Up your marketing game!


           Successful advisors:

             -Invest in marketing

             -Leverage their marketing

             -Build upon their marketing

             …Do you?


“Up Your Marketing Game”

Feat. Dir. of Marketing, Angela Silbernagel

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About this session:

All attendees will get a complimentary copy of ‘The Campaign Checklist’ >>>>

Technology is great… when you know how to use it. There is so much out there and so much to learn – it can be overwhelming. The rule we use at Real Wealth® is only add new technologies if they:

  1. save time,
  2. create value, or
  3. make money.

Adding new technology otherwise can distract you from what you’re working on and what technologies and processes are already currently working. A good rule of thumb for technology is to use as few as possible, but as many as necessary. You can use technology that accomplish all 3 goals above, to up your marketing game immensely! Keep reading below…


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Please note, we have found that people who watch the entire session are better-equipped and more likely to use the Campaign Checklist successfully!


Watch to learn how to:

  •      1. Build a campaign

    This is where you decide what you want done and how you want it done. We suggest starting with the campaign that will either save you the most time or make you the most money, but you have to make a clear decision and stick to one thing at a time.

    Campaigns can:

    • send personalized happy birthday emails to clients
    • automatically welcome new clients
    • keep you in touch with all clients, without you lifting a finger
  •      2. Automate the experience

    Add the right technologies now and save yourself tons of time, make your money work for you! Not only do you not have to send those emails, you also don’t have to remember to send them. Automating the experience will take the hassle out of staying in touch with your clients. They keep the great level of service you have always provided, but now you don’t have to physically do the work.

  •      3. Keep it organized

    Knowing what assets connect to what pieces of a campaign is very important when onboarding new clients or team members. You wouldn’t want to name a campaign “subscription” because what if you start to offer another subscription? What would you call that one? Instead, use something logical like “did” to “next.” The way we name our assets is “what did the person do to get here” and “what is the next step,” so if they subscribed to get on the list and they next have to confirm their email address, the naming of that step would be “subscribed – need to confirm email.” The key to this is keeping it clean and consistent. Find something that makes sense to you and make it the template for each new thing you need to name. This makes it a lot easier to find assets you are looking for.

“Up Your Marketing Game”

Feat. Dir. of Marketing, Angela Silbernagel

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