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  • Everything is on the internet now days. Learn tips to help protect yourself
  • The techniques scammers use and how to avoid them
  • How to help keep kids safe with technology

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Did you know scammers can harm your credit score? Don’t let them ruin your financial future. Stay alert and protect yourself. https://realwealthmedia.com

When it comes to internet scams, children and the elderly are especially at-risk demographics. Learn from IT Security Specialist Brad Otto at @p3ctech about protecting yourself! https://realwealthmedia.com

Keep your personal information private. Not everything needs to be shared. 🔒 #ProtectYourPrivacy https://realwealthmedia.com

Anything you post on the internet will last forever and be in the public eye. Stay mindful of your digital footprint. https://realwealthmedia.com

Invest in your future self. Make wise financial decisions today for a better tomorrow with these technology tips. #PreserveYourFuture https://realwealthmedia.com

Did you know scammers can harm your credit score? There’s a lot of reasons to protect yourself on the internet – this is just another one! https://realwealthmedia.com

In many ways, the internet makes our lives easier, but in other ways, it can be a scary and dangerous place. Children and the elderly are especially at-risk demographics. Hear from IT Security Specialist Brad Otto on how to protect yourself and your loved ones! https://realwealthmedia.com

Have you ever posted a “Facebook challenge” where you answer personal questions about yourself and encourage others to play along? If you answered yes, listen to this episode and forward it to your friends because that’s a good way for hackers to get you! Hear how in this episode. https://realwealthmedia.com

Do you know what snapchat is? VSCO? Finsta? You might not, but your kids do, and they’re probably using them. Teens and kids don’t usually grasp the severity of what they post on the internet or share with people over text or social media. Anything you post on the internet (or text) can live on forever and is in the public eye. Make sure you are building a framework to protect you and your kids! Listen to this episode now and share with those who have children. https://realwealthmedia.com

Do you know what a great investment for your future self is? Protecting your finances, credit score, and family from internet scams and hackers! Learn about the critical steps you can take (or avoid) to stay safe out there in this episode. Click the link to listen! https://realwealthmedia.com

Did you know scammers can cause long-lasting damage to your credit score, making it difficult to recover it? This episode with an IT Security Specialist will help you become more aware of common scams and help you take necessary precautions to safeguard your credit. https://realwealthmedia.com

One of the most crucial responsibilities for parents is ensuring the safety of their children, especially in the digital realm. There are organizations dedicated to educating parents on how to protect kids from online threats. This episode features IT Security Specialist Brad Otto who will tell you steps you can take to help protect your children! https://realwealthmedia.com

As a Financial Professional, I always emphasize the importance of privacy and security in today’s digital world. Keep in mind that not all information needs to be shared. Safeguard your personal data and protect your privacy, then listen to this episode. https://realwealthmedia.com

If you have kids, this episode is for you. Our children are growing up in a different world than we did. Technology is prevalent in everything they do, and it’s all they’ve ever known. It doesn’t seem as dangerous to them since it’s always been a part of their everyday lives, but we know how scary of a place it can be if they aren’t careful. Listen to this episode to learn tips to protect yourself and them on the internet! https://realwealthmedia.com

Technology is something that will never stop growing and integrating into our lives. The best thing you can do for your current and future self is to make sure you’re protected out there! This episode with IT Security Specialist will offer you safety tips and steps you can take! https://realwealthmedia.com

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