a regular part of my client meetings and discussions, and DOCUMENTING IT! This was my first session, and it was great!” – Derek Cockrell

“Have never attended a “boot camp” – definitely considering!” – Steve Milazzo

“Different strategy for achieving client goals. Explore new possibilities.” – Ernest Price

“I also primarily do LTCI. It is always a good refresher to listen to the other folks and how they do it. Add some open ended questions back into my conversations that I forgot to do somewhere along the way. I am interested in using his book about not going broke in a N.H.” – Bill Vawter

“Sell the problem not the product. Start calling clients ask them the 3 question Don suggested.” – Marcella Evans

“Ask the 3 questions about the need of long term care and the solution. I want to learn more about long term care!.” – Jeannie Tupas

“How to position the sale to get the prospect to see you. Work on my business structure and fiduciary guidelines. I want more info on the boot camp!” – Gil Earhart

“How to re-position funds into various LTC products. First, buy Don’s book! 2nd, attend his work shop!” – Jack Hillenbrand

“Use Asset based products for LTC. Will change the way I ask questions.” – Joseph Guess

“Change my elevator speech.” – David Williamson

“Fine tune target audience and create a better elevator speech.” – Trish Wellman, CFP

“Three good questions for LTC fact finder/ice breaker conversations, and one good objection handler for those thinking of self insuring LTC {“Home Owners” insurance}. I will add LTC planning to my practice.” – Walter McRae

“How to position yourself as a specialist and why that’s important! Also very interested in learning more about asset based LTC. Think more about what our target market is and change how we introduce and market our business.” – Julie Verley

“3 questions are excellent, basic, and so valuable. Talk to the company owners.” – Paul McGilivray

“We can provide solutions that are client worthy. Will use the book for marketing.” – Doug McMurry

“Overall information on LTC. Ask for more information.” – Ken Robey

“The need and solutions for LTC. I need to know more about LTC. Great ideas!” – Robert Corral

“Pension Protection Act. Use the three questions.” – Stanley Hunter

“Questions to ask potential clients. Different approaches.” – Victor Silva

“Questions and ways to position discussion around long term care, especially his 3 lead in questions. Use that language and make it my own. I will look at his selling system.” – Mark Kokosko

“This market is a real growth opportunity for my practice.” – David Norgord

“I need to connect with planners that have these tools since I don’t. Read Don’s book to understand the ways I can help my clients better.” – Mary Gruenberg

“Better questions to ask. Perfect my elevator speech and ask the right questions.” – Michael Herholtz

“How to better position the need for long-term care planning.” – Tim Kiesling

“Questions to ask client and elevator response to “what do you do?’ Implement the questions. Pace was great. Many questions asked were some I would not have thought of so thanks for the additional time to get many questions asked.” – Debra Carpenter

“Changing my Agency focus to being a specialist rather than a Generalist advisor. Ask each client that is pre-retire or recent retire age what their plan for LTC future needs is? Then start a discussion about options to help them solve this area of Financial risk.” – Mike Milburn

“The Pension Protection Act of 2010 used as leveraged tax advantaged strategy for LTC & LI. Use The Pension Protection Act strategy for leverage of 401k assets to purchase hybrid Life Insurance products & Annuities providing LTC benefits. I use this tax leveraging concept now with Qualified Pension/Profit Sharing Plans and Life Insurance with “Living Benefits.” More aware of initiating into appropriate client with LTC approach.” – Joe Anthes

“Was GREAT. I would like to start seminars as seen ASAP. Was unreal. Been looking for this type process.” – Steve Hyer

“New sources to pay for LTC. Be more aware of LTC needs with prospects.” – William Wise

“Stategies for implementing LTC into practice. Start asking the questions on LTC. Investment Risk Mortality Risk Morbidity Risk. Great session.” – Randall Wimsatt

“Do not pre-qualify prospect on the phone. Meet with prospect in person. How to introduce myself: not as insurance agent or financial planner. Excellent presentation.” – Diane Marcus

“LTC should be an easy sell. Buy the books and distribute.” – James Linenger

“LTC can still be sold through marketing. Look at ways to get back in front of clients re: ltc.” – Laura Barron

“I believe that the 3 questions he had at the end to ask clients will be a powerful tool for me. How I describe what I do when people ask me what I do for a living.” – Matt Deardeuff

“Work with older clientele with assets using LTC as door opener! Attend January bootcamp.” – Scott Marcus

“3 questions to ask. Strong information.” – T.W. McFadden

“I liked the 3 questions to get the LTC conversation going. Use the 3 Questions.” – Dennis Jones

“Specializing in LTC and reaching TOT. Possibly attend the work shop.” – Jeffrey Reilly

“The three questions to ask. Market more to 65+, using the 3 questions.” – Dan Tripp

“Consider 2nd to die policy for Son 35 and Father 6 … with lifetime benefit.” – Sue DeBruin

“Broad need. Keep up the great work!” – Louis Robert

“That with a few simple questions, I can transform my business. Implement a strategy to include Elder Care as the forefront of my model.” – Glenn Newlin

“Outstanding knowledge.” – James J. Oplotnik

“Great target market approach. Ask the three critical questions.” – Saralynn Golob