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Brian Flynn

MSW, APSW Counseling, Coaching and Supportive Services

Brian Flynn, MSW, CAPSW is a Wisconsin Certified Advance Practice Social Worker and the Director of a physical and behavioral health program in Ozaukee County. Brian received his Masters degree in Clinical Social Work at the

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a concentration on Physical and Behavioral Health. Brian also has certificate in both youth work and child and adolescent studies.

Brian also provides counseling, coaching and additional supportive services to individuals and families faced with different types of vocational, behavioral and other health crisis situations in his private practice.

In 1998 Brian developed and directed a program for inner city youth faced with runaway, homelessness and other at-risk issues, focusing on individual strengths and ways to empower both and youth and families. This program greatly assisted in reducing homelessness, incarceration, emergency detention and truancy. Brian also wrote and developed the training for this program and served on roundtable discussions and made writing contributions to these issues in Milwaukee County.

Brian’s work includes pursuits towards the prevention and resolution of contemporary social problems, particularly for at-risk populations with15 years experience in diverse social welfare settings.

He is committed to addressing social and economic injustice by increasing public awareness and understanding.

Brian focuses on personal strength and resilience in resolving conflict and trauma. Mr. Flynn works with individuals who have experienced trauma in their childhood and adult lives and subsequently live with associated posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Brian works in collaboration with other professionals involved with client’s anxiety, panic treatment plan with appropriate consent. He assists people afflicted with mood disorders including depression, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, AODA and other chronic health issues. Aspects of Brian’s practice include engaging individuals in change. His goal for living is to be in the present intentionally and happily.

Brian’s style and approach to helping people is compassionate, positive, pragmatic, and eclectic. He tends to be quite active and direct in personal and relational problem solving. He also believes meeting the client where they are at is essential. Brian often works with clients in their own community and outside the office walls. Mr. Flynn believes honest, clear, direct, and supportive feedback is essential in assisting people in crisis.

Brian employs a range of practical interventions in my practice including, resilience training, mindfulness, brief interventions, motivational interviewing and stages of change. He believes that involving oneself in his or her process of change is a very challenging and courageous experience and is respectful of this process for individuals

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