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Dr. John Terry

Lifestyle Coach

From being bullied at the age of 13 to becoming a 3-Time Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. John Terry has learned what it means to overcome adversity and rise to your full potential. He’s made it his mission to help others discover, develop, and deploy their own “Black Belt Leader Within” to become a world-class Master of who they are, as well as their chosen art profession, or trade. A Two-Time Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Author and in-demand conference speaker, trainer, and coach, Dr. John has been inspiring others to stop making excuses and start leading themselves well and making the good choices that lead to a lifetime of success and influence.

Everyone has the opportunity to succeed, but not everyone is willing to do what is required for that to happen in their lives. The same is true for organizations, big and small. In his eighth book, “Black Belt Secrets of Success”, Dr. John reveals essential steps in the journey of life that lead to success as well as the roadblocks that we often put in our own way that self-sabotage our efforts.

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