Retirement Challenges for Women in 2018

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In 2018, American women will face unique challenges when planning their retirement.

Join Tom Hegna to learn how to manage these challenges and present solutions that provide a happily ever after retirement. Challenges include:

  • The decreasing availability of defined benefit pensions.
  • The Current Baby Boomer generation is transitioning into the retirement phase.
  • Longer than planned life expectancy.
  • Learn specific female focused retirement strategies that will guide you to success in this marketplace.

Fixed Annuities are long term insurance contacts and there is a surrender charge imposed generally during the first 5 to 7 years that you own the annuity contract. Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a 10% IRS tax penalty, in addition to any ordinary income tax. Any guarantees of the annuity are backed by the financial strength of the underlying insurance company.

Indexed annuities are insurance contracts that, depending on the contract, may offer a guaranteed annual interest rate and some participation growth, if any, of a stock market index. Such contracts have substantial variation in terms, costs of guarantees and features and may cap participation or returns in significant ways. Any guarantees offered are backed by the financial strength of the insurance company. Surrender charges apply if not held to the end of the term. Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income and, if taken prior to 59 ½, a 10% federal tax penalty. Investors are cautioned to carefully review an indexed annuity for its features, costs, risks, and how the variables are calculated.

Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing in Variable Annuities. The prospectus, which contains this and other information about the variable annuity contract and the underlying investment options, can be obtained from the insurance company or your financial professional. Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to invest.

The investment return and principal value of the variable annuity investment options are not guaranteed. Variable annuity sub-accounts fluctuate with changes in market conditions. The principal may be worth more or less than the original amount invested when the annuity is surrendered.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“All of it… I learned that you have to be an EXPERT in this game to have any success. You really need to be a student of Retirement Planning, luckily we have a good and reliable source in Tom Hegna’s coaching and materials.” -Gobind Hemnani

“Single, divorced and widows need much planning. Communicate.” -Jimmy Lang

“Replacing bonds in a portfolio with annuities.” -Douglas McCroskey

“To be more passionate when talking about guaranteed lifetime income! Ask better leading questions. Great information!” -David Parker

“Language for working with retirement individuals. Read Tom’s books.” -Robert Grove

“The financial challenges that women face in retirement. Communicate more with women what challenges they may face and how to plan for them.” -Robin Washington

“Reference materials. Focus more on guaranteed income solutions. Thank you.” -Susan Tackett

“Happy Factor in Retirement. The need for ever increasing guaranteed income to overcome inflation.” -Craig Forster

“Ask more questions and do less talking!. Probe deeper into client’s belief system before making assumptions about the optimal solution. Great presentation even though I don’t market annuities.” -Rodney Trottman

“Telling is not selling. Listening and asking questions is.” -Jayne Whalley

“ASK QUESTIONS! Review files. BIG THANX for another great presentation.” -Al Opas

“Tom used terrific language I can adopt in my conversations with clients and prospects. I am going to practice and get comfortable integrating attention getting and disturbing statements into my approach talk.” -Patrick Brough

“Make sure you ask a lot of questions. Have at least 3 presentations instead of 2.” -Misty Crofts

“Tom always uses practical examples, and makes it so much easier to understand, and use the situation in our own business. Ex: What widows know about the difference Life insurance makes. Remember to thank the Silbernagels for their sharing! It would be nice to hear Hegna & Silbernagel talk about advisors that aren’t securities licensed, and how we can present & defend ourselves in the planning marketplace.” -Keegan Johnson

“1st time listening. Awesome. Talk about life insurance and annuities.” -Lester Tadej

“Clients need more life insurance. Discuss the importance of adequate life coverage.” -April Rogers

“Women shouldn’t re-marry before age 60. Speak a little more intelligently about Social Security. Tom Hegna is an excellent presenter.” – Joe Trevino

“Specific words, language, questions and stories to provide a real life situation that helps clients/prospects understand why certain annuities, insurances, investments are both important and necessary. The presentation today was excellent and also a confirmation of the way I provide certain investments to my clients and why.” -Robin Jarvis

“The rule regarding SS and waiting til after 60 to get remarried, in order to maintain your ability to have a choice between which spouses SS you want to use. Just being reminded that retirement isn’t just about assets. More importantly, it’s about the income generated from those assets. Become more proficient in the nuances of SS. Always love hearing Tom. He always knocks it out of the park.” -Vickie Ford

