Hedging Strategies with Whole Life

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Back by popular demand, we have John Wheeler on this week to talk about hedging and leveraging strategies that he uses with his own clients. John is a 40-year veteran in the insurance industry and current president of NAIFA – Illinois. Many of our clients have not even considered life insurance for themselves, but do they know that it can help protect their retirement and college savings plans against market volatility? John explains life insurance in a way that can open their minds to the power it can have in their financial plans.

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When you think of hedging strategies, do you ever stop to think of whole life insurance? It’s not just a death benefit anymore – it can help protect retirement plans as well as college savings plans. With its predictability, it could be the perfect hedge against the volatility we are experiencing in the market. Join Real Wealth® with 40-year veteran in the industry, John Wheeler, as he shares his successful strategies that he has used with his clients.

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