The Current State of Real Estate Mortgages

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How to Leverage Real Estate Mortgages with Your Clients

A mortgage is one of your clients’ biggest purchases. Learn how to create value and opportunities by asking their mortgage rate. Help them grow their wealth by structuring their debt in a way that can free up cash flow for other priorities. Develop a relationship with a mortgage professional and work together as a team for your clients for a win-win-win!

Gibran Nichols is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of CMPS Institute, an organization that trains, certifies and coaches mortgage bankers and brokers. Their mission is to help homeowners and homebuyers improve their lives by using the right mortgage strategies. Gibran has personally trained over 7,000 entrepreneurs and sales professionals across the country on how to improve client and strategic partner relationships. He has authored and presented continuing education classes for CPAs, Certified Financial Planners, attorneys, real estate brokers, and mortgage lending professionals. Gibran is regularly quoted as a financial and housing expert in national publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, MarketWatch, Business Week and the Washington Post and has been featured regularly on Fox and ABC News.