College costs on the rise

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  • What people can do to work towards being better prepared for the costs of college
  • The effects inflation and rising college costs have on young teens saving for school
  • New aspects of 529 plans

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Hey Gen Z’ers – listen up! If you’re considering a higher education but aren’t sure what to think, you’re not alone. This episode is for you!

Between wars, a worldwide pandemic, and economic uncertainty, the younger generation has already been exposed to a lot. Now school costs are on the rise… is #college still worth it? Tune in to this episode:

Student loans may be debilitating, especially if you can’t find a job or if job salaries are lower than you thought. What might you do to mitigate the costs of college? Tune in!

Does the college experience still outweigh the rising costs…? What do you think? Tell us your opinions then listen to this episode to see what the younger generation has to say.

There have been some significant changes to 529 plans. What are they, and could they be in your favor?

If you’re thinking of going to college or have a child who’s considering it, this episode is for you! College is a big decision, especially with the costs on the rise. Check out this episode to hear what options those heading to college have and what you might do to help mitigate the costs.

Gen Z have already had a few big life lessons in their generation. Now, as they’re the next generation facing even larger college costs and higher inflation rates, how will their experience be different from those maybe 10 or 15 years ago? This episode explores what this generation thinks about going to college.

Student loans may be debilitating in early career professionals. Do you or your children fully understand the gravity of what they’re signing up for when taking out a loan, and do they understand how long it may affect them for? Share this episode with someone who you think needs it!

Does the college experience still outweigh the rising costs? 73% of teens surveyed by the College Savings Foundation said that the traditional college experience would be beneficial for them in ways such as developing social networks and benefiting their careers.

There have been some significant changes that opened some opportunities regarding 529 plans. If you were on the fence about them before or avoided them because of their limited use cases, tune into this episode to learn about the expansion of 529 plans and how they may benefit you!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to pursue a higher education, you’re not alone. With the rising costs of school and inflation rates, it’s hard to know if it’s worth it anymore. The College Savings Foundation surveyed high school students and got a feel for their thoughts, opinions, and greatest stressors surrounding college. Tune into this episode if you’re in the same boat and share it with a friend!

Between a war, a worldwide pandemic, and an uncertain economy, Generation Z has been through a lot. Now, inflation is on the rise, which means the costs of higher education are continuing in an upward trend. It’s hard to know if college is worth it anymore. Tune into this episode if you or someone you know is considering heading off to school!

We all know how debilitating student loans may be, but when you’re 18 years old, it’s difficult to see the gravity of what you’re signing off on. This debt may follow you around for years to come and affect your financial situation down the line. So, what might you do to soften the blow? This episode is a must listen!

Does the college experience still outweigh the rising costs…? What are your thoughts? There’s many pros and cons. Let’s hear some!

There have been some significant changes that opened some opportunities regarding 529 plans. If you weren’t sure about them before, make sure to give this episode a listen to see how they’ve changed and if they’re a better fit for you now!

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