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Are your clients prepared for the next market crash? Are YOU?

Join this session featuring Van Mueller, 28 Year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor, who will show you how to take advantage of the biggest opportunity of the decade! Van’s also famous for his appointment-getting questions, so make sure you have your coffee this morning and have a pen and paper ready so you don’t miss a thing!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Reminding me of some of the questions I need to be asking my clients. Mathematical plans, using today’s tax brackets the best way possible. Identify the clients that I need to be asking these questions.” -Terje Whitmore

“4 pages of notes. great stuff. Using some power questions.” -Eli Hersberger

“The forgotten art of Practice and asking questions. Practice and ask questions.” -Howard Hunt

“Keep asking questions. Keep asking questions.” -Randy Howe

“That as an insurance agent I am in a great position to help people hang on to their money and pass money to their family and give less to the IRA. Life insurance is a great tool. Ask better questions like the ones presented today.” -Cheryl Harrison

“Ask good questions. Ask good questions. Great webinars! Thank you.” -Ronald Woernle

“Focus on tax Brackets and income effecting medicare premiums. I’ll go to websites mentioned.” -Michael Hood

“Ask right questions. Practice and learn more. Would love to hear from you regarding your programs. also how do I sign for van muellers newsletters?” -Anis Ahmed

“Always ask questions! Sign up for VM’s newsletter and read all of them and study them and practice, practice, practice asking questions! Keep it up! You’re doing great work educating, inspiring and motivating us to be the best we can be and help the maximum number of prospects and clients.” -Will Merriken

“To focus on Social Security more. Introduce the topic of SSI.” -Randy Bogden

“The power of the right questions. Practice more. You’re great! Fantastic content and delivery.” -Mark Coker

“Importance of asking questions to help people discover the problems they need help with. Practice my profession.” -Richard Hamner

“Don’t tell anyone anything. Practice, practice, practice. Van is the man. He always delivers!” -Joel Wymer

“US Debt website. Never give up.” -Purvi Bhavsar

“Practice. Practice.” -Timothy Smith

“Thanks for bringing this webinar to us.” -Pete Finney

“Questions lead to appointments. Learn, Practice and ask more questions.” -Danny Nungesser

“Fired up. Learn more, learn more often.” -Randy Mader

“Different strategies to help with LTC sales. Change some of the ways I approach the process.” -Kristin O’Connell

“Need to be tax proficient IRS .GOV. Practice. Great stuff!”

“THANKS.” -David Watts

“The power of questions. Talk less listen more.” -Ray Lighthart

“Good questions to ask and tax implications and strategies of qualified money.” -David King

“More than one good sales idea. Do a better job of asking questions. Thanks for the webinars. I always try to tune in when I can. You have to constantly refresh your thinking!” -Bill Vawter, Jr

“Ask powerful questions to prospects and clients and listen to their answers. Ask questions that provoke answers from prospects & clients to have a conversation regarding their situations now and for the future. Great content in today’s webinar!” -Robert Lien

“Learn more about social security. Learn to ask more questions. Great job!!!” -Jim Milliken

“Knowledge is king! Be better informed and ask more of the right questions. Thank you for providing this great information each month!” -Robert Javens

“Questions to ask. Ask more questions.” -Woody Syverson

“Success is all about the questions asked and having responses that invoke thought! Develop thought provoking questions and practice presentation. I appreciate this Van Mueller session being made available to us.” -Howie Weckel

“Asking questions is key but PRACTICE is critical. Be more effective with the questions!. Real Wealth campaigns are great.” -Tom Jacobson

“Asking great questions. Ask questions constantly.” -Joshua Tangeman

“Continued learned increases earning. Apply the questions.” -Thresa Cochran

“Current economic data that is even more impressive than when I first heard it back in 2015. Practice, and prepare myself to bring this information into my presentations.” -Dave Proffitt

“Remember to ask lots of penetrating questions!”

“How to make Social Security inheritable … so to speak … funding LI with your monthly payments over the next 7-10 years! As Van Mueller always says: Don’t tell them things and reasons to buy life insurance but … instead ask them questions about taxes and downturns that will drive them to ask their own questions for the information. Always love listening to Van Mueller! Have heard him speak now more than several times and yet … each time it is still brand new! His presentation and way about him, makes him the best. Although he imparts a ton of information he does it in a relaxed, casual, deliberate style and manner, for you to absorb what he is sharing! Excellent presentation!”

