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How to Get 1 More Appointment a Day feat. Author & Ted Speaker Jeremiah Desmarais (Webinar Purchase)


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Jeremiah Desmarais is a 23-time Award-Winning Marketer, who will show you how to get one appointment a day with professional, affluent clients using LinkedIn and cold email.

Jeremiah will reveal the appointment setting strategy that is based on 14,000 appointments booked and 800,000 connections made via LinkedIn. He will cover how to: 

  • Leverage a little known networking hack for unlimited leads
  • Block other advisors out of your home territory
  • Get affluent decision makers to say yes 93% of the time to meet
  • Automate your systems and free up your time
  • Get affluent prospects to connect with you, and want to meet you

These techniques come with results such as:

  • One 401(k) advisor locking in 3 meetings with CFOs after 1 week.
  • An advisor making $300,000 in commissions after implementing his system for just a few weeks.
  • An advisor, with less than 9 months in the business, seeing 1 new affluent prospect a week on complete autopilot.

P.S. Jeremiah comes highly referred by Tom Hegna, so you know this is gonna be good!