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Chris Kirkpatrick

Former Top 100 International Poker Player turned Money Strategist

Chris Kirkpatrick is a former Top 100 International Poker Player turned money strategist and entrepreneur. In his work, he passionately shares no-risk, clear-risk, passive income, and executive financial techniques from top 5% earners with a worldwide audience.

He is internationally followed as the “Safe-Bet Money Guy”: Avoid the Stock Market Casino & Gamble-Proof Your Life™ and creates content for multiple genres utilizing industry-agnostic growth strategies.
Most recently, he has been sought out by corner-office executives and high performers to guide them into their ideal careers.

He wrote his last book, Cashflow Hacking, to show how anyone can reach financial freedom predictably in roughly a decade. That’s about 4x faster than Wall Street’s plan for you. And the good news is, you have more control of the outcome.

Kirkpatrick lives in Arizona, where he can be found working from his poolside office with his wife and business partner Hannah, playing with his three young children, or off-roading wherever his Wrangler will take him. They enjoy summering in their home state of Vermont to escape the heat.

Kirkpatrick is an extreme entrepreneur and loves coaching individuals toward their own best life.

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