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Coy R. Howe

President of College Funding Solutions, Inc.

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In 1993, after several years in the financial services industry where he built a record-setting agency, Coy shifted his focus and founded College Funding Solutions, Inc. Coy was involved in every aspect of the marketing and business development as well as the client service structure and support systems, data management, and eventually web-based portals and reporting services.

Coy is President and still serves as Managing Director of College Funding Solutions, Inc., which is widely recognized as the national leader in the college planning industry having assisted over 20,000 families nationwide. Coy has personally enrolled more families in college planning programs than anyone in the United States.

Coy authored the book “Money for College” and has been interviewed on numerous radio talk shows; referenced, quoted, and interviewed in several national publications; written proprietary, web-based college planning software applications; and is highly regarded as an ‘expert’ in the field of college planning.

In 2005, Coy co-founded the Dollars & Sense programs. After over ten years of ‘from-the-feet-up’ experience with College Funding Solutions, developing a college planning program, marketing platform, and ongoing support structure for financial services professionals was a natural evolution.

Since 2005, Dollars & Sense has conducted over 40 training events for financial services professionals with over 1,200 Advisors trained on the seamless integration of college planning into their practice. Coy is not only on the front lines regarding Dollars & Sense and their on-going business development programs, he also serves as one of the keynote speakers at each Advisor training event.

Coy is the proud father of four and grandfather of three. The time he spends with his family is premier. He also loves to travel, attend concerts and live sporting events.

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