“Questions, questions, questions. Talk to more people.” -David Ion

“Websites for additional information. When I acquire new information, create a new impactful question. Was able to walk away with 4-5 great ideas I can implement immediately.”

“Moving IRA to CV Life or roth. Ask not tell. Great Webinar.” -Mark Passow

“Liked his method of asking questions. Ask better questions.” -Charles Lewis

“There is a lot to learn! Learn, and practice!” -Alan Woolever

“Questions. Implement some of these questions as quickly as possible.” -JulieAnn Hepburn

“The 512 characters is not enough to explain. Just phenomenal information the entire time. Learn the questions and practice my profession more than my hobbies.” -Michael Stahl

“Ask questions. Ask more questions. Awesome!!!” -Richard Orred

“How to ask a few really good questions in social settings to generate interest in meeting with me. Tell less and ask more questions! Van had an impact on my career 22 years ago and is still making an impact today!.” -Kevin Burckhard

“Social Security for Prospecting. The benefits of IUL in a retirement plan was good.” -John Holloway

“QUESTIONS !! QUESTIONS !! This training is Priceless and Value-ladened!!”

“Learn the right questions and practice them. Learn and practice the right questions.”

“Never give up. Do the numbers.” -Arturo Benin

“Ask better questions.” -Ken Reeves

“Language and great questions. Ask not tell. Great job!” -Keith Baker

“Do not tell the client .. ask them questions. Create a list of 20 questions and practice them until it becomes second nature.” -Richard Brock

“Use questions, not statements, to help my clients understand their own situation and motivate them to take action. Practice and ask more questions. Van is very good.” -Matthew Adamczyk

“Van’s questions are great. Talk more about social security and “is it inheritable”.” -Ryan Oestreich

“Question, Question Question! Don’t tell, question. Ask more questions.” -Kim Colby

“The questions to ask. Tax bracket planning.” -Joseph Bilello

“Its was a reminder to ask questions. Try to focus on what these items will do, not what they are. None.” -Terry Neuwirth

“Ask practical and curiosity generating questions. Be alert to the fact that the prospect may not have our solutions or problems on their radar. They may be distracted with “more important” current issues to life.” -David Dahl

“The life insurance business is alive and well.” -Michael Kirsh

“We have no excuse for not getting appointments! Ask prospects who have other sources of income and do not need Social Security income to take it early and a fund 10 pay Whole life! Chorionic rider will help with LTC in future! I wish Van had MORE slides available to see.” -William Wisniewski

“Practice my profession. Rehearse.” -Marshall Burstein

“Address my clients using the power phrase Grandma and Grandpa versus Senior etc AWESOME FOR THE CLARIFICATION!. Embracing “senior” market more confidently.” -Steve Thomas

“Questions. Offer an opportunity. Creative social security strategy. Getting the Newsletter and CDs. PRACTICE. Thank you!”

“Best Time in History to do what we do BEST! Practice my Practice. My P&C book needs my Life and Roth services. Great Job as Usual, Thanks for letting us Captive MultiLine NAIFA members have access!” -Christopher Kelly

“Sources & Questions. Ask more Questions. Van Mueller & McKnight were awesome.” -Gordon Conwell

“Opportunity!” -Marty Dooley

“How we can help clients manage risk in the market and a downturn. Ask More questions and practice asking. I am a new Registered Rep and this info was great!!!.” -John Ledesma

“Ideas on helping clients maximize their SS benefits. Also on repositioning assets for better tax advantage. Study and learn how to ask appropriate questions to get clients to think about situations that could affect them. Then provide solutions.” -Linda Johnson

“Learn 10-15 questions. Memorize them. Use to start conversations that lead to appointments. Practice, practice, practice.”

