Charitable Planning Opportunities for the Middle Class – BONUS SESSION

What you'll learn:

We’re bringing this back after the major tax law changes to give you an update on these HUGE opportunities for your business! Doing one or two of these plans a year.. will make your year. And helping your clients in this way will make them your #1 biggest fan!

This 2.5 hour session includes:

  • How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax 
  • Large Life Insurance Sales Opportunities 
  • How to Create Assets for You to Manage 
  • Tax-Free Roth Conversion Strategies 
  • How to Create Tax Deductions for Your Clients 
  • How to Help Your Clients Make an Impact with their Favorite Charity 

By the way – you DID read that right. This webinar is scheduled for a solid 2.5 hours! The sales and marketing ideas themselves will take 2 hours, and the extra half hour is to answer all your questions.

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Taxes are on sale for the next 8 years. Best parts were the Channel 403(b) flow and account values from pre tax to after tax strategy including Roth IRAs and Life Insurance using 72t and systematic distributions.” -John Boyer

“That if you don’t know the code you can cause more problems than you solve. Keep updated on tax code changes and make sure I know how the changes impact the clients.” -Tom Adamson

“Roth conversion with charity. Use some of the information to attract clients and showcase knowledge.” -Dylan Coleman

“The Best I’ve Heard!!! Charitable Giving. Thanks Ruth, Neil & Jim. I especially liked the Bonus Package especially since I live and work in MARYLAND. I didn’t want MD to be 1st in that Category! I brag about these sessions to everyone and still do NOT understand why every financial professional is not on these Webinars.” -Michael Garrity

“Taxes are on sale for the next 8 years. Revisit trusts to not only apply to estate taxes. This was great.” -Debi Walters

“All about taxes. To talk to the client with a good planning. Very good presenters.” -PERLA THOMAS

“I’ve got to keep learning more.” -Steve Kastrul

“The concept of Roth Conversions and Charitable Trusts. Utilize the presenters as my back room.” -Marc Gaudette

“There is significant opportunity to utilize charitable planning to receive tax benefits and open opportunities to transfer wealth more efficiently. I need to determine the best way to become even more familiar with this topic. Never having employed charitable techniques the material overpowered my brain cells.” -JR Reseigh

“Talk to my clients about their charitable intentions so I can be available to assist them to be as tax efficient as possible with their future gifts.” -Michael Baer

“Tax rates. More tax planning.” -Robert Zic

“Know everything you can about taxes, tax rates, giving, planning. Show more carts to pique interest.” -John Seaman

“That trusts can benefit the donor in more ways than one. Build a closer relationship with several CPA’s. Just keep up the good work.” -David Norgord

“It clarified questions about QDCs. Start asking clients more questions to start these types of discussions. Thank you.” -Ed Thiessen

“Trusts used for foundations.” -Steven Heath

“Review of things known but forgotten.” -Jeff Snyder

“Volatility of tax legislation.” -Dave Barr

“A reminder of the interplay of exisiting tax rules with the new tax regime. Probably nothing but who knows if something will come along that I can help with I might not have perceived before.” -Linden Gould

“How trusts can play a major part in my practice. Tax strategies.” -Mervyn Fried

“More in depth understanding of latest charitable deduction strategies. Need to study these concepts more deeply.” -Brad Mainster

“That I need to go back and review all of these options! There was a tremendous amount of valuable information in today’s presentation. Thank you for offering to share this so that we can listen to it again. Hopefully with repetition, it will start to sink in. Your programs are always a good refresher on how best we can help our clients! Thanks for making a difference!” -Mary Gruenberg

“Using tax issues to create conversation and interest into further discussion.” -Yoshiko Therrien

“Tax planning thru charitable trusts. Be more aware of tax planning opportunities.” -Gail Van Nest

“The impact of what Charitable Planning can do to lower tax rates going into retirement or RMD period. Definitely discuss the new tax reform rules and the opportunities it presents now and going forward for the next 8 years. As Jim said, “Taxes are on sale!” -Joe Anthes

“The explanation of the uses of the various trusts and when (or which circumstances) they are useful. For one, I will be more proactive in educating people about IRMAA, and ways to reduce or eliminate the added Medicare Part B premiums.” -DOUGLAS VEALE

“Use of CRT’s.” -Carl Russell

“The difference in CRTs and CLATs. Plus the cost is so much more for CRTs. Review with my clients whether or not their current deductibility of life insurance premiums with the college being the owner of the policy is the best route to go now considering the much higher standard deduction.” -Lewis Penfield

