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Gregory B. Salsbury, Ph.D.

Author of Retirementology®

Dr. Salsbury has spent more than 25 years in financial services – overseeing external sales, sales support, marketing, investor relations, relationship management, product management, and advanced estate planning.  Additionally, he is a well-known author in the areas of behavioral finance and retirement.

Critics were skeptical in 2006 when Dr. Salsbury warned of a “financial Katrina” in the making for America in his award-winning book – But What If I Live? The American Retirement Crisis® Now his latest book, Retirementology®, deals with investor psychology and retirement planning in the midst of the worst financial meltdown since The Great Depression.  It has been the number one selling book in Amazon’s “personal finance” category and in 2013 was picked by financial advisers as one of the top 20 books “most crucial to their practices.”

Dr. Salsbury is a frequent keynote speaker and widely published author in the areas of employee motivation and marketing communications. He earned his doctorate from the University of Southern California and received Master’s degrees from both the University of Illinois and USC’s Annenberg School for Communications.  Most recently, Dr. Salsbury was executive vice president of Jackson National Life® where he was also a member of the Group Leadership Team – one of the top 75 executives in the 26,000+ employees of the global complex for Prudential plc (Jackson’s parent company). He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife, three children, and two cattle dogs.

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