The Best Social Security Strategy Nobody’s Talking About – BONUS Session!

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There are benefit options that are ending soon based on your clients’ ages! Most think this Social Security strategy is no longer available, but they’re wrong, and it could cost them hundreds of dollars a month in benefits! Learn about this important strategy, and others, to help your clients maximize their social security benefits. This session features two of the nation’s most well-respected experts on Social Security Benefits.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I’ve sat it on numerous Social Security webinars in the last month or so, and this was by far THE best. I learned some important situational details that I had not heard before. Thank you!” -Lori Stanley Hunt

“Restricted application tips were great. SS benefits must be part of retirement discussion.” -Lel Arandela

“Rules and applications information. I will advise clients to reconsider their strategies if needed. Thanks for recommending a good book on social security rules and strategies.” -Helen Altman

“I enjoy these webinars! I need to look at this one again. Thank you.” -Sandra Bailey

“Learned a lot of available strategies. Can’t wait to give clients ideas. Good webinar.” -Julie Williams

“Love the review on the 35 best years and the SS mathematical equation. I’ll work on building a SS seminar. Always good stuff.” -Chris Liebum

“Review all of your client’s options if over 60!” -Ken Wong

“Learned bout when to take SS, research #’s first before deciding when to take. Suggest clients go to SS office to help them decide on when to take SS.” -Jill Ford

“Great strategies. Best thing was education on how Social Security works and the strategies available. I’ve got a lot to learn.” -Andrew Chymych

“Spouse drawing on other spouse’s benefits while waiting until age 70 to start on theirs, great info.” -Thomas Ripperda

“It’s so critical to understand the SS strategies are and what value they add to your relationship with your clients. I’ll spend additional time with the SS aspect of fact finding. I would have like to learn a bit more about the way the income cap is applied for the year of a persons FRA.” -Terri Cantrel

“File and suspend didn’t end yet – for those born pre Jan 2,1954. I will make my clients more aware of delaying social security.” -Lisa Rydzefski

“Being able to file on an ex-spouse benefit is helpful. I’ll talk to more potential and existing clients about social security planning strategies. Claim now and more later=! I want to become an expert on SS.” -Mike Washburn

“Calculated based on highest 35 quarters. thought it was 10 quarters” -checked my own SS statement and have 3 zeros that I need to work on in the next 15 years. Will pay more attention to the numbers and advice given by the ss calculators.”

“Love hearing the different strategies. I learned I should talk to my clients in more detail for their retirement planning. Great presenters! Good subjects!” -Judy Gartner

“There are so many options and that clients need this guidance and professional analysis. I’ll learn more and promote myself as a resource. Thank you for everything!” -Steve Kastrul

“I enjoyed all of their Case Studies, which I could understand & know similar people w/ those circumstances. Can’t wait to take the Social Security Training, which they offered for $99. Thanks for everything. I was in DC this week for the NAIFA Conf. and my friends, in NAIFA Maryland, were happy w/ the new direction. We ALL had great individual meetings w/ our Legislators in both the House & Senate.  Thanks Jim for your Opening Comments today.” -Michael Garrity

“I enjoyed the “real life” examples. I’m going to have Ruth train me! For $ 99.00, that is a steal!!!.” -James Van Ham

“SS planning is not a do-it-yourself thing. I’ll definitely get help with SS planning.” -Russ Grzywinski

“Claim now, claim more later. I’ll position myself as a SS advisor.” -Elmer Brinkman

“File and Suspend info was helpful. Can’t wait to visit with people who were born before Jan. 2, 1954.” -Julie Verley

“Claim Now, Claim more later. I’ll learn more and work towards becoming an expert at this.” -Theresa White

“Details of social security were awesome. I’ll be sure to talk about social security more.” -Dwayne Burnell

“Learned a couple different spins on some strategies. Look for specific clients that benefits could be used.” -Chad Hruska

“There are A LOT of options when it comes to this topic. Having a professional to whom you can refer on these topics is invaluable. Bring up Social Security with every client age 55+.” -David Barr

“SS strategies are complex enough that its best to know and work with an expert when needed. Thank you for getting to my question on Q&A.” -Victor Johnson

“I got a clearer understanding of strategies. Will look for opportunities to talk with people about SS.” -Robert Stoltman

“Clients need me to be more of a planning strategist for them regarding SS. I will invest time to better understand SS and use tools to demonstrate strategies to clients. Great program.” -Dan Cairns

