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Tammy Rabe

Financial Professional

Tammy works with financial professionals across the country offering compelling education and relevant sales strategies on the retirement income topics that impact virtually every American: Social Security, Medicare and healthcare. Through one-on-one training consultation and group coaching, she motivates and inspires financial professionals to understand the client acquisition, retention and sales growth opportunities around these topics. Tammy has delivered hundreds of presentations for financial professionals, their clients and other audiences. Her authentic passion and magnetic personality give her the ability to educate, entertain and motivate an audience to action.

Her job description on LinkedIn:

Field leader responsible for the development and execution of growth strategies for the newly established Retirement Market Insights program.

Working with financial professionals across multiple lines of distribution, I deliver compelling, well-supported insights and education on health and wealth strategies, like Social Security, Medicare & Long-Term Care. Together, we find ways to start quality conversations, deliver relevant guidance and enhance client relationships through effective sales concepts, marketing and media channels.

Regularly speak at sales symposiums and industry events to generate more awareness and growth opportunities for our partners and their clients. Further develop our strategic relationships and provide value.

Monitor legislative action on issues that impact Americans retiring and appropriately communicate updates and opportunities.

For many Americans, “retiring” in this century seems to be a challenge. And the #1 fear about their retirement is that they won’t have enough money. Driving factors include theunknown and rising cost of healthcare, solvency of Social Security and Medicare, and adequately preparing for the 70% chance they will need long-term care. And since we are all living longer, longevity multiplies these risks. But with proper focus and education, anyone can start building for a successful retirement. Can I help you get there?

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