“All the questions and the rationale for using them. Study and practice using the source materials Van and Jim referred to.” -Sarah Kerr

“Questions, Questions, Questions. Questions, Questions, Questions.” -Greg Huffman

“There is life after Obamacare.” -Eugene Retka

“Learn the tax code!! Print out the 1040 instructions.” -Brandon Green

“Reminders to ask questions and focus on what life insurance does, not what it is. Ask more questions. Thank you for sponsoring these sessions.” -Mark Wurfel

“Ask Questions, Practice the questions. Practice my profession more than my hobbies. Van is going to speaking at a company meeting in July. I am looking forward to it.” -Tom Adamson

“Great questions! Add tax law info to conversations more often. You guys are great…when I add more managed clients in my business I will be utilizing your drip campaign…thank you!”

“Just the overall sharpening of Van’s questions he uses. Love em! More PO Prospecting.” -James Kramer

“Great questions to ask clients. Ask more questions -less product.”

“Questions are key to getting prospects to take action. Try to think of questions that will get my prospects to think.” -Jim King

“Get better at asking the right questions.” -Nick Davidson

“Questions, questions. Questions.” -R Allan Jensen

“The questions to ask. Lead with questions.” -Douglas McCroskey

“Social security use. Na. Love Van!” -Joan Hecker

“Van is Greatness! Just all the questions he has and his delivery. Review it a number of times and sign up with on newsletter and get his new CD. And I am going to make a one sheet of questions and scenarios and memorize and practice them. Keep doing what you are doing. It is great stuff.” -David Goodrich

“Sell Life insurance. Study. Thank you.” -Joseph Guess

“Don’t tell the client something. Ask them questions? Ask more questions and don’t tell the client things.” -Brad Novak

“The power questions. Use those power questions. Great session. Van Mueller is indeed a trail blazer of our industry.” -Lel Arandela

“In order to engage prospects in a discussion, we have to to ask them a question. I am going to casually ask people what is the best age to begin taking their social security payments?” -Patrick Brough

“Super questions to ask to stimulate client thinking about their problems (taxes, etc.), resulting in more appts.” -Victor Johnson

“The language one can use to ask questions. Practice.” -Stanley Huner

“Keep up the good mission, valuable topics, and timely thinking for our clients.” -James Linenger

“Reinforce the idea of asking questions opens doors. Brush up on my questions.” -Danny Goolsby

“Ask questions! Practice great questions. Ask more & better questions.” -Jeff Davis

“The incredible power of life insurance. Review my book of business for life insurance opportunities.” -Robert Burgett

“Ask questions. Ask questions.” -Gail Van Nest

“I need to practice… Schedule time to practice. Love this format, thank you.” -Dan Cairns

“Practice asking thought-provoking questions to drive prospect interest. Learn some great questions and practice using them!”

“How to ask the right question to a client. Do more drip marketing. It was a great seminar.” -Robeert Gandelman

“Must ask more and sincere questions, practice, practice, practice. Practice.” -Art Sanger

“I have to ask better questions. See above. Appreciate all you do. Van never disappoints.” -Kent Binning

“Folks should no longer be reluctant to take money out of IRAs, even though they will pay taxes. Talk up the benefits of cash value life insurance paid with tax-deferred funds.”

“Asking the right questions. Start trying to tell prospect what I can do for them, rather than what the product can do.” -Frederick Callahan

“Practice. Ask questions instead of telling people. Great presentation.” -Steve Pratt

“The power of practice and repitition. Speak firmly w conviction. Great job!.” -Frank Lojewski

“All the material was good. Start asking more questions.” -Katie Schmidt

“Holy cow. I have too many pages of notes to pick one. I’m literally making sales calls now to play with my language.” -Angela Stiller

“SS info. More emphasis on life insurance. Thanx.” -Robert McDowell

“The importance of good questions.”

