Affordable Care Act: What Employers Need to Know

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Whether people are buying group insurance through work or getting individual coverage, the Affordable Care Act will affect everyone. As the Affordable Care Act constantly changes, people don’t know what to believe or where to go for information.  Take advantage of this opportunity by educating yourself about how the Affordable Care Act will affect your clients. If anything, learn how it will affect you, as an employer!

This month’s Power Session LIVE explores the future of health care reform and what it means for employers. Terry Frett, CEBS, CLU, CPCU, REBC, RHU, of Frett Barrington, Ltd. joins this month’s webinar to share how health care reform will affect employers, what employers need to be doing now, and what the full impact of this Act will be in 2014.

Terry Frett is a respected advisor and insurance agent with more than thirty two years of experience. He is a client advocate, educator and consultant for employee benefit programs. Terry is past President and member of NAIFA, SE Wisconsin, State Health Chairperson for NAIFA-WI, member of the Wisconsin Office of the Commission of Insurance’s (OCI) Health Advisory Council, and serves on NAIFA’s Government Relations Committee.