Parlay the Trump Tax Cuts into a Tax-Free Retirement

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David McKnight, Author of “The Power of Zero,” returns to Power Session LIVE to get more in-depth on how the tax law changes affect our clients’ retirement plans. David is a firm believer in achieving the 0% tax bracket for a tax-free retirement to take the risk of rising taxes off the table. With these law changes come opportunity, and David will show you how to leverage it!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Online video. Plan how to incorporate his videos and new book (knowing release date) into client meetings. You guys are doing a great job, thank you.” -Garth Hassel

“Reconfirmed belief of life insurance and the Power of Zero. Become more proactive in seeking those clients who have the ability to contribute.” -Daniel Flees

“How to handle concerns regarding using a chronic illness rider to cover LTC risk. We have seen a number of individuals whom utilized that strategy end up needing to spend their own money on care because claims were denied.” -Anthony Gonzalez

“Just reaffirmed my belief in LIRPs. Keep on trucking.” -Brandon Green

“LIRP. Buy the book. Thanks for all you do!” -Adam Thielen

“The history of taxation and the impending cliff we face. I will discuss tax strategies in more detail and depth.” -Robert Javens

“The power of the zero tax bracket, and to use the power of zero book.” -Joe Swiderski

“A great subject made relatively simple. Discuss tax with nearly everyone. Keep up the good work.” -Ken Specht

“Solidified what I was doing as a planner. Talk about the potential doubling for tax rates in 8 years. Already have the book, Power of Zero.” -Belen Krabbe

“I have more understanding of how all of these relate to one another and how they work.” -Goldie Rasmussen

“Taxes are really “on sale” now. Continued emphasis on the coming tax explosion.” -Larry Bassell

“The 22-24% bracket is the sweet spot for the Power of Zero concept given the new Trump Tax code. Be a bit more bold on this issue and probably register for David’s training.”

“Zero % Tax. Review current clients information for opportunities.” -Jon Launder

“We need to take advantage of the recent tax law changes!. Implement tax planning.” -James Graham

“How powerful the case is for life insurance a the best solution for retirement. I’m going to read his book and become more knowledgeable so I can present his ideas with confidence. Great session. One of the best I’ve heard.” -Dan Chambers

“Tax Rates will go higher ! Tax Strategy Planning is critical.”

“Introduction to the Power of Zero. Look at my holdings to see if I can benefit then show others.” -Ken Smith

“I learned many things, but the thing I learned that I believe will make the biggest impact with clients is the Before and After Comparison idea. I have done a VERY abbreviated concept of reduction of tax bracket if one can withdraw at least 50% of retirement income from tax-free bucket, but not as complete as what he illustrated. Give more details in my discussion with clients as to Provisional Income and the affect that has on overall remaining spendable income after taxes. Do a better job of drawing the three buckets and the explanations that go with each. I have been short-cutting the discussions.”

“Plan now! Change my message to clients.” -Robert Hicks

“Simply my talk track with high points. Appreciate the value provided.” -Paul Carag

“My insticts have been telling me some of these things for a few years and David helped me sort out the most important points! Try to fix “my house” and in doing so learn how to show this to my friends and clients. The materials presented are so wonderful….thanks so much. I’m so glad I’m a NAIFA member!! I’m trying to slow down a bit in order to spend more time with my wife, kids, grandkids and friends but DO want to continue helping people in a way that makes a difference and STILL allows me to slow down. I’m excited about the possibilities and hope I can manage all of this as I WANT to. Time will tell!!” -Harvey Hatridge

“Easy to understand based on Math! Learn more about IUL policies. Keep doing what you’re doing with the cutting-edge information.”

“Strategies to help clients with the Tax-Free bucket and protect SS from taxes. Put it to work.”

“How to move money out of a 401k or IRA into a life insurance policy. I will discuss the benefits of ROTH IRAs and life insurance more.” -Edward Stuehm

“Reconsider IRA to ROTH Conversions.” -Brian Shepard

“The process of elimination. Investigate IUL and the LTC advantages. Your webinars are full of information.” -Stephanie Searle

“There were quite a few topics in order to make the transition or offer clients to take action. You’re never too young or too old to review your plan. I would love to learn his Scripts And purchase a book for every client that I talk to. Thank you you’re doing a great job.” -Mary Beverly

“Presentation style. 3 buckets.” -Michael Palet

“Taxes effect retirement. Educated on what SS can be taxed.” -Barry Moore

“Really loved the full strategy behind Life Insurance as a highly beneficial tool to utilize to maximize the retirement income, preserve SS benefits, and reduce tax exposure. Talk more about retirement income maximization, and reducing tax exposures.” -Bryan Johnson