“How to recommend the purchase of life insurance w/ withdrawals from retirement accounts.” -Robert Billingsley

“Fresh Ideas. Asking more questions, and talking less otherwise.” -Norma Jean Rector

“Conviction of ideas. More appoitments.” -Robert Zic

“Questions to ask. Great sales ideas.. Ask more questions.” -Cheri Stanwix

“Remember to ask question, not tell. its less confrontational and allows people to process their own conclusions; but its much harder to do. Practice and invest time and energy in my profession to have more to do hobbies.” -David Harjoe

“Practice. Practice conversation. Great webinar.” -Michael Campbell

“Ask different questions.” -Brad Brodersen

“The stealth tax ( printing money). Ask more questions. Thanks for the great content.” -Todd Schweitzer

“PRACTICE. Add new questions to engage prospects. Great training. Inspiring!” -Brian Bordic

“Questions to ask. Ask more questions.” -Allan Harpold

“Everybody needs our help, and asking targeted questions is the best way to demonstrate that fact!. Pray about refocusing a portion of my time to working with individuals vs businesses.” -Charles Tiedje

“More effective way to use life insurance. Start asking more questions. Great program, keep them coming.” -David Lesnick

“Pracice. Ask more and better questions. Thanks.” -Mike Murphy

“I have to be more proactive in developing my skill-set. Just turned 82 and still love this business. Keep up the good work.”

“Taxation. Ask more questions. Great Webinar!” -Benjamin Smith

“I’ve been in the insurance business for 40 years but like Van I am always learning new things. Today was a great back to basics for me. Thank you! Read the new 1040 instructions. Keep up the great work!” -Mike Ford

“That I must take the time to memorize some basic questions & facts, then ask them as often as I can. Thank you!.” -John O’Connor

“Questions. Principal of IMO. Implore agents to get involved.” -Stephen Burk

“Ask Questions don’t give info. Practice asking questions, get better prepared.” -Thomas Eng

“Lots of valuable information. Use some of Mueller’s information. There was so much valuable information.” -Janet Meyer

“Great questions to ask prospects to get their attention. Great sales tips. I am primarily a health insurance agent. I have new questions to lead to life and ltc sales to my existing clients and new prospects.” -Pamela Fugitt

“How much more quickly the debt is increasing and how much faster SS is running out.”

“I never tire of listening to Van. I already ask my clients questions because of Van’s teachings. I like these webinars. You are doing a great job!” -Angie Envick

“It was all good. Asking better questions. Great webinar.” -David Bailey

“We are in the greatest financial times to do business. I can practice to make more money! Amazing speakers and resources.”

“Continue to ask questions… Spend more time on what our offerings do rather than what they are. Great Job!” -Brian Wilson

“It’s all in the questions you ask, not the facts you tell. Study more, practice more, ask better questions. Great webinar!” -Steve Leslie

“Ask more questions. Ask more questions.” -Courtney Cuykendall

“Starting a conversation with questions.” -Susan McWright

“Asking the right questions. Change my presentation approach with the prospects.” -Luis Roman

“Get back to questions. Ask them.” -Anthony Melsi

“How and what to ask prospects and clients to get to the important issues they face.” -Tim Ryan

“Memorize the tax brackets.” -Steve Kastrul

“Ask questions. Ask questions.” -Steven Carlson

“How much more I need to practice my profession and how much my clients, prospects and especially my family will benefit from that practice. Invest more of my time and money in practice/training.”

“Taking Social Security at Full Retirement Age instead of age 70 and using the annual payments for a life insurance policy. Brilliant!” -Doug Wright

“Ask questions to get directions. Ask more questions. Love van Mueller.” -Dave Holdinghausen

“Understanding the power of the knowledge of tax brackets and social security in planning. Still digesting it. Thank you for the great information.” -Richard Shaheen

“Asking questions instead of just stating features and benefits of products. Learn and practice how to use these important questions with prospects and clients.” -Jennifer Giampapa

“Know their cash flow and what they want to accomplish.” -Susan M DeBruin

“Well crafted questions. Ask probing questions.” -Laurie Prevette

“That I must learn those 20 questions to ask prospects to get all the appointments I could ever want! Learn all I can about how Van Mueller does his Business and do the same thing that he does and I will get similar results. I also want to learn more about Social Security and how to help more people understand when to take it so it is to their best advantage.” -Carl Sorensen

“Sell the Opportunity not the product. Always ask more questions.” -Victor Silva

“When to take Social Security. Put premium into life. See more people.” -Betty Estes

“The concept of repurposing SSI benefit and RMD when that cash is not immediately needed for living expenses. Ask more questions to make people uncomfortable.” -Raymond Smith

