Asking the Right Questions and Handling Objections

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What You'll Learn

Help your prospects see why they need you!

Don’t scare prospects away by talking about what you know, instead, find out what they don’t knowTom Hegna will teach you how to get to the heart of the matter by asking good questions, and their answers will expose what is important to them.  Only then will you be poised to present your value proposition by explaining how you can help protect what they treasure most, be it their retirement or their legacy, etc.  Tom Hegna returns to Power Session LIVE on Valentine’s Day so share the love and invite your colleagues as well!

What you'll learn
  • The questions to ask your clients that will help them understand why your services are so valuable to them
  • Common objections and how to address them with confidence

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Loved the part about handling objections!!! “Ignore” the first objection.” -Christine Smith

“There is a simple formula to retire well. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. Good reinforcement. Thanks for your programming. Tom is as good as it gets.” -Randy Ems

“Ask Questions don’t tell. Ask more questions.” -John Curlee

“Too many great ideas & suggestions. Buy Tom’s books. See more People! Use the Closing suggestions &, if needed, “SWSWSWN!” As usual, excellent presentation. Thanks!” -Michael Garrity

“Why lifetime annuities are critical to a retirement plan. I have been a Tom Hegna fan for a long time. I really like to hear Tom as much as possible.” -Lee Bowman

“Always continue to learn! ASK QUESTIONS.” -John Worrel

“I loved the resources mentioned during the presentation. Be more assertive and male sure to know the products well. Awesome presentation as usual Tom is a great speaker. Too bad he is retiring.” -Jose Cerda

“Objection handling.” -Julie Weaver

“Great reminders, especially on what annuities can do. Be more confident of my value.” -Rich Slavin

“With Income Annuities you’re not giving up control of your asset, your gaining control over your income. Be more proactive.” -Philip Brewer

“Handling objections and asking the right questions. Using 3rd party articles for reference.” -Zee Glavan

“I always love hearing Tom. Ask even more questions. Keep it up!.” -Jeff Layne

“Having talk paths… why didn’t I put that together. I successfully used Tom’s words on a call right after getting off the webinar. Thanks.” -Robert Varich

“Don’t give your opinion, get theirs. Develop more questions.” -John Zimmer

“How much life insurance coverage everyone needs. Ask better questions and respond to objections with a thank you for asking.” -Kristy Cavanaugh

“Positive take on income annuities. Excellent Speaker.” -Joseph Aragona

“How to handle objections better and helping and not selling to my clients. Ask more questions.” -Coby Harper

“The questions and not to be afraid of more than term life. Educate myself.” -Jessica Streeter

“Key phrases. Love to see all the key phrases in WRITING.” -Mark Rogers

“Open ears, close mouth! I need to be constantly reminded!. Use more 3rd party articles. Tom Hegna ALWAYS inspires! Just like Van Mueller!!” -Cheryl King

“Meeting Objections. Ask better questions.” -Kerry Wickler

“Great presentation that ran the gamut for both new and older advisors, just great! Use Tom’s euphemisms to greatly impact my questioning skills.” -Tony Betancourt

“Reinforced a lot of what I already knew. He’s wonderful. Use some of his sales ideas. Teach team members some ideas.” -Gregg Slater

“Taxes on Annuities vs. Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds. Capital Gains Taxes vs. Ordinary Income. Try and sell more Annuities while the “Getting is Good”… before the Insurance companies curtail the guaranteed mortality credits and rates of today. Thanks for another great session with Tom Hegna! I have now heard him speak at least over a dozen times but, I never tire of him and, always come away with either another new gem or, reinforcement of his other wise tidbits of information! Always worth my time!” -Joe Anthes

“Tom is a fully engaged speaker. He has the capacity to remind us why we are doing this!. Improve my language with the client.” -Mary Hansen

“There are many power phrases that I need to learn to handle objections. Ask more question and listen more.” -Alfred Current

“Showing a $1m illustration rather than what they ask for VS the key ring of coverages. Key ring of coverages…make my own with labels on them and $1M illustration. Enjoy your retirement while you can!” -Susan K Ude

“I always enjoy hearing Tom speak and always get motivation and a few new closes and handling objections every time I hear him. I am going to implement certain things in my presentation to create more of a sense of urgency so I can help more people and help them understand why there is a sense of urgency.” -Heath Blackburn

“Questions. Confirm the client sees a problem.” -Gail Van Nest

“Annuities. Be more proactive and ask more questions. Received a wealth of information that I intend to use. The webinar has energized me.” -Rebecca Cancel

“Nothing motivates people more than taxes. What is a QLAC? Get my year back going by having Goals & seeing people.” -Thomas McFadden

“Use trial closes along the way. Increase activity. Your content is really helpful. I’m a P & C agent who needs to find more ways of incorporating it into my practice.” -Alan Farley

“Great questions to ask. Review the material and practice before my next appointment.” -Eugenia Taylor

“That “what do you think?” is the worst way to close, and to simply state “the next step in the process is…” -David Kinder

“Every Thing Tom is the best. Go back through my notes and make a decission. No thanks this was my first to listen to.” -G. Presley

“The need to get more comfortable in asking the right questions!. Practice, practice! Keep it up!” -David Parker

“Handling Objections. See more people about these ideas.” -Greg Nelson

“Great language and passion! It was amazing!” -John Weeks

“Substituting life insurance for a bond portfolio.” -Joseph Cuchna

“Excellent information and perspective. Reach out to more prospects.” -John Lloyd