“See how to use all buckets to still bring taxes during retirement to $0. We are already pursuing IULs for our clients. We are also using premium finance strategy to pump up the cash value with OPM.” -Kelly Brewer

“Try to find tax free money. Talk more about taxes.” -Nasir Paroo

“Reminded me of 72(t). I used to use that strategy.” -Stan Mock

“Strategies for minimizing the tax hit by taking withdrawals using 72(t). Really look at client’s tax deferred accounts and start the conversation of the power of zero.” -Kara Stanley

“Only way to avoid tax increase is to reduce bracket to zero. More emphasis on tax planning.” -Anthony Melsi

“Revisit life coverage as tax advantaged vehicle.” -Fred Feinberg

“Changes and possible actions of the tax law revision. Bought David’s 2 books. Will review. Thanks for the work, A#1!!!!!!” -Timothy Smith

“Using life insurance for retirement planning. Try to use his technique.” -Thomas Lehmann

“Concept of o% tax. Work to implement what was shared after getting the power of o book and studying more. Would like to have a session about pension max.” -Ronald House

“The Power of Zero. Focus more on Roth IRAs.” -Paul Schaney

“The simplicity of the overall strategy. Probably order David’s book as a giveaway… Very good presentation today.” -Mark Kinney

“Explaining to clients that we are in a brief window of taxes being on sale and they must take action to reduce and / or eliminate taxes in the future. Have this conversation with all clients regarding tax deferred accounts and Roth IRAs and for those who are more senior in age recommending that we start the conversion process and related strategies.”

“Zero taxes in retirement.” -Steve Ballina

“David’s slide summary of the Tax Free bucket and support of David Walker and his Concord Coalition, Judge Learned Hand, et al”

“Helping my clients save more of their money through this process. YES!.” -Tim Ryan

“72(t)’s aren’t all bad. Pay taxes now or later discussion.” -Craig Forster

“Review on the buckets of money and how they can be utilized. Buy the book.” -Robin Mitchell

“Confirming that I have been conducting my practice similarly. Researching this approach in more depth to assure I’m not missing something. Great Job. Excellent presentation and use of my Friday AM.” -Michael Schilling

“Great options. Apply what I learned.” -Charles Gulley

“When your Social Security benefits become taxed, you wind down your retirement assets twice as fast! Use the LIRP strategy to increase your tax deduction and protect your assets!. Speak to both current and prospective clients about minimizing their retirement tax base, before the tax code changes again in 2026!.” -Joe Anthes

“L.I.R.P very interesting. Stress Roth conversions.” -Judith Shonnard

“LIRP strategies I’ve been using are good” -t.o.

“Helpful explanation of the issue of taxes in retirement. I will continue to refine my client retirement income strategies. Please continue with your educational programs.” -Ray Lighthart

“The total plan of getting to zero. Adapt to this message.” -R Allen Jensen

“How to differently look at the tax implication of the combined IRA, SS and savings default strategy. Purchase the book and add to my repertoire. Perhaps the best and immediately applied strategy I have heard in a very long time.” -Stas Politis

“Tax management and insurance. You all do outstanding programs!.” -Gail Van Nest

“It’s now about what return you make. it’s about how much you can save on taxes. Talk more about the impact of taxes.” -Zary Lete

“About how the SS provisional income worked and how to keep a client from being the perfect taxpayer. Begin doing presentations on this everywhere I can even if they need to be short.” -Glenn Newlin

“Read Look Before You LIRP to find out what attributes are required in an IUL to make this work properly.” -Maria Zakutny

“All of it. Good question…” -Jeffrey Reilly

“LIRP. Wonderful job.” -Mark Miller

“It’s hard to say “one best thing” as David threw out so many best things for our practice. I would like to get proficient in the presented materials so that I can be successful in providing solutions to my client. Clients, in general, do not recognize the tax train coming at them, so I have to be able to bring this visually to them and then help them to get off the track. Comment: David McKnight was the best presenter (for me) so far.” -Gary Hemnani

“Thinking more about getting social security tax to zero. Tighter analysis on all areas of tax reduction.” -Sean Fitts

“Took more notes than I ever have, I learned a much better illustration / method/ concept of positioning cv life insurance. I will use poz to work with my clients to make a poz retirement plan, also order the books. Great work! Thank you for doing this.” -Wade Scott

“LIRP. Show more life insurance to accumulate assets.” -George E Ridings

“Tax advantage planning. Look at how I view the clients assets and explore using the LIRP/ROTH conversion discussed today. Excellent presentation!” -Brenda Reeves

“Tax free strategies.” -Brian Short

“The total concept of helping clients keep more of their money.” -David Williamson