“I will Study Social Security to become more knowledgeable on S. S. Thanks a million. Please continue!!” -Barbara Cottrell

“Complexities of filing situations & need for thorough analysis. Focus more on clients in 60″ -62 age range to begin discussions. Great information, well done and very thorough.” -Robert Carmichael

“Spousal benefit does not go up 8% with deferral. Will talk about it more.” -Anthony Melsi

“Lots! Get more knowledge to help people with SS.” -Thomas Eng

“The additional considerations, Medicare, Taxation, All benefits. Talk to more customers of course.” -Jonathan Sauza

“Everybody is different. Do a good fact gathering. Ask more questions. Thank you so much for your good work!” -Joe Swiderski

“Interesting how the rules have changed. I’ll partner with an expert. Will follow up for a consult about a specific case.” -JoJo

“The magic formula… Scan clients for those that might fall into the windows of best opportunity for Restricted Applications, etc. Keep doing what you do…Your doing a Great Job!!! Thanks !!” -Randolph Smith

“The strategies that can still be applied were interesting. I’ll talk about estate planning.” -Valerie Quartiere

“Important to know about SS & both wealthy or poor or anywhere in between people care. Learn more about SS so I can be a better advisor.” -George Jones, III

“Our expertise is needed so sorely in the area of Social Security benefits. I’m going to study the subject, to be able to guide my peers (I’m 64 and plan to work for about 10 more years).” -Elie Aharon

“Widow taking own benefit at 62 allowing deceased spouse to increase until his full retirement age. Stress even more the importance of including S.S. planning. You guys and especially you gals are amazing!” -Steven Daniel

“For me, the entire presentation was the best. Tim & Ruth simplified the complexity of Social Security. Make sure clients understand the rules of Social Security and how it pertains to their own situation.” -Zee Glavan

“I need to learn more about SS and will check client base born before 1/2/1954. Talk about SS planning with clients who are close to making decisions about benefits.” -Paul Rosendahl

“Everything!!!! Restrategize SS.” -Diane Vidal

“The additional strategies were great. Discuss more social security. Great presentation. Thank you.” -Joseph Aragona

“Restricted App details for eligibility was helpful. Comb my book of business. Great session!” -Robert Burgett

“All the different scenarios on how & when to take social security. Let my clients know to get the best advice from an advisor before taking social security. Just that the session was very informative.” -Ronald Anzalone

“Impact of Bipartisan act of 2015. Definitely try to learn more about these strategies and review my current client’s ages to see if there is anyone I can practice what I learn on. I am interested in the additional sessions. And the book would be good.” -Jackie Whitley

“Claim now and more later. I’ll consult with the expert presenters and will consider joining RealWealth.” -Chris Lyding

“SS Claim now, Get more later. Work with Tim and Ruth.” -Timothy Dwyer

“I appreciated the review of the more advanced techniques, such as claiming at 62 then turning off again until 70. I also appreciate refreshers on the more standard stuff. I already incorporate SS planning into my team’s client reviews/fixed income components of retirement income strategy. But I believe I’ll use SS as a prospecting tool.” -Linda MacLeod

“All of it. Make sure I am more educated with social security to help clients make informed decisons.” -Leah Davis

“A lot of money is left on the table needlessly… My work has focused on supporting financial advisors and their clients concerning LTC and Medicare planning… I am going to give consideration to offering this training to my advisor/centers of influence so we can all benefit their clients further… Need to reflect and assimilate info, but have sent an e mail to Angela for more info.” -Cheri McDonald

“The history of saving SS to share with help people to feel better that SS will be there. Market to do workshops and include what you need to know if born before 1/2/1954 in social security benefits.” -Cheryl Harrison

“Too many things to list. great content!. Im going to educate myself more on Social Security benefits. Thank you for a very informative presentation.” -Tom Binge

“If I can, use Ruth and Tim.” -A. Duer Pierce

“Claim now, claim more later. Market to early 60’s.” -Bob Smith

“There are still options to maximize ss. I hope to take them up on a consult or 2….” -Peter Acquaro

“There is still a of great social security planning that can still be done to maximize benefits. Study more about SS and probably use the services Tim and Ruth. They were great. You really have quality programs and presenters including Jim and all your staff.” -Ronald House