“How your Income can effect your Medicare Premiums. Also, the concept of using your RMDs for Charitable Giving. Tax planning for Charitable Remainder Trusts. Look for opportunity to inform my clients. Very good information.” -Steve Petersen

“Strategies for charitable remainder trusts.” -Sallie Bryant

“More about Trusts and opportunities. Be on the look out for these potential cases. Made my head swim today. Need to know more about trusts.” -Joe Swiderski

“I need to become more familiar with CRTs, CLTs and their offshoots. Help clients confirm that they are getting deductions on their donations.” -Jeff Davis

“Very competent speakers.” -Greg Turean

“The changes in the tax law regarding deductions and how they affect the client.” -Terry Kaltenbach

“That I need to get help on the gifting tax issue. Look for referral opportunities. Great information very detailed.” -David Gribble

“That there is much more for me to learn in several areas. Watch more of your webinars and in due time use the services of Ruth and Neil. Today was outstanding. I would like to know where I can get software for survivor needs and cash needs that uses capital retention and capital preservation like Tom Wolfs capital needs analysis and financial need analysis.” -Ronald House

“Utilizing Charitable Trusts to offset Roth Conversion Taxes. Calling on local charities for discussion of charitable planning strategies learned today. Awesome information!” -Greg Kuzmits

“How to use Trust with better planning. Identify those who can qualify for these strategies.” -Arturo Benin

“Use experts in areas you’re not that familiar with. Openly discuss the tax scenarios to reduce tax liabilities.” -Howie Weckel

“There are many ways to donate to charity and still receive your retirement money. Study up on some of the charitable giving strategies and partner with a knowledgeable tax lawyer and CPA. Wow, lots to study.” -Brian Bordic

“How to save money on taxes. Keep presenters in mind as resource.” -Robert Snyder

“Using RMD’s for charitable contributions. I have a few immediate calls to make.” -Elie Aharon

“The Structure of a Trust which consists of who creates the trust, who manages it, who benefits and the flexibility of the trust. It starts with me. First and foremost I will analyze my own needs in order ascertain. Review my current status in order to determine my financial needs. After this step, then, I may be able to help others.” -Oscar Willis

“I learned in detail on the new tax laws. I also learned more about being able to prepare our clients for the increase in tax rates and how they are low for at least the next 8 yrs. All about CRT’s and CLT’s. I plan to discuss their income and asset situation and be able to let the know there are strategies to help them preserve them. The importance of planning ahead and having the right partners/experts to refer them to. You guys were great. I loved all the strategies you went through. I found all of the data covered very informational. Thank you!”

“Q lac. Approach CPA’s.” -Chuck Redstone

“Awareness and who to seek for help. Work with eyes open for more opportunities.” -Doug McMurry

“The planning help and direction we can provide clients. Ask the deeper and directed questions.” -Jim Shaffer

“It’s very complicated. Talk to clients about doing CLT’s and CRT’s and CLUT’s.” -Sam Hard

“Not to be afraid to open a conversation on charitable intentions. Answers can be found and we’ll all learn together. Great job and way to move it along with all the details!!” -Douglas Bird

“What a CRT and CLT is and how to use them. Talk to my clients about these additional options. This was a Great Webinar. I will review the recorded version of it many times I am sure.” -Onie Parker

“Asking more questions regarding charities.” -Woody Syverson

“Ability to network and collaborate with atty and CPA to to manage trusts. Talk to more clients re charitable trusts. Nice job!” -Mike Mott

“The webinar was very thorough and informative.” -JP Sisler

“Tax savings for the mid income . Learn the concept and language so I can work with the team.” -Sunil Patel

“I learned a lot as I am a mortgage lender and not a financial planner. I am on the board of a non profit and would like to learn more about how we could inform potential donors about Charitable Remainder Trust and Charitable Replacement trusts.” -Dean Simpson

“Going the extra mile for clients will set me apart as an advisor. Go out and meet CPA’s in town especially the one’s that handle my clients taxes.” -Candice Getting

“Just raise the ideas. Include on my agenda.” -Frank Lojewski

“Stay out of the high grass. Keep my mind & eyes more alert for prospects who may respond to the opportunity for charitable direction.” -Albert Kirchner

“Roth conversion ideas as well as income strategies. Bring up charitable donations going forward.” -Gerard Viars