Taxes: BIG Changes & BIG Opportunities (Bonus Session!)

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Sandy Botkin, CPA joins Power Session LIVE for a bonus session on the tax law changes!

The tax laws have changed significantly, and whether you think it’s for better or for worse, change always comes with opportunities! Sandy Botkin, CPA will highlight them for you so you can help your clients take advantage of them.

Plus, we have special guest Zach Donner joining us for a quick refresher on the tax strategies surrounding Section 105 employee benefit plans.


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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“It is still possible for the average taxpayer or, small business owner, to itemize and get more than just the Standardized Deduction, as it is represented in the new Tax Reform & Job Act! Discuss the tax changes that have resulted from the new Tax Reform Act and leverage them to discuss client opportunities for Life Insurance, Annuities and Roth IRAs! The last 2 sessions of Real Wealth both, “Life Insurance 10 x” and “Taxes: Big Changes & Big Opportunities” are 2 of some the best sessions that I have ever heard Real Wealth produce! Both were very timely and offered immediate value content we can use, starting today!” -Joe Anthes

“Understand tax law changes and raise questions with your clients prospects. Ask questions. Thanks for all the great info!!!” -Bj Cottrell

“Vehicle expense shortcut for mileage vs. actual expense.” -Brian Harris

“Renewed viability of HRAs. Revisit SBOs in near term, CPAs after tax season. Thank you.” -Garth Hassel

“Details I didn’t know or hear of before. Have many questions about the HRA.” -Steven Holtz

“Information on automobile deductions. Better record keeping.” -Eric Hayashi

“Great info and will be looking at the univeristy and taxbot programs. Set up more HRAs for clients.” -Pamela Fugitt

“Itemized deduction tips. Keep good records of my business expenses.” -Sherry Englehorn

“How the HRA works. I want to learn more about HRAs and Taxbot.” -April Rogers

“Section 105 HRA. Get a new accountant.” -Linda Parish

“Become aware of the New Tax Bill ASAP! Helping Business Owners with understanding the new Tax Bill. Excellent Webinar!” -Robert Lien

“Sec. 105 HRA’s use in business. Add more details to my deductions records. Seminar was well done, understandable slides with a minimum of movement/jumping around. Thanks.” -Kevin Williams

“Hra. Market more of tax planning. Great as always!” -Gail Van Nest

“Keep records!” -John Holloway

“Planning. Advise clients to better understand the new laws.” -Timothy Smith

“New tax law help for business owners. Better record keeping. Great presentation.” -Alejandro Lofaso

“Not only assist my clients, but keep better tax records for myself. Use the tax law changes to benefit clients.” -Pam Rosenberry

“Great tax planning strategies.” -Tony Woelfel

“Specifics about the tax code and me.” -Dennis Graves

“Pay attention to details more than ever.” -Robert Priganc

“Thanks a lot! Looking forward to reviewing it again.” -Eunhui Park

“Taxbot. Track mileage better. Great session!” -Marylin Turner Mallory

“It was all good. However, the specific information regarding business expense changes in the new tax law were most helpful. I am going to try TaxBot. I have been using TASC with clients since just after Zach went with the company, and clients have been very pleased with the results.” -Sarah Kerr

“Changes in business deductions. Would like to get the Taxbot app. Keep better records. Would love to have a copy of slides for this program.” -David Smith

“Organize to keep good records. Get the Taxbot App.” -Javier Perez

“Vehicle deductions. Get Taxbot.” -Thomas Guebert

“This was a great topic.” -Tim Olmstead

“Automobile deductions have greatly changed and a mileage log is essential. Ask my clients more tax related questions specific to their situation.” -David Janson

“About the health insurance – that is a huge expense for me. Contact you to discuss my options further. Thank you.” -Gregory Slack

“New Deduction paradigm and of course keeping records, putting a name on a meal receipt, etc. Continue to educate where appropriate. Probably keep my modest business with mileage claim unless my CPA suggests otherwise. Thanks.” -Roger Relfe

“Vehicle deduction changes.” -Leca Harris

“Differences in deductions. Listen for opportunities for clients (it won’t help me personally, I am W-2).” -Bradley Burr

“Don’t wait for my CPA to get going on the new tax law and Taxbot. DOCUMENT! Looking forward to getting the slides from today’s presentation!” -Charles Zloch

“Good review.” -Nathan Robnett

“The change in the 2018 auto expense. Keep better records!” -Ruth Tsakonas

“Buying vs. leasing a business auto.” -Ken Smith

“I didn’t get to hear the entire presentation, I am interested in obtaining additional information! Great from what I was here for.” -Cindy Petersen

“Section 105 HRA. Log and track mileage and medical expenses better. I absolutely love and appreciate all of the real wealth webinars. Each episode has helped me be a better advisor. Thank you!.” -Ryan Adams

“The true importance of taxbot and mileage logs. Approach more small business with ideas from the new tax law. Keep opening our minds, thank you!” -Douglas Bird

“Meals and Autos. TASC. This could have been a 3 hour presentation! Very engaging.” -David Dahl

“Depreciation for business vehicles, ie: qualified SUVs. Consider tracking expenses for gas, oil, repairs, supplies, car washes rather than just taking business mileage.” -Susan M DeBruin

“Section 105. Talk tax changes.” -Jeff Snyder

“Tax preparers don’t necessarily know what they are doing. Take the course and get smarter about taxes. Great job.” -John Davis

“Purchasing is probably better than leasing and the HRA is something to think about. I am going to purchase the Taxbot app and take the training. Good session!” -John Waugh

“General knowledge. Own it vs. lease.” -Joseph Guess

“HRA. Track mileage better.” -Stephen Nott

“Review the HRA. Review the small biz deductions. Good to review.” -Mark Rogers

“Restructure business.” -Willie Franklin

“How to best handle vehicle deductions under new tax law.” -Victor Johnson

“105HRA. Makes both the new tax changes and 105HRA value adds with COI’s and clients.” -David Norgord

“New auto deduction rates for depreciation.” -David Newbill

“The ability to fast track my understanding of the benefits available to my clients (and me) via the new tax law! I am going to go through the Tax Bot university stuff and acquaint myself thoroughly with the new law’s loopholes and benefits. I am already registered for the Reverse Mortgage call, but I checked it just to be sure. And I am excited to hear Tom Hegna again–he did several client annuity presentations for my Dad and me back in the 90’s when we were still NY Life agents. Great guy! -Derek Cockrell

“That I may be able to market differently by using the HRA concept. Really look into taxbot.” -Glenn Newlin

“I would like to get a copy of the recording!” -John Frigon

“I learned a simple method to streamline my tax planning education through taxbot and how to talk with my clients about estate planning. Restrategize how my business deductions are structured.” -David Osmond

“More on the new tax law. Talk about tax planning with clients. This was very timely — look forward ot the podcast from Botkin for my clients. -R Allen Jensen

“It’s a whole new tax world for 2018. Look at additional tax savings to point out to clients. One of your very best programs. Hope we get a pdf on it.” -Lee Bowman

“Eyes wide open, times are changing. Yes improve while conducting exits. Great stuff need to stream better. Great stuff.” -A Tung

“That HRA’s are coming back due to the new tax laws.” -Heather Scharnberg

“New Tax Law Details.” -Richard Pittman

“Tax change.” -Bob Gandelman

“Section 179. Advise clients to use CPA…stop using software.” -Michael Palet