“Still great options for clients. Be more aware and look for opportunities. Thanks for the service!.” -Alan Frei

“The spousal benefit for divorced couples. Begin to talk to my clients on how they can get better benefits from the social security benefits.” -Martha Trevino

“All the different scenarios helped a lot. I’ll make a list to call.” -George Beutter

“Asks more questions on social security.” -Donna Hatcher

“How the reduce benefit will affect in the future. Focus more on nearly retired clients.” -Lanh T Phan

“Suspending and resuming a benefit when a child is in the household.” -David Newbill

“Delay higher spouse benefit till 70 and live on lower spouse benefit if possible.” -William Shepherd

“Learn more, get help. Great session…” -Steve Leslie

“How little I actually know and how nuanced are the opportunities/choices. Get — and read 🙂 — a couple of the recommended books.” -Candace Cuniberti

“Roth conversion strategy as related to Social Security income start date. Look through client database for folks still eligible for file & suspend.” -Joe Neal Kerr

“Ask more questions.” -Cheri Stanwix

“File & Suspend update was great.” -Carole Williams

“Great strategies. Start the conversation with my clients before they are eligible for S S.” -Dennis Dean

“Confirms what I’ve been doing!. CONTINUE! THANK YOU!!!!!!!.” -Robert McDowell

“Easy to digest presentation. Learn more about it.” -John Nwoko

“You must be married for 9 months to collect a survivor benefit. Not sure other than discuss social security more with my clients.” -Edward Stuehm

“The restricted application. To start talking to clients about social security options at 60 so I can get in front of them and prepare them for their options.” -Wade Scott

“About how involved it is getting benefits maximized.” -Lester Tadej

“Strategy of claim now and claim later. I can’t attend the Van Mueller meeting.” -Ken Beer

“Ask more questions and specifically in regards to power of attorneys.” -Jason Jubert

“I am NSSA sm certified so this was a good refresher! Study more, become a social security expert!” -Thomas Ables

“SS is most misunderstood and Social Security department is not much of any help at all when they are considered the source.” -Mary Beverly

“Case examples were good. Get more involved in this phase of clients lives.” -Rhonda Paluck

“Case studies. Discuss soc. security.” -Gordon Conwell

“Restricted Filing App. Talk to my Senior age clients about SS benefits.” -Javier Perez

“I have studied Soc Sec for 10 years, subscribed to Horsemouth, attended other live sessions with Tim and Ruth, and still need to research in detail every client issue. I was reassured today that it is the best approach, though time consuming and often confusing. Just dig in deeper and study more.” -Rick Rathert

“Current best ways to file for benefits. Look for prospects that need help. I enjoy your exerts and their advice.” -John Waugh

“Wowwww….I need to learn and educate myself on SS.” -Doak Belt

“I don’t know it all. Save your info.” -John Russo

“All the different strategies to take advantage. Being able to get Ruth and Tim to do a calculation for my clients. Keep up the great work that you do.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“Waiting to remarry til after 60 and looking in my database for those born b4 1/2/54 to see if they may be able/interested in filing a restricted app; getting 18 year old to create POAs; the book Celebrate 100; the Roth conversion point about creating tax free income so clients can avoid taxes on their SS benefits. Be more knowledgeable; look at my database; buy the book Celebrate 100; consider Roth Conversions in a new way.” Chris Everett

“What I don’t know, Ha! The old guy and baby strategy. Had no clue about this. Engage my clients about their social security benefits and run a report for clients born before 1954. Great webinar. Thanks!” -Chana Beene

“Advanced strategies are alive and well! Call Tim and Ruth… Thank you! Great info as always!” -Andrew Powers

“So many different options to collect SS benefits. Learn more about SS benefits so I can better serve my clients. I’m not convinced that’s the best solution for my clients.” -Angie Envick

“Learned several strategies.” -Colin Griffin

“Multiple case studies and strategies. Ask a lot of questions. This was a good webinar!” -Bill Schwarzkoph

“Social Security strategies. Read the suggested book and seek to learn more and understand it.” -Genie McGee

“Concepts. Understand more of rules and benefits of the concepts to help clients.” -Om Sukheenai

“Better understanding of the SS rules and benefit options. Look for client’s SS opportunity when doing retirement income strategy.” -Jerrold Smith

“Awesome strategies! Print a list of clients. I would like to get in contact with Ruth and or Tim” -Greg Ayers