“Remarriage at age 60 and above to take advantage of wealthy ex-spouse. Focus more on women’s longevity. Very informative.” -Carmen Briggs

“It was solid info from beginning to end. Adapt my presentation and be more forceful and knowledgeable.” -Dan Chambers

“Women are at great risk in retirement, 20% of divorced women live in property. Be proactive in conversation about women’s retirement risks. Joint annuity with children. Great.” -Scott Sylvainus

“To really get my questions right when it comes to anything. Seriously look at Tom’s resources and use them to get seminars going.” -Glenn Newlin

“Widows getting joint annuities with kids and grandkids. Meet with more widows.” -Dennis Dean

“The comparison of using an annuity in a portfolio vs. bonds. Will ask more questions.” -Ray Lighthart

“Mary Beth Franklin SS has a resource. Sell more Wife Insurance.” -T.W. (Henry) McFadden

“Replacing bonds in a portfolio with an annuity. I will talk more to my clients about a guaranteed lifetime income, use more stories and ask more questions.” -Patty M Breeze

“Creating income for clients and their beneficiaries is better than leaving an asset. Advise clients to have more life insurance using the 1% of death benefit principal to create income for life.” -Cheryl Harrison

“Amount of insurance a person should carry per 50k of income. Be more passionate in getting people who are wishy washy on the importance of owning life insurance to purchase.” -Daniel Flees

“How to help women think about their retirement. Ask more questions.” -Tonya Brown

“Asking more questions. Ask more questions, especially when working with women, so to understand their needs.” -Stephen Wigley

“Power questions. More appointments.” -Dan Altmire

“Key challenges for women that are different than for men. Consider joint annuities with children. Thanks for the additional time for Q&A.” -Jessie Washington

“Motivation to sell more life insurance and GLI. Work more with women.” -George E Ridings

“Confirms my prior knowledge of the topic. Show more guaranteed income, get people to understand how they should/could have more life insurance.” -Tony Woelfel

“Confidence that I have structured my income solutions for my clients in the right direction. Focus more on life insurance again. I am a Tom H. fan.” -Pam Rosenberry

“Love love love Tom and his info. No one better!!! Going to do a seminar at our Homeshow in 1:00 today as a result of him.” -Ken Beer

“Learning the seven steps tp retirement security. Start recommending more income annuities or riders.” -Coby Harper

“Educating clients on using life ins to replace deceased SS income. Use that idea. I like the webinars.” -Jamie Norvell

“How important it is for single women to plan early. Ask more questions up front.” -Gerald Yeo

“Too much to list. I love the questions at the beginning of the interview.” -Steve Renteria

“Annuities with kids. Increase life insurance discussions.” –

“Retirement income triangle graphic. Parents vs. you. Get Tom’s books!” -Lisa Chenet

“I would say the concept on how to tell the story about life insurance. The 1% environment story. Be more strategic about using different information to have more impact.” -Joshua Anderson

“Pay Checks & Play Checks! Better Language, Better Questions & Listen. First time with Power Session. Well done.” -Michael Galietta

“Financial planning considerations for divorced women and widows…especially Social Security. I need to learn more about Social Security, asking more open-ended questions and have more conversations with my female clients…how I can better serve them and their friends (generate prospects).” -Robert Hill

“Reminder of insuring the stay at home Mom. Questions, questions, questions. Math for g’teed income vs portfolio. As always so much good stuff it is difficult to remember when in front of prospects. That’s me getting older!” -Roger Relfe

“To me, Educating the client is important. I would like to purchase webinar presentation.” -Hae Jung Kim

“Income for life annuities with a child as joint owner so they can receive money for life also. ASK more questions.” -Judy Johnston

“How a combination of guaranteed income, life insurance, investments, and LTC make for the best combination of products for retirement. Bring a copy of the book on each appt. Tom is the best you can’t have him on enough!” -Larry Bassell

“The option of writing a joint annuity with a parent & child. I had no idea that this was an option. Have additional conversations with my clients regarding guaranteed income.” -Ruth Tsakonas

“Would like to understand more about the longevity credits issue you discussed. Will check out Tom’s offer when I get a chance. As a “hybrid” advisor, I’m enjoying your calls as an additional resource. Thanks for hosting them.” -Bryan Wayt

