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Out-of-the-Box Life Insurance Opportunities (Webinar Purchase)


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September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Make the most of it!

Part 1: Marv Feldman shares fresh marketing ideas and materials you can use to boost your life insurance sales.

Part 2: Ramona Fasula shares unique tips on how you can help your clients through the life insurance underwriting process, which may help them qualify for better rates.

Part 3: Harlan Accola reintroduces the reverse mortgage! They are not for everyone, but Harlan will share with you when and why the circumstances might be right to use a reverse mortgage and a tool and solution for your clients.

Part 4: NAIFA President Jules Gaudreau gives us an update on the DoL Rule, and what you need to start doing now to make sure you have a successful business transition under the new rules.