“Reminder about the claim more, claim more later. Contact our clients born between 1949-1954.” -Sharon Atcheson

“Learn more about SS strategies! Have SS seminar for clients.” -Jerry Brookhart

“Use the Soc Sec experts when incorporating SS planning. Great programs.” -Bill Popko

“Spousal Benefits. Try to learn more. Great information. Recommend breaking up the information.” -Ken Robey

“Thanks so much!!.” -Harvey Hatridge

“Too many to count! I now have a SS resource to reach out to. Great job!” -Jeffrey Reilly

“Overall information was presented in an easy, understandable format. I will get much more detailed on the questions I ask my clients.” -Kyle Volokhov

“I learned so much it’s hard to choose what is best…. the strategies still available though have spurred me to do a lot of calculations for myself and given me the desire to learn more even though I am not the investment/retirement advisor in our office… I can however, mention these ideas to my medicare clients. Quite a lot actually. this will become a part of my presentations for medicare costs in retirement. Just a fantastic session! Thank you for covering this topic. I want all of my clients to know about their social security options!” -Pamela Williams

“That a restricted application may still be a viable strategy for people born prior to 01/02/1954. Run a report with client ages to identify who may be eligible to take advantage of the restricted application strategy.” -Michael Baer

“Filing strategies. Provide more insights to clients.” -Gail Van Nest

“Their Presentation was right on!” -Andrew J Jaramillo

“I ordered the book recommended by Tim. I am going to focus on learning as much about SS as is possible. I’m working a lot in retirement space and this is something I need to master. I am going to be focused on dates of birth and discuss SS strategies with clients. I know both Ruth and Tim. Good to know how to reach them for consults.” -Candace Berkman

“I learned of the various options as it relates to Social Security claiming age. And there are a lot of them! Acquire the RICP. Awesome Webinar! loved it and learned so much.” -Brett Weir

“You need to defer to a specialist. Reach out for expertise.” -Harvey Brode

“Claim now, Claim later. Talk to my clients about their Social Security Benefits. Great Webinar glad I attended it.” -Patricia Wiley

“Retirement ages and when to theoretically retire. See more retire’s. Just keep doing what you doing.” -Mervyn FRied

“More knowledge of SS.” -Samuel Harris

“GET the books on social security.” -Julie Cassiani

“So glad to be a Real Wealth Premier Member, will go listen to the Power Session on your site.” -Kathleen Eckerson

“Making sure you ask your clients about their SS income strategy. Make sure I talk to my clients about the different options for taking SS.” -Lewis Linkugel

“Amazed at the number of strategies that are still available. Order and read the books that were referenced. Is it possible to show the presentation again?” -Brian Liesch

“Restricted filing. Engage more of my clients.” -Stephen Ashley

“Current and past filing strategies. Run retirement analysis differently.” -Andy Stevens

“It really cleared up some things about the projected reduction of benefits, and the past times it’s been nearly exhausted. I’m going to adjust my presentation on SS. Great presentation, and information today.” -Matt Deardeuff

“How to be mindful in evaluating our client’s situations, and doing proper research. Become more knowledgeable about SS law.” -Linda Lundquist

“Keep offering the analysis.” -Michael Patnode

“Several different helpful strategies. Buy a couple of the mentioned books for more help. Thank you.” -Leca Harris

“Look before you leap.” -Richard Cazzell

“Understanding Benefits. Ask more questions about their SS. Very good. Thanks.” -Bob & Terry Grooms

“Clarification on when to apply for Social Security and why. I can at least know a little of what to suggest to people who don’t know any of this.” -Goldie Rasmussen

“That you guys can be a resource for me, as well as for my clients!. Let myself depend upon you for assistance. I have to leave for an appointment, I will continue this conversation via e-mail. Thanks!” -Ken Steinbeck

“Claim now, claim more later. Learn more about social sec strategies and knowledge.” -John Worrel

“Learned a great deal overall about SS. ALL important info. ‘Best’ thing may be ‘Restricted Application Requirements’. My practice is Medicare sales and trying to polish my knowledge of LTC which I consider of the utmost importance. Strict regulations on speaking with clients when selling Medicare. Depending on client and dialogue that develops, I will speak more about SS benefits. Certainly not an expert but will recommend they speak with their financial advisors. Excellent and clear presentation on SS. Many thanks to Ruth and Tim!!.” -Carol Fabi