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The Advisor Toolbox
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College Funding Solutions, Reverse Mortgages & HRAs

Advisor Tools

About this session:

There are huge opportunities right under your nose!

Wondering how the best and most successful advisors differentiate themselves from their competition?

We introduce to you… THE ADVISOR TOOLBOX. This toolbox is full of amazing things that you can use to differentiate yourself and grow your business immensely. During this session, we’ll give you a tour of what’s all now available to you, as well as highlight three of our favorites that come with some awesome sales ideas.


This session is FREE!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Section 105 HRA info Always great content!” – Richard Jackson

“In-depth information about reverse mortgages. I plan to be on the upcoming webinar. Present TASC to small business owners.” – Sarah Kerr

“Reverse Mortgage Info and Tax Update were great.” – Laura Scobee

“Remembering to have client look at their home and it’s equity/or payments differently. Look into the college planning course.” – Dan Guck

“Enjoyed the info on HRAs & Reverse mortgages.” – Susan McWright

“Reverse mortgages may not be as scary as before.” – Sue DeBruin

“I was totally unfamiliar with HRAs. I found this information to be very helpful. Explore the use of the Reverse Mortgage in a retirement plan. Excellent information.” – Mike Ford

“The reverse mortgage info really got me thinking about an additional strategy for my own retirement… Get more info on both the reverse mortgage and HRA information… Really enjoyed the info today.” – Deborah Buckler

“HRA. Reach out about college planning. Thank you for putting this on. I enjoy learning from others.” – Rob Stevens

“Save FICA research.” – Steven Daniel

“The important role that Reverse Mortgages can play in Retirement Planning. Focus on integrating Reverse Mortgage and College Funding in my plans.” – Stanley Hunter

“Can’t narrow it down to just one thing. All topics today were excellent and provided ideas for improving and expanding the services we provide our clients. Look for opportunities to use the idea presented. You always provide outstanding content and education. Thank you!” – Russ Grzywinski

“HRA. Remind clients about HRAs.” – James Goodacre RHU,REBC


“I appreciated the conversation revolving around reverse mortgages as I knew very little about them. I am going to be using “would you like to find out how to help your high school student go to college for less money out of your pocket” and will try to find a way to partner with them to develop deeper relationships with clients in a meaningful way (through helping them and their kids).” – Chad Johnson

“HRAs in my practice. Talk to more CPAs.” – Craig Forster

“HRA discussion to get in front of small business owners Learn about HRA and go out there to talk to small business owners, hit up business organizations and speak about this HRA solution.” – Byron Alvarado

“HRA information was interesting. Will follow up with the vendors/speakers to learn more information.” – Brent Peroutka

“A+. Gave me a broader understanding of reverse mortgages. Not sure exactly other than to keep my eyes, ears and mind open for new things.” – Thomas Hawco

“Advantages for clients.” – Victor Silva

“HRA. 1. Introduce my clients to HRA and 2. have them explore reverse mortgage options. For years, I was not a fan. After today’s presentation, open to exploring. Great job on the webinar. Well-informed speakers, valuable Q&A – as evidenced by the many questions presented.” – Monica Boyd

“HRAs. Learn more about them and reverse mortgages.” – Joseph Pereira

“HRAs for small business. Talk to my CPAs about referring business owner for a HRA review.” – Bryan Myers

“Opportunities/Network. Reach out to some of the presenters.” – Arcadio Casillas

“That HRA’s exist. Ask business owners if they have HRA.” – Jeff Just

“HRA. Check more into the topics.” – Kenneth Reeves

“Potential use of HRA.” – Saralynn Golob

“Great NICHE tools. Focus on my niche.” – Randy Mater

“Some of the contents of Advisor Toolbox. Look more closely at HRAs.” – Dee Hinds

“HRA info. Talk to people about what I have learned.” – BJ Cottrell

“HRA’s can be for any business type, even sole proprietor. Discuss HRA’s a lot more often to help my clients with deductions.” – PJ Pfeifenberger

“Great intro to HRA’s. Huge opportunity! Introduce HRA’s to my small business contacts.” – Doak Belt

“HRAs are still available. Probably follow-up with all of the presenters.” – Randall Reichenbach

“HRA’s. Bring up HRA’s w/ business Owners.” – T.W McFadden

“Details about HRA and reverse mortgages. Focus on tax savings. Always interested in learning how to better serve clients.” – Steve Gonzales

“Good reminder about HRAs and reverse mortgages. Will discuss with my BD about both.” – Ron Staebell

“HRA and tax savings with it. Look into HRA for myself and for my clients. Learn more about reverse mortgage and college planning for my clients. Today’s webinar content was very interesting. I will look in all three to implement in my practice.” – Irina Lueth

“Reaffirmations as to my understanding and explanation of Reverse Mortgages with clients. Really consider implementing the College Funding focus to better “niche” my practice with clients. These presentations are EXCELLENT, thought-provoking, and actionable !!! Thank you for all your effort on these !!!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“Updates on DOL, Zach Donner with Tasc. Probably write more HRA plans with small employers.” – Dori Phillips

“The first topic on Health expense savings strategy was very helpful. Talk to small business owners and investigate the College planning solutions.” – Jeff Edgar

“Information about HRA’s. Look into the HRA.” – Doug Verley

“HRA’s. These sessions are great.” – Larry Ricke

“Another excellent presentation – all the speakers added value, and increased my ability to serve my clients. Discuss and suggest HRAs & Reverse Mortgages. You are providing an excellent service. Thank you!” – Chuck Tiedje

“Section 105 HRA and that it can be used without a healthcare plan. College funding for their children is 4x more on prospects minds than retirement planning. Promote college funding niche.” – Sandra Knoll

“Impact of Reverse Mortgages on Cash Flow. Use of some of these tools.” – Timothy Smith

“The leverage that HRA’s provide for both businesses and individuals. Talk to more small business owners about HRA’s and saving money on their bottom line with taxes, helping to grow their business.” – Joe Anthes

“The more I learn the more I know, the more I know that I don’t know, so I have more to learn some more. College funding programs stimulates the need to learn some more. Expand my conversations at schools, create a workshop (with the help of Coy Howe) to help more people.” – Michael Cales

“HRA information.” – James Linenger

“HRA speaker was great. DOL is good to get update. Review the HRA opportunity closer.” – Mark Rogers

“Strategy to sell HRA’s. Will try to find some prospects for it.” – Sallie Bryant

“Section 105 HRA and College Funding Solutions even after they’ve saved in a 529. Educate myself more.” – Sharon Combs

“HRA info.” – Richard Slavin

“Section 105A – HRA. Make some of my business owners aware of the HRA potential benefits. My first program I attended. Lots of great information.” – David Norgord

“HRA may work in my business.” – Douglas Mock

“I need to contact these people for more information. Thanks for putting this on! Enjoy it every month!” – Andrew Powers