“Ask good questions. Have tons of third party backup materials. Think through my presentations – be more prepared and convicted. This was absolutely fantastic!” -John Seaman

“Applying Tom’s ideas to the gay community. Love his work on widows as well. Re-focus.” -Adam Thielen

“Consider joint life income with grown kids.” -Kelly Goldsmith

“The importance of life insurance in retirement planning. Ask questions like, what do you need your retirement money to do for you? What do you want your retirement money to do for you?” -Andrew Chymych

“Lots of great information. Need to talk more about life and long term care insurance.” -Arturo Benin

“Awesome program… truly meaningful content to help take care of people!” -Dan Guck

“Income needed determines the death benefit. Talk more about income.” -Mary Holevinski

“Just love hearing the message hammered again and again.” -R Allan Jensen

“Maximize social security and guar lifetime income. Need to learn more about how to set that up. Learn more about lifetime guar income.” – Debi Simpson

“Social Security divorce 2nd marriage. Age 60 rule. Continue to push Income Annuities.” -Mary Heckmann

“Life time income in all plans. Ask more questions about what people know about the life insurance programs.” -Ray Pfeiffer

“Confirmation that what I’m doing personally is a good plan for me. I am an assistant to an experienced advisor.” -Linda Stout

“Life Time of Income. Tom Hegna is the best have him back in the future.” -James Goodacre

“Social security planning.” -Donna Gordon

“The importance of leveraging assets intended as a legacy. Ask better questions. As always, great speakers and information.” -Ryan Adams

“Questions, words, stories.” -Gordon Conwell

“Guaranteed income and ask questions. Ask more questions.” -Edward Brown

“$1M / $50,000. Ask more questions.” -Gregg Webster

“Communication of ideas. Language. Study retirement planning more.” -Doak Belt

“Lifetime Income. Talk about insurance.” -Gerald Wiebers

“Sell More GFI.” -Pedro Busse

“So many things my head is spinning. I did like the joint annuity ideas with kids or grandkids. I need to become more of an annuity expert. Ask more questions. Today was awesome!” -Joe Swiderski

“People need $1MM in LI for every $50k in income. Hold a class.” -Darcy Long

“I learned some new words to use.” -Phil Carrell Jr

“Order more books! Focus on women.” -Richard Ek

“Guaranteed income is what most women need… a guaranteed paycheck. Even with a younger beneficiary, the payout % is still better than they will get at the bank. Talk more about annuities, especially to widows.” -Bill Cummings

“Asking the client questions and using the right language. Use Tom’s ideas.” -Zee Glavan

“How to talk to different types of women.” -Carmen Meausoone

“I get a discount on his stuff! Get his discounted stuff!” -Philip Dupuis

“Tom’s power phrase. Utilizing Life insurance in coordination with annuities. More life insurance conversations.” -Anthony Lofaso

“Tom is always an inspiration!” -Marsha Sanders

“The idea of the children or grandchildren as the joint annuitant. Present life insurance as a way to replace social security income, at the death of a spouse.” -Thomas Moore

“Refreshed my memory. Widows, two children. Joint life annuities, one for daughter, one for son. Ask the questions, If you were going to die, if it were free, hit by a texting driver, how much would you buy or what amount to sue? As a New York Life agent, it has been great hearing Tom over all these years.” -Patricia Andris

“Retirement planning talking points. Asking more questions.” -Sherry Englehorn

“I joined in for my own information.” -Linda Wolf

“Reiteration of all learned and remember to ask the questions. Have clients not only discuss but “written plan”. Tom thanks you are Fantastic!!.” -Deb Wagemann

“How much he backs guaranteed income for happiness in retirement.” -Julee Shelton

“As a woman, I need a retirement plan and I need to get better at the questions to ask to inform my clients on the best retirement solutions. Work on words, listening, stories and questions.” -Juanita Christion

“I just heard him speak yesterday, but this was more focused on women. So all the studies he had time to reference today. Stop being cowardly and use more DIAs. I will consider you guys for marketing in the future. I like the webinars I’ve heard and am a NAIFA member so want to support other NAIFA people.” -Craig Adamson

“Tom keeps it moving and each section is so valuable. Push back with more questions to clients, that think they know how much life insurance they want to own. Great selection of all your speakers.” -Douglas Bird

