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Paul Kingsman

Paul Kingsman is a sought after expert on how to be distraction-proof. He equips people to overcome distractions, focus on what matters most, and succeed sooner.

Paul knows the importance of keeping focused in life’s split seconds first hand: he trained for thirteen years, to swim a two-minute backstroke race at the Olympics, and won a medal by only four one-hundredths of a second. Today, as a speaker, author, and executive coach, he teaches people the best principles and processes to succeed in highly competitive environments.

He’s been a business owner both in his native country of New Zealand, as well as here in the U.S. He and his wife recently moved to the Upstate of South Carolina, from the San Francisco Bay Area, and are loving the change.

Paul also has a Master’s of Theological Studies and was a jail chaplain in California for 16 years, before his recent cross-country move.

Today, his biggest personal distraction is ice cream.

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