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Life Insurance 10X – The Sequel (Webinar Purchase)


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Back by popular demand and beefed up with new sales & marketing ideas ready for you to use!

This session’s focus: Managing Mature Policies.

Would you like to make your business 10 times bigger?
Your procedures to go 10 times faster?
Your service and value proposition to get 10 times better?

Life insurance is a unique financial product, but one that screams for competent ongoing advice. In this presentation, Larry will expand on his book, Life Insurance 10X and specifically spend time on what to do with life insurance that has reached its natural end. There are opportunities, folks! In this presentation, you’ll learn how to recognize and leverage them to grow your business… and at the same time, make your clients your #1 fan!

P.S. PS Our featured Guest Panelist is Michael Dranoff, 12-time MDRT Top of the Table Advisor… so you might learn something!