“Making Social Security Inheritable. Ask Van’s questions.” -Paul Prendergast

“Ask questions!” -David Varisco

“More new questions to ask. Ask for questions and less focus on products.” -Mike Grandgeorge

“Reiteration of the basics. More article clippings and ask more questions about them with clients.” -David Kinder

“I love his questions!! Well its only been a minute and i asked the guy who is trimming my tree if he would rather be wealthy or have a guarantee that he would never run out of money and he answered…never run out of money and he wants to talk….true story.” -Howa Silvermintz

“Questions!” -Louis Robert

“Not much changes over time. Ask better questions.” -Michael Drymiller

“Milliman Medical Index. Ask more questions.” -Kevin Christoffers

“The need to understand our tax code better in order to use explain real situations with people. Focus more on boomers and the tax situation ahead of them.” -John Lawler

“Learn and ask questions. Learn and ask more questions. Worthwhile webinar.” -Steve Sewell

“To ask the powerful question. Pratice to ask the question and get appointment. Regarding a define Benefit Plan.” -Shams Merchant

“SS Information. ASK.” -Mary Killam

“Need to ask questions instead of telling clients about certain topics.” -Gus Liu

“Amazing questions!!!!! Incorporate more disturbing questions…” -John Weeks

“Ask questions. Ask questions. This is good stuff.” -James Woodall

“Didn’t learn but was reinforced how important questions are.” -Thomas Chrisman

“Effective questions to ask to spark interest in life insurance. Ask more questions. Fabulous presentation! Thanks for jump starting my business!” -Wendy Dickinson

“I am making too many statements. Work on asking more questions.” -Jordan Delp

“Now is the best time to be in this industry. Develop key questions list, practice them, and begin using them in everyday conversations.” -Brad Mainster

“Medicare go broke date. Gain greater understanding of planning tax avoidance into my client’s retirement plans.” -Bekki Harper

“Practicing is essential to gain the questioning skills. Write out the questions and practice them diligently.” -Elie Aharon

“Ask power questions. Practice.” -Bill Bram

“Current economic situation and world class questions. Less telling and selling, and ask more questions.” -Pat Conlee

“Practice and ask questions. Excellent Seminar.” -Lanh T Phan

“Urgency to help all people. It gives me a reminder of the purpose of being in this business. Learn the questions, completely understand the concept that supports them.” -Marc Gaudette

“Ask questions……….. Ask questions and practice, practice, practice….” -John Russo

“Banks have 170 billion in cash value life ins. Talk about future cost of health care.” -Michael Mire

“Help people never be poor. Ask questions to spark interesting conversatoins.” -John Zimmer

“Ask questions. Ask questions and practice. Good site to learn about social security.” -Nasir Paroo

“Van Mueller is always on target!” -Jorge Sanchez

“Ask questions. Ask not tell. Great job!” -Joe Swiderski

“Asking questions more effectively. Ask more/better questions.” -Shane Splonskowski

“Learn to ask questions and practice them. Ask more questions.” -Larry Havranek

“Talking SS @ 65 & purchasing PLI.” -Neil Ballotte

“Ask more questions. Maybe use SS concerns to get in the door to help prospects.” -Brian Ahmad

“Don’t sell life insurance for what is but sell what it does. Ask more open ended questions.” -Paul Pinnon

“Validates and encourages what I do. Continue to discover, practice, and use great questions. Keep up the great training.”

“Power in asking the right questions and the need to practice. Practice and incorporate more compelling questions. Invest more into my business thru education such as these.” -Sabrina Mason

“Questions to ask about taxes and social security. Implement some of the questions and ideas.” -Nick Beiter

“The importancenter of tax free investmentshipping using , life insurance and Roths IRA. Take more about safety.” -Francisco Mosier

“Practice and learn to ask the right questions!. Implement Van’s techniques. First time listener to Van Mueller…definitely will not be the last! Thank you for hosting!!” -Greg Kuzmits

“Tax Brackets. Talk about tax brackets.” -James Herrington

“Questions & his approach. Use some of the questions.” -Jim Gano

“New tax codes & advantages. Ask more questions. Great call, thanks!.” -Bryan Oswald

“Asking questions to gain sales. Ask more questions and PRACTICE!!. Van is always great”

“Questions, questions, questions. Stop telling, start asking.” -Robert Edgin

“Some great questions to ask…who do you love at the IRS!?” -Jesse Davison

“Practice and ask good questions.” -Paul Sabol

“What questions to ask. Be more proactive with questions.” -Diana Atha

“Van’s questions that lead to discussion are so valuable!”