“That listening to Tom once in a while is NOT ENOUGH. I need his coaching and his new book. Buy his monthly program.” -Lisa Ascencios

“Retirement planning. Focus more on annuities.” -Sunny Chiou

“Great Questions from Tom. AS USUAL……EXCELLENT PROGRAM.” -Larry Ricke

“The best policy is at the time it inforce, 2% pay out rate, you can’t only own a term policy. I will contact the people who only own a term policy.” -Nancy Dong

“Tom is practical.” -Amy Kates

“Asking the right questions. Know my material! Study more. Thank you. Great info as always.” -Stan Fortier

“All things were the best whenever Hegna talks.” -R Allan Jensen

“Acknowledge their objection. Then ask why? Also, when they begin asking questions, ask them “what do you want the answers to be?” I am brand brand new!!! I am just studying to get my licenses. I already have the book Home Equity and Reverse Mortgages that you sent me for free! Thank you! Very good information for such a newbie!!!.” -Lorenda Altenbern

“Make objections part of the presentation along with trial and close statement. Incorporate what I learn into action. Is today’s webinar available for listening mode again? Thank you so much for this amazing webinar. I just hope I could write fast enough to capture Tom’s amazing stories that I hope to use in my business.” -Francine Naas

“So much.” -Joey Roper

“This is a words, language and stories business. I need to ask more questions! Especially in approaching new propects. Ask three people per day to sit down and talk to me about what’s important to them.” -Patrick Brough

“Asking more questions to client. Start changing today the way I conduct appointments.” -Raymond Sternberg

“I’ve seen and heard Tom present many times over the years. It was more of a refresher than something new. Tom is the best. Get in front of more people. Love you guys. I need to utilize more of your resources.” -Adam Hultman

“Objection. More positive. When I listen it, half of the time is disconnected.” -Rita Ju

“Need to be persistent and annuity. Reach out to more. On the right track.” -Sumi Raj

“Great review of objection handling and the sales process. Training team on objection handling.” -Kurt Sieve

“Bond investments should be in guaranteed income. Ask more questions and get more opinions. Keep doing what you’re doing!.” -Tracy Kennedy

“How much life insurance would you buy today if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? More activity, listen more.” -Christopher Besonen

“Consideration of longevity vs. interest rates for annuities. Address objections in my presentations….not immediately.” -Cheryl Feraud

“Know what they are thinking before you make your presentation. Concentrate on Human Life Value. No.” -Edna Rachal

“Ask questions and then listen. Ask more questions. Excellent sessionenjoyed it very much.” – Anonymous

“Activity clears all problems if you are in a slump. Increase my ability on the use of the correct verbiage.” -David Bailey

“Put objections in your presentation. Make sure client wants to fix the problem!” -Bekki Harper

“Reinforced that this is a relationship business, and those who know and use that will usually excel. More of same” -I already use Tom’s wonderful research. Just getting a new assistant who I will have dialed in to utilize more of your resources for our firm.” -TJ DiBacco

“There’s nothing more powerful than the correctly asked question!. Ask better questions and supplement with storytelling. Keep up the good work of spreading the gospel of good, solid advice for happy out comes!.” -Alex Shibicky

“How to overcome annuity objections. Will sign up for Tom Hegna’s newsletter. Great programming, great speakers!! Thank you.” -Steven Hennessy

“Words & phrases count the most today. Subscribe to Tom’s stuff and read it, practice it. Great speaker, presentation. Thank You!.” -Will Merriken

“Ask more questions. Ask better questions. Ask more questions. Ask better questions.” -Andrew Powers

“Ask questions. Ask more engaging questions.” -Joseph Andrade

“Using non interested parties for stories. Use presentations from those people. Tom Hegna is the best of the best! He has changed my practice more than ANY other presenter I have heard in my 20 year career. Thanks TOM!!” -Ken Beer

“Too many to select one. Everything.” -David James

“Answers to objections. Sell more annuities. Tom Hegna gave us lots of resources today!.” -Jeff Snyder

“Learn more about the products. Train and prepare. Always great speakers.” -Dan Chambers

“Benefits from adding annuities to clients toolbox. Better Questioning.” -Richard Cross

“Great refresher information. Re-apply closing/objection material. Great presenter…Tom Hegna is excellent.”

“Ask questions. Ask questions. Thank you!.” -Robert Stoltman

“Great language!!!!. Go back and review all of my Tom Hegna books and recordings.” -Patrick Robison

“Confirmed the need for annuities for many retirees. Talk more about guaranteed income. Very good Tom Hegna webinar.” -George E. Ridings

“Overcoming objections to losing liquidity and control with lifetime income annuities. Use a question approach instead of explaining approach.” -Daniel Fisher

“Just keep working at it. Focus on eliminating the objection before it comes up. Get them to recognize the problem and be passionate about solving it.” -Jessie DeHaan

“Learned a lot. Best thing for me was the questions. Do more reading and incorporate more of the questions. Greatly appreciate what you’re doing.” -Steven Holtz

“Great questions and overcoming objections tips. Re-read my Hegna books and apply to client meetings.”

“Questions/Activity, like Van M. and others! Better at above! Always good in my lower key business in a slump. Activity coming!!” -Roger Relfe

“The value of guaranteed income. Talk about the need for guaranteed income.” -R Wayne Hatoway

“Tom Hegna is great! Present term only in blocks. Would like a link or copy of this webinar. So many points would like to hear again and again! Thanks for making this happen.” -Willie Jester