“Roth Conversion is still a valid strategy. Contact my high net worth clients to do a reveiw. Great job! Thank you.” -Charles Avatar

“Retirement ideas. Educate.” -Julie Williams

“Making the new tax law work for my clients. Talk about the new tax law. Making recordings of these sessions available since I have some events that I will miss because of travel schedule.” -Dale Whiting

“Review my book and call appropriate members to visit.” -Keith Wood

“Using taxable strategies now to protect you in the future. I will dig deeper into the strategies more.” -Ellen Kratofil

“The Power of Zero concept is pretty cool. Beat the drum for 72T distributions, and LIRPs, both of which I am doing already.” -Bill Cummings

“55 & 72t.” -Woody Syverson

“Shifting around to tax free money. Many more options to think about. Would like to read the books first.” -Denise LaGala

“Different approach to tax free bucket.” -David Lesnick

“Tax planning. Look more at tax planning.” -Nathan Helms

“22-24% tax bracket for shifting to tax free. Focus more on tax free planning.”

“What was provisional income and what was not. Show cash flow opportunities alternatives.” -P.J. Demarie, III

“What a fantastic service, thank you!” -Tim Kiesling

“How to help clients take long term advantage of the current tax cuts. Contact clients who will benefit to discuss and share this webcast with.” -Darcy Long

“Excellent recommendations on how to minimize taxes in retirement. Start using the three bucket presentation.” -Scott Kishbaugh

“Have heard it before, good to refresh. Opportunities abound! Selection and implementation are the challenge.” -Thomas Clark

“More consistent emphasis with my senior clients regarding the trump tax plan opportunities to Transfer Taxable buckets to the Tax Free Bucket concept.” -Chuck Stickney

“Using a 72t to pay tax on a Roth Conversion in order to avoid the IRS 10% penalty before age 591/2. Advise more on tax expectation in our country and ways to reduce personal tax liability.” -Jeff Davis

“The power of ZERO!! Spend more time on my bucket presentation.” -Patty Davis

“This presentation was awesome! Get the book and study the material.” -Randy Mader

“Look before you L.I.R.P!. Read about LIRP; search for the handful of companies that hall all the “attributes” that remained unmentioned. How often are “critical illness riders” not paying out a claim due to some policy provision that exempts the claim diagnosis?” -Susan M DeBruin

“The use of LIRP for Long Term Care. I’m going to invest more time in learning this strategy.” -Elvis Gates

“Mathematically proving the case for a LIRP in traditional Financial Planning. I’ve understood the case for high income earners and high net worth individuals, but to start the conversion process between retirement and RMD age was helpful. Look for tools to illustrate the benefits of a conversion for individual clients.” -Christopher Cone

“How one can literally experience a zero tack bracket. Create strategies.” -Andrew Chymych

“Awesome!!!. Incorporate more life insurance… Awesome!” -Richard Orred

“3 buckets. Adopt the system.” -James Woodall

“History of income tax bracket.” -Cyndi Albro

“LIRP. Talk to clients about repositioning their assets to take advantage of today’s tax code.” -Kenneth Blitz

“Great ways to save on taxes for client’s who plan to retire. Will be presenting the ways to save in retirement.” -Susan Garrett

“The expected impact of future tax rates on clients’ incomes. Become more conversant in this methodology. One of the best webinars I ever attended. David presented in a perfect tone and pace. Information well organized and not overly technical for a webinar. Slides used to back up presentation and not to BE the presentation.” -Lynn Lavender

“Standard Deduction Planning Strategy and current vs. future tax rates. Tax free planning discussions with every single prospect and client. Awesome programming…keep up the great work!” -Greg Kuzmits

“Using an IUL. Max fund Life Insurance as IUL. Great programs.” -Joseph Guess

“Language to use with clients.” -Brad Brodersen

“David still has it perfected. Start using the data again…… Well done!!!!” -Edward Sanders

“Move assets to create tax free income. Stress tax free retirement income. Keep up the great speakers.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“How viable a life insurance solution still is today, and probably more importantly so! Get his book to become fluent in his language.” -Douglas Bird

“Great review of what I have heard before.” -Jeff Snyder

“He affirmed and better articulated what I have been advocating for several years. To be a more forceful advocate for LIRP.” -Randall Reichenbach

“How to evaluate the different buckets, and consider recommendations to help clients with more efficient uses of their money and investments. Order and study the book to increase my understanding of taxation, IRS rules, the new Trump tax code, and be better able to address these issues with my clients. Wonderful presentation. Informative and exciting. Inspires me to learn so much more!”

“Tax strategy with 72t rule to provide for Roth conversions. Watch for more opportunities to share this strategy.” -Thomas Holmes