Real Wealth® now integrates with Redtail!

Let’s get together and feel all right

Two of the Financial Industry’s leading platforms have come together to form One Love.

You asked, we delivered. Real Wealth® Marketing and Redtail Technology now seamlessly integrate at the click of a button. “We are excited for this integration and are proud to be 100% turnkey for Advisors,” stated Kayla Joosse, Marketing Coordinator and Content Quality Manager at Real Wealth®. Having two cutting edge platforms come together is going to ripple through the industry and significantly enhance Advisors’ experience, helping them achieve new heights.

Real Wealth® offers compliance pre-approved drip marketing material that educates, inspires, and motivates your clients and prospects to take action with you, while Redtail allows you to capture all the information, notes, and data on your clients so you don’t miss a beat. Integrate them together, and you have one powerful force without having to maintain two databases. This integration not only enhances your experience but your clients’ as well – it allows you and your team to spend less time doing duplicate data entry and more time taking care of your clients’ needs.

In a nutshell, this integration will save you time and energy while simultaneously delivering new leads right to your door. Take it from Marc Minor, Founder of Legacy Premier Advisors, who says it best: “The reality is, you don’t have to do $h*t.” Thanks Marc, that’s our goal! (But we hope you understand that you can’t be our HR representative.)

Find Real Wealth® featured on the Redtail Partners website and in the Redtail What’s New{s}letter in the Integration section.


  1. Direct contact import from your Redtail account & fresh updates every 15 minutes
  2. Personal call with Real Wealth® Advisor Success Coach to:
    1. Configure your Redtail/ Real Wealth® integration exactly how you want
    2. Make sure the right contacts will receive the correct campaigns
    3. Coach you on personalized marketing strategies to help you get more appointments and close more sales.
  3. Integration seamlessly brings over relevant, marketable contact data for Real Wealth® campaigns including:
    • First & last name
    • Email address
    • Date of Birth*
    • Wedding Anniversary*
    • Client Since* (shares to the ‘Client Renewal Date’ field in the Real Wealth® System)
    • Servicing Advisor
    • Writing Advisor
    • Category
    • Status
    • Tag Group (shares to the ‘Audience Group’ field in the Real Wealth® System)
    • Custom Fields – coming soon!
    • *These fields can be used in the Real Wealth® System for automatic Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Annual Reminder Campaigns
  4. No more exporting / importing lists of new contacts and creating duplicate contact records!
    • Pull a list of contacts using your data from Redtail, add to a tag group and it will be an Audience Group in your Real Wealth® System account!
  5. Never update your client’s data in both Redtail AND the Real Wealth® System again!
  6. Once the integration is configured, you can automatically drip market to any/all of your new Redtail contacts without having to add them or set anything in the Real Wealth® System!
    • The configuration is ongoing and will add any new contacts that fit your criteria for you – no extra work on your part!

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