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Kelly Ferrin

Gerontologist, Author & Speaker

It’s more than just the money that determines a successful retirement.

Kelly’s message provides unique insight and information to ensure an effective action plan. As one of the first Gerontology graduates from USC, she’s also an author, whose dynamic perspective on aging and retirement has been featured on radio and TV talk shows nationwide from Oprah to Good Morning America and the Today Show. Her vision of the effect of adding 30 years to our life expectancy is inspiring us all to rethink longevity and how we plan our lives!

Life Is A Journey – Retirement Redefined

  • The psychological effect of longevity on financial and retirement planning.
  • Financial Gerontology: Navigating the issues of financial planning and living long.
  • Shifting thinking from living and financing a linear life plan to a cyclic life plan.
  • Retirement Planning’s New 3-Prong Approach: LifeSpan, HealthSpan and WealthSpan.

LifeSpan – Living Long Reality

  • The chance of living to 100 has increased 43% in the last 10 years.
  • Nonagenerians tripled in last 30 years and centenarians doubled in last 20 years.
  • A 65 year-old couple today has a 50/50 chance that at least one will live to 90.
  • Baby boomers turn 60 every 7 seconds. This means 10,000 per day turn 65 for the next 20 years.

HealthSpan – Longevity Risk Management

  • The role we play in living long and living well: 70% lifestyle, 30% genetics.
  • Retiree health care costs up 500% in last 20 years – Largest, unknown expense.
  • Health care costs are the #1 concern, biggest risk, and missing link in planning.
  • The Health and Wealth connection: Majority unaware how long will live and cost.

WealthSpan – Financial Plan for Health

  • The majority of bankruptcies in the U.S. today are related to medical bills.
  • Fastest growing population segment seeking bankruptcy protection: 65+ up 150% and 75+ by 433%.
  • Most people underestimate cost and need. Failing to plan creates crisis decision making.
  • Being a burden on the family is a top concern – yet 80% of care is provided by family members.

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