“Opening conversation and listening. Focus more on retirement conversations with all clients.” -Lorrie Hardy

“I always learn something from Tom in his webinars or face to face seminars. The one item that we do in our practice with our clients like Tom, is to make sure that the retirement expenses are covered with guaranteed income with SS, Pension or annuities. I always pick up a better way to explain it to our clients after hearing Tom. Keep reminding ourselves as we speak with our clients is that we are here to “Don’t Worry be Happy” in retirement.” -C Bruce Burnett CLU

“Telling is not selling. Ask more questions and work on being a better listener.” -Alfred Current

“Joint life annuities w/ children. Listen more closely.” -James Herrington

“Determining human life value. Present more investments and life insurance; get away from health insurance.” -Bonnie Grant

“The suggestion about making sure you have guaranteed money, and using a joint life with a widow and child. Ask more questions.” -Rob Anderson

“If wives knew what widows know… Speak to more women, ask more questions.” -Bill Popko

“$1 million in life insurance for every $50,000 in income. Talk with my clients about those that retire happiest are those with guaranteed income. This was my first ever session and I really enjoyed the material and will utilize it going forward with my clients.” -Brenda Millhouse

“Advantages of Reverse Mortgage for clients without assets. Spousal SS benefits choice if remarry after turning 60. Make single/widowed women more aware of concerns facing them in retirement.” -Connie Smith

“Tom’s recommendation to explore. “Don’t leave assets, leave guaranteed lifetime income”. Same thing, just re-energized on Life Insurance uses and Annuities! In a negative world, seemingly, I always go forward with even more belief in my financial recommendations after listening to Tom Hegna and Jim!” -Chuck Stickney

“Ideas for structuring different financial products in order to provide lifetime income and protection against inflation. Structure my questions, and thus our discussions, differently on the retirement income goal.” -Paul Schaney

“Facts about widows/social security/etc. Have women retirement educational meetings.” -Gina Mills

“Stats on women, widows, divorcees and how to apply our products to better protect them. Be more aggressive and persistent with our prospects and clients about our recommendations. Well done as always!!” -Will Merriken

“Learned more about women in general. Focus more in educating women.” -Consuelo Avila

“The idea of presenting joint life annuities for a parent and a child. Recommend more life insurance and annuities.” -Gary Vig

“Tips on talking.” -Gail Dodd

“How much more I should be recommending for life insurance, and love the joint annuities. Encourage clients to have more life insurance face amounts, and try to sell annuities!” -Jess Streeter

“All. Great presentation.” -Jane Louie

“The difference between divorced and single women when it comes to retirement planning. Ask more questions.” -David Shea

“Social security. Seminars.” -John C. De Sousa

“How to help people know the real meaning of life insurance. Talk to more women.” -A Bonita Brakefield

“Stories. Address the need.” -David Eickmeyer

“I learned to trust my beliefs in retirement planning work. Tom validated my mission to my clients and prospects. Prospect harder and more than likely invest in Tom’s programs! I believe in that company and your quality has my faith in Real Wealth.” -Marc Gaudette

“What good questions to ask before presenting LI. Listening is selling. Insure for $1MM every 50k of income.” -Ashley Blume

“Using joint annuities. Learn more about S.S. benefits, practive joint annuity illustrations, ask more questions.” -Lee McDonald

“Cover basic income needs with guaranteed income. Start advising to cover basic income needs with guaranteed income. I’m an LTCi specialist.” -Jeffrey Reilly

“Just in case retirement. 1,000,000 for every 50,000 in income.” -Sherri Rigney

“Life insurance is not a religion. Widows need to wait til 60 to remarry if 2nd husband has less money. Human Life Value from 9/11. Jane Austen and annuities. Refocus needs for women esp with children. Research if my company offers 0 age annuities.” -Laurel Ziemann

“The value of lowering the risk in a stock portfolio using an annuity in place of the bond portion, which will increase the return.” -Gabriele Vanderveen

“At first spouse’s death, taxes will go up due to losing the deduction and at the same time losing the deceased spouse’s Social Security income. Awesome, keep up the good work.” -Paul Sabol

“Ask more questions. Listen & talk less.” -Richard Jacobs

“Some great language to use with clients. Ask all of the women I know if they have have made a plan for their retirement.” -Margaret P Aldrich

