How to Help your Clients THRIVE in Retirement by Using a “Divide and Conquer Strategy”

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Retirement challenges facing Baby Boomers today have never been more complex and frightening; extreme market volatility, national and consumer debt crisis, inflation on the horizon, the reality of tax rate increases and low rates of return. These conditions have created the perfect storm of doubt and fear for those already in or just now approaching retirement. The Thrive Income® process help you thrive in retirement, by focusing on five major risks facing retirees today while addressing unique considerations relative to each retirees’ situation and provides answers to your retirement questions. We provide a written plan using a logical process that helps our clients take the steps necessary in creating a clear path toward helping them retire with confidence. Our goal is to provide education in helping you discover how to approach your retirement income needs with solutions that may last a lifetime. Curtis is an entertaining, experienced and nationally-recognized speaker & trainer by the financial services industry, who has devoted his practice and expertise to assisting clients and advisors with creative and thoughtful solutions for retirement income and estate planning.