Moving Clients from “Charitable Giving 101” to “Charitable Giving 401”

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Joining us this month is Alan Pratt, Leader in Advanced Life Insurance Designs and Chief Ambassador of The International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy (AIP).

Both leaders of charitable organizations and clients don’t know what’s available when it comes to estate planning. Alan Pratt knows how to bridges that gap. Alan presents on how to leverage life insurance with your clients to help them not only to pass down more to their heirs, but to save on taxes WHILE donating to charity! Without your advice, your clients may have a $10 million estate – $7.4 would go to heirs and $2.6 to Uncle Sam. After learning from Alan’s expertise, you can help your clients turn that into a distributable estate of $13 million, with $9.4 going to the heirs, $1.6 million to the government, plus $2 million to charity!

Help your clients move from “Charitable Giving 101” to “Charitable Giving 401” – while placing sizeable amounts of life insurance!

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“I found Alan Pratt’s webinar very insightful; it opened my eyes to the importance of truly understanding the values and the life stories of the clients we deal with in order to serve their best interests. His caring approach to philanthropy “of leading from the heart” is truly important for all of us to remember. His insights about leveraging wealth to empower individuals to give to charities of their choice was both informative and inspirational. Great session.” – Barbara G. Shaiman