The Holy Grail of Retirement

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What you'll learn:

Learn how to increase income while taking key risks off the table!

The retirement arena is complex, and Curtis Cloke is here to show you how math and science will help you make sense of it all and lower retirement risks for your clients. Join this session to learn how you can better assist your clients in creating solid income streams so they can enjoy their golden years. Curtis is a top-rated (4.9/5 stars), regular Guest Expert on Real Wealth®, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the brightest and most-respected minds in the industry.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I need better Presentation Process for my Clients. Create a Better Presentation system. Opportunity for more sales.” -Christopher Kelly

“The trend of the industry. Charge fees.” -Michael Kirsh

“Approach to charging fees. Consider attending the 2-day seminar.” -Robert Grove

“Risk of retirement. Good +++.” -Chandrakant Engineer

“Setting the goal to mitigate risk. Talk to more folks.” -Ken Robey

“People need a professional with the right software and the right approach to calculating where their retirement income can be and how reliable it will be. Take a different approach to diversification and risk.” -Richard Kemmler

“Quantitative & Qualitative Measurements. Great presentation.” -Mark Mallon

“Pay more attention to retirement options.” -Duke Marston

“That I’m still smart enough to follow Curtis’ fast-paced presentation. Read.” -Adam Thielen

“Importance of the use of Analytics in setting the stage with graphics as facts rather that texts. Being able to ascribe value to that process in the eyes of the client so they are comfortable in paying for your time and service. Build a fee based practice. Would love to gain an internship to one of the top advisors like Curtis or just have access to understudy them!” -JOJO

“Great language around combining fees and commissions for the benefit of clients. I can’t see any way around adopting a more independent framework for my practice. Curtis seems to have created as effective a framework to doing so. As I work through a transition for my career, I want to express how valuable these sessions have been for thinking in new ways about the work we do.” -Steve Oriol

“Separating Analytics & Advice for a Planning Fee from Implementation for a Management Fee or Commission. Continue to focus on What Clients Want instead of products.” -Matthew Adamczyk

“Curtis is very knowledgeable.” -Ken Smith

“Present the solution before opening the hood. Ask more to learn what clients want/expect.” -Michael

“Be wiling to know when you should engage the experts for help.” -Bill Popko

“The non liquidity of assets committed to income. Offer more guarantees.” -Robert Stoltman

“Regarding Prospects’ Assets being “Held Hostage” in many instances pertaining to Income generation and fluctuations in the principal value due to market volatility! Today’s webinar bolstered my conviction and created additional motivation regarding many of the financial solutions I believe in and practice everyday with client financial concerns. I have said this before, but today’s webinar was in the top three of those presented!” -Chuck Stickney

“The importance of integrating retirement concepts into a unified strategy. Work to build a retirement planning practice. These sessions are tremendous!” -Paul Schaney

“Show them what it does, before you tell them what it is. Bucket approach.” -Victor Johnson

“The 4 L’s. Press clients to maintain life insurance in retirement.” -Matt Echelmeier

“More about the comprehensive approach to retirement planning. Look into being more into the math and science of income planning. So much information makes your head spin.” -Joe Swiderski

“Everything that I got to hear in the last 45 mins! Continue what I’m doing. Thanks!” -Roger Relfe

“Planning and product allocation. Fixed floor income strategies.” -Gail Van Nest

“Promised Based Income. Discuss with Clients about buying income and investing the difference.” -Jon Launder

“Just reinforcing things and reminding me of things to do, and making presentations for success.” -Thomas Eng

“Always client driven.” -Fred Feinberg

“His unique way to put process before product. I’m going to spend more time the presentation procedure.” -Charles Lewis

“Longevity is the number one risk. Be better at what I do.” -Charles Zloch

“Options available for retirement and how to customize them for our clients.” -Mark LaViola

“Some of the words he uses. Call more people, use different words. Great program again Jim and crew. Thanks.” -Ken Specht

“What an incredible talent he is. Thanks for having him as a presenter. I’m heading to San Diego! Looking forward to implementing more of what he suggests.” -Gene Mahn

“Risks – Fears FOMO Factor -Buy Guaranteed income and invest the difference. Address Life insurance to include SS & LTC risks.” -Albert Kirchner

“A clearer understanding of the retirement income planning process and ideas on how to effectively introduce it to prospects. Not talk about products until the appropriate time. Great sessions, thanks.” -Stephen Barteau

“Layering of different strategies. I’d like to attend the University. I appreciate being able to get on these calls!” -Tonya White

“Good practical retirement income info….well presented.” -Larry Bassell

“Look at all the tools in your basket. Understand where and how to use them. Study the uses for the tools I’m not real familiar with.” -Harvey Hatridge