“Continuing to reinforce what I do for my clients. Get one of Tom’s books for review. I am preparing to retire and continue to work with a young associate with my practice.” -Robert Priganc

“Ask, don’t tell. Ask, Ask, Ask.” -Bj Cottrell

“Challenges that widows face. Emphasize lifetime income and LTC strategies. You guys do a great job.” -Kim Colby

“Guaranteed Income. Search for more women as clients.” -Harvey Rohde

“Some of the questions that he uses. Ask more questions.” -Maria Zakutny

“That Tom Hegna is a very fast talker, which by the way, is good!” -Gerard Goulet

“Everyday in retirement is like Saturday! Life insurance is a women’s issue since 70% of beneficiaries are women. Look at replacing bonds with annuities for retirees who don’t have PLI. Great program.” -Julie Kranitz

“The idea of a joint life annuity for a widowed woman with her children. Ask more questions.” -Ellen Goodman

“Leveraging ideas. Change coverage recommendations on $1 million per $50k and ask the last 3 questions. Great presentation.” -Rebecca Garcia

“Ask questions and listen. Ask more people to tell me what the know / think / learned about life ins.” -Ken Specht

“Tom is so timely, yet also brings timeless information. Social security and perspective on how retirement today is different than previous generations. Learn more about as maximization and using annuities even earlier.” -Ken Magaro

“Specific challenges facing women. Educate clients on the concepts learned today.” -Robert Greco

“The importance and value of insurance on the mother. Have the wife involved in the appointment at all times when possible.” -William Wisniewski

“Better understanding of SSI. Implement strategies discussed. Thank you!” -Lydia Reid

“Ask great questions! Listen more to my clients and prospects! Great info always. Thank you!” -Mike Evans

“Retirement planning strtegies. Sell more guaranteed income.” -Gordon Kimpel

“Social security offset Widows. Go after pre-retirees to do GLI.” -Beverly Lee

“I need to read Tom’s book again.” -Ellen Breiten

“Concepts about women in retirement. Prospect to widdows.” -Tim Schulz

“Tom’s power phrases!” -Wade Borth

“Language to use. Have better conversations. Great content! Always good to hear from Tom Hegna!” -Robert Hicks

“Ask more good, probing questions.” -Bruce Murphy

“Some nice language and resources. Use the language and questions to help educate clients who have very negative impressions of annuities and life insurance from the financial media. This program is a great collection of very important and timely topics.” -Cheryl Donnelly

“$1,000,000 in coverage for every $50,000 in income.” -Tom Binge

“Key power phrases to use out in the field. Learn more about ss max.” -Andrea Holly

“Great ideas for conversations with female clients. Discuss the possibility of working a bit longer for some of my female clients. Great topic. Thank you!!” -Cindy Bong

“Ask questions. I have been in Tom Hegna presentations several times, but this was the best one.” -Joseph Guess

“ASK QUESTIONS, DON’T ASSUME ANSWERS IMMEDIATELY !!! Re-focus on Life Insurance needs 1st, and then support retirement life stage with annuities guarantees. These Power Sessions are proving to be “MUST SEE” webinars for the professional financial advisor !!” -Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“The overwhelming need for women to prepare financially and the knowledge & tools we have to assist them. Purchase a couple books to further my knowledge and then execute.” -Brenda Reeves

“Words and concepts; always learn from Tom!” -Gail Van Nest

“A new way to look at life insurance. More needs analysis. I love your programs, keep ’em coming.” -David Lesnick

“The Longevity of the Annuity Truth. Lean on Jade and Angela more. Keep those cards and letters comin.” -Ed Bond

“Sell more life insurance to non-working spouses! Focus more on women’s issues with my single / widowed clients.” -Michael Rudolph

“Articulating strategy of replacing bonds within a portfolio with a guaranteed income annuity. Market, market, market, prospect, prospect, prospect, sell, sell, sell!” -Peter Achor

“Today’s annuities are better than tomorrow’s because of better, that is, more generous longevity credits. Buy your DIA now. I will use more questions than statements.” -Matthew Adamczyk

“How very important it is to help women recognize retirement risks! Going to purchase Tom’s slide deck and use in seminars. I need to see how I can use Real Wealth for marketing.” -Steve Hennessy

“Amount of Life Insurance needed.” -Ken Robey