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Bob Rosenblatt

Editor of

Editor of, a website devoted to explaining the intricacies of Medicare, Social Security, how to find a good assisted living apartment for your Mom, and figuring out how to help your grandkids pay for college.  A Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times for 27 years from 1975-2002 , and creator of the paper’s first beat on aging. Also a columnist for the newspaper’s health section from 1997-2002, writing as “Benefits Bob, ” and providing advice on health insurance issues.  Now a Senior Fellow at the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI), a non-partisan think tank in Washington studying Medicare and Social Insurance. Provided training for reporters covering these issues.

About Help with Aging

My mission is to share my extensive knowledge about the expenses, regulations, and uncertainties of growing older with aging individuals and their adult children. I want to help people understand and navigate the healthcare system, the Medicare and Medicaid system, and Social Security and private pension plans so they can make confident age-related decisions.
My vision is to provide this education through multiple platforms — a website, webinars, articles, public appearances and social media — and to become the foremost expert offering help on the “money and rules” of aging. I want to be the virtual friend who sits at your kitchen table (or on your tablet) and helps you through difficult times and choices with the best advice on complex issues.  I hope you will  feel confident coming back  time after time when you need good, sound advice.

I’ve been a journalist in Washington, D.C. for more than 30 years, with much of my career focused on the topic of aging. At the Los Angeles Times, I started the paper’s first beat on aging and launched a popular advice column on Medicare and health insurance.

Now, through this website, I’ll be providing helpful information about the expenses, regulations, and uncertainties of growing older. Whether you wonder if you need long term care insurance, how to evaluate nursing home care for an aging parent, or if pending legislation will impact your Medicare benefits, I will strive to  provide you with the best answers.

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