Identity Theft: A Perspective from a Former FBI Agent

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Real Wealth® welcomes Jeff Lanza, a former FBI agent of more than 20 years, and one of our country’s most utilized FBI spokespersons. Jeff was our guest for our Power Session LIVE webinar back in April, presenting on communication as a factor of success. His latest book, “Pistols to Press“, which explores issues involving leadership, communication and the media, has received critical acclaim from national media figures. Jeff joins us on our podcast this week, focusing on the danger of identity theft, which is the fastest-growing crime in the United States. Make sure your clients are informed about this issue, as it continues to grow in this information age.

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Identity theft is now the fastest-growing crime in the United States. Victims’ lives can be turned upside-down by the time-consuming, hassle-filled experience of repairing their good name. Join Real Wealth® as we focus on identifying how criminals steal identities and demonstrate the simple steps individuals can employ to keep their identities safe.

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