“Ask questions. Think about the right questions to ask. Listen. Be prepared. Ask questions talk less listen more. The entire program was absolutely over the top fabulous. It reminded me of the Sandler book “you can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar.” -John Seaman

“Keep asking questions! Learn more questions to ask. Thanks for the great presenters.” -Dave Williamson

“Ask the right questions.” -Robin Mitchell

“Better questions. Learn better questions to ask. Is there something I need to sign up for?” -Edward Sanders

“Social security questions and longevity. Practice my profession. Thank you!” -Kathleen Drybread

“Reminder of how important tax planning is to financial success. Talk to more people.”

“The questions to ask people. Try to practice and use some of the questions that were shared today.” -Ronald Anzalone

“Spend more time learning about incorporating tax planning into practise.” -Lynn Lavender

“How to use SS to buy life insurance policies. Ask Questions.” -John Waugh

“Medicare ss benefits for life coverage. Call seniors. Great overall tax planning I needed.” -Mervyn Fried

“How to ask questions to get the prospects attention. Ask More questions. NO.” -John Blazevich

“Situations and the questions to ask. Better Questions. Great session.” -Dan Jankelunas

“Many more than one; use of Van’s questions. Sign up for Van’s materials and use them!. Great work and thank you!!” -Steven Holtz

“Many best things! Ask questions, Grandma and Grandpa, take complete control of your money and keep the money in your family. The tax free products only we have available. Work on my marketing and practice presentation. Love these sessions to reinforce and stay connected.” -Sandy Wheaton

“Use questions to get appointments. Ask, teach, listen and let client decide.” -Danny Fisher

“Understanding Tax Brackets. Ask more questions.” -Larry Kaufman

“Questions! Ask more questions!” -John Worrel

“Just reminded me of all the good questions that I should be asking. Talk more about the right age for starting social security.” -Maria Zakutny

“The questions to ask prospects!!! Learn more about the tax laws and practice my questions! Thank you for such a great webinar! I am going to take this information and use it.” -Leah Davis


“The information about David Walker. Talk more about Medicare insolvency. Great session!” -Randy Persad

“The SS death benefit. Really good.” -Chris Liebum

“Questions, questions, questions.” -Scott Kishbaugh

“Going back to the importance of cash value life ins. Ask more questions.” -Wayne Johnson

“Ask questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” -Robert Stoltman

“Always ask questions. Ask the better questions. Great presentation.” -Anthony Lofaso

“Get in front of your prospects!. Talk to my prospects about new tax laws. Not at this time.” -Tom Shipp

“The questions. Ask more questions.” -Paul Hare

“Superior language. Ask more questions.” -Kyle Vander Loop

“You need to ask questions. Ask more questions. Not at this moment.” -ROBERTO CORRAL

“Social security strategies. Changing taxable money into tax free money. Ask Van’s questions and use his strategies. Love the sessions!!” -Priscilla Russell

“Ask questions. the right questions. Practice presentations.” -Ken Walker

“Great questions.” -Steve Kellar

“Questions, questions, questions………….ad nauseum :). Ask questions, especially the SS question.” -Elmer Brinkman

“Importance of ASKING prospects what they think their financial future is going to look like. Instead of TELLING them about likely scenarios. Let them TELL YOU so it’s coming from their point of view, not yours, ASK more and BETTER conversation”

“Thank you as always, taking the time to participate in these sessions is truly invigorating, especially with Van as the presenter. Great stuff, keep it up and thank you from a premier member.” -Mark Kokosko

“Asking Questions correctly can make a big difference.” -Keith Deras

“Too many to list” -to use Van’s words…spectacular!”

“Several great questions for prospects and making them aware of financial challenges. Ask more questions.” -Robert James

“Ask more questions.” -Lisa Ascencios

“Reminder to just ASK . Show the number.” -Howard Gruber