Your Biggest Competitor: The IRS

“There are two tax systems – one for informed and one for the uninformed. Both are legal.” – Judge Learned Hand. Don’t pay retail prices on your taxes! Jim Silbernagel has built his million-dollar practice by focusing on tax-efficiency in planning. Join this session to learn some of Jim’s favorite tax-saving strategies using unique tools that will save your clients thousands in taxes (which frees up cash to do some more investing!)

Key Takeaways:

  • How to reduce, delay, or avoid capital gains taxes
  • How Charitable Lead and Charitable Remainder Trusts can be applied for the middle class
  • How to be a hero to your clients who are sick of the 3 T’s of real estate: Tenants, Toilets, and Termites
  • SHARE YOUR OWN STORY: Jim wants to make this session interactive! Once you register, you can submit your tax-saving strategy or case you want to discuss.

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What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I have been on your distribution list for a few years, due to my affiliation with OneAmerica. I had no idea what your group was all about. Very impressive. Thanks. Plug into your group.” -Mike ICS FINANCIAL

“Roth Conversions. Suggest Roth Conversions.” -James Goodacre RHU,REBC,LACP

“IRS staircase for tax brackets. Ask more questions. I believe there were going to be materials or other info shared with listeners regarding today’s content. Would be interested in that info.” -Dennis Dean

“The importance about talking about taxes with every client. Change my meeting plan. I would like to invite a colleague to these.” -Barbara Cottrell

“Think outside the box. Be more creative in assisting clients.” -Steve Milazzo

“Avoiding capital gain tax. Visiting with CPA’s and attorneys, about CRTs. Can you share some of the items that Jim referenced. Thank you.” -Chet Koehler

“Too much to mention! I need to learn more about CRTs and advanced tax planning. Great session.” -ROBERTO CORRAL

“So many opportunities. The presentation was fast and overwhelming. This is important information. For now, forget all the other speakers and let Jim break down into teachable and specific, moments what he presented today in several sessions. He was great but one session doesn’t do his presentation justice.” -Joseph Aragona

“Everything!” -Zee Glavan

“2016 Roth Conversion tax law attack & it did not go away! ( Yet!!!). Try to go forward with more meaning ( always overwhelmed with info after Jim Speaks!).” -Henry McFadden

“How to avoid SS tax in retirement! Discuss the various options available to my clients to consider in retirement and prior, to avoid paying more taxes than necessary! Great show as always!” -Joe Anthes

“Importance of talking taxes with clients. Ask clients questions regarding taxes.” -David Bruno

“Good overviews. Continue to improve.” -John Wheeler

“Know the Tax Rates! Dive deeper into tax rates and learn how to explain in a much easier way! It was fabulous!” -Richard Orred

“Keep up the great work.” -Daniel Guck

“So many!!! Surviving spouse tax brackets. Info on transfer of farmland. Study! CLATs, CRUTs, etc, and call several clients you brought to mind. More on home/real estate equity. More on farms. Very, very afraid of Biden administration’s plans to decimate family farms.” -Jackie Weinaug

“The need to dig deeper into a client’s situation. Use the tool box to show how to resolve the clients situations. Be more aware, ask more questions. Is the tax on a life settlement (full purchase) policy based on those monies over basis.” -William Riley

“It was confirmation that the experts I listen to are valuable in my practice, i.e. Tom Hegna, Don Blanton, Chuck Hollander, etc. Practice what I preach and become a better advisor each and every year.” -Javier D Perez

“Reminder of all the great options we have to help our clients save taxes. Loved the deep dive into Roth conversions and I loved the video – I am going to see if I can use that in my marketing. More oil and gas – roth conversions and finding a great attorney that agrees with the CLT and CRT concepts to partner with.” -Robin Edgar

“Questions.” -Timothy Smith

“Praeger U video. Work on Roth Conversions.” -Robert Stoltman

“What this class taught me is that only the wealthy have ethical and optimized financial planning if the agent gets the training that creates that loyalty and builds trust. Real Wealth training does that. Invest in my self.” -Jose Rodriguez

“Helping our customers discover they have a problem and if the problem is big enough can we help them with a solution. Ask more questions as it relates to how much they paid in taxes and ask them if they now what tax bracket they are in. Help them discover.” -Kristen Young

“Prager u.” -Steven Block

“Stress Roth conversions.” -Judith Shonnard

“Never thought about tax brackets being compressed if tax bracket % were changed taxes could be changed dramatically. I talk about taxes to clients all the time now I have more areas to discuss.” -David Oldenburg

“Roth Conversion Urgency.” -Leon Avila

“Go Deeper. Ask more long range questions.” -Mary Joseph

“What are future exit strategies to prepare for the future as seeds planted for future thinking. I’ll be asking for an associate to join a meeting. Thanks for continuing to offer new info to consider.” -Robert Priganc

“Jim reinforced his top (2) areas; working w/ Attorneys (Estate Planning) & CPA’s (Tax Planning), which I have been doing as well. I love the CLAT & other trust recommendations, which make perfect sense & continues to build your relationship with the client. Review a client’s Tax Bracket & discuss various Tax Deductions, in order to lower their TAXES! Great Show! Thanks Jim, Angela & everyone at RWM. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.” -Michael Garrity

“Many of the strategies were over my head, but it’s good to have a high level view of what’s available, and would be good to have succinct resources to look into these more. Also good to tie in not just the tax benefits of strategies that a CPA or attorney says isn’t worth it, but it may be depending on client goals outside of the tax benefit. Loved the questions Jim posed, asking the client what tax bracket they are in and how much they pay in taxes, plus a few others he mentioned to get them thinking and instead of just going into our normal mode, use questions to make them think first.” -Tonya White

“Captive. Stronger client conversations.” -Vicki Tuua


“Too many to enumerate but the simple reminder to transfer an annuity, that has grown, to a SPIA to then get virtually tax-free income (due to the exclusion ratio) is so pertinent.” -Randall D. Reichenbach

“The tax savings ideas.” -Gerard Goulet