Bring Tom Hegna’s “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!” message to YOUR clients

Full-service event package featuring Tom Hegna

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What’s the ROI on hosting this event?

Take it from our friend, Todd Gaswick, who did the January 2022 event: 

  • 2 new asset based LTC cases
  • 3 new life insurance plans
  • Existing client going to use RMDs to pay for life insurance for kid – he had suggested this many times in the past!
  • Existing client – 46 year old asking for annuities (who was always a term person!)
  • Existing client – 34 year old booked appt – increased IUL premium and brought mother in for planning.

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What’s included?

  • Includes 50 ATTENDEES (not just registrants)
  • Email & social media promotion campaign
  • Personalization, compliance service, and automation of campaign
  • Registration management
  • Event hosting with Tom Hegna
  • Personalized, automated follow up
  • Additional options:
    • Additional tickets – pay only for who attends
    • Ongoing drip campaign to new leads
    • Market event to brand new prospects with direct mail, digital ads, and emails using IP targeting

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What’s the process? How much time & money am I committing to?

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    • Your commitment: $2500*
  2. We prep all marketing materials for you
    • Your commitment: N/a
  3. Onboarding call (we verify materials and review game plan with you)
    • Your commitment: 15-30 minutes
  4. If applicable – we submit to your compliance & make any necessary changes
    • Your commitment: N/a
  5. We automate & schedule all materials
    • Your commitment: N/a
  6. We manage RSVP’s, registration, and even host the actual event
    • Your commitment: N/a
  7. We automate follow up
    • Your commitment: N/a
  8. Review call (we discuss analytics and ongoing marketing plan)
    • Your commitment: 15-30 minutes

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What will Tom be presenting?

Tom Hegna will share his tried-and-true presentation: “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security.” Tom will focus on 3 Main Topics – Life Insurance, Long Term Care, and Annuities. We all know retirement comes with an overwhelming amount of information for clients, and with too much information at once can come indecisiveness. Let Tom Hegna clarify and simplify retirement so your clients can be more confident in your planning meetings.

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Tom Hegna's Experience

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What are the details for the next event?

  • Next live event: Wednesday, June 15 @ 6pm CT
  • Agenda: 45min presentation & 15min Q&A session with Tom Hegna
  • Deadline to sign up to participate for maximum results: 5/24/22
  • Upcoming events: contact us for details

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Tom Hegna is a Certified Financial Professional nationally renowned for his PBS special and articles on how to retire happy. He trains advisors around the globe on how to help their clients live happily ever after.


*Price for this event starts at $2,500 and includes up to 50 attendees. Once you reach 50, you will pay for each attendee thereafter. The replay will be made available for 7 days after the live event. Viewers of the replay during that timeframe are considered attendees. Contact us for full pricing details.