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Develop Your Ideal Team (Webinar Purchase)


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How much would it change your business if your staff could anticipate your needs? A step further, what if they could anticipate your clients’ needs?

Join this session to learn how to better train, communicate, and work with your team so that you can grow your business beyond the ceiling that you have unknowingly created for yourself.

We encourage you to invite your team to join this session as well!

Presenting this session is a dynamic duo brought together on the ‘stage’ for the first time:

Gina Pellegrini supported an advisor for 17 years, and was such a rockstar that she created her own business Pellegrini Team Consulting to help more advisors create efficiencies in their business.

Curtis Cloke, 11 Year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor is infamous in the industry for knowing the math & science behind retirement income planning. He is excited to share with you some of the efficiencies he’s created in his own business that has allowed him to achieve levels of success beyond his goals.