Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! with Tom Hegna

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Featured Guest: Tom Hegna:

Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security

Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! Seven Steps to Retirement Security is your guide to straight-forward retirement planning in uncertain times. In this presentation Tom will focus on 3 Main Topics – Longevity, Long Term Care and the KEY to Happiness in Retirement. Don’t miss this powerful presentation filled with audience participation and find Retirement Alpha– based on Math and Science, NOT Opinions!

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Retirement is all about the income!!! Assets make retirees miserable!” – Tim Kiesling

“Tom’s presentation was so powerful, I am going to start talking about Long Term Care with my clients.” – Steven Labroi

“I am going to focus on income in retirement and use some of these topics to start the conversation.” – Stephen Molitor

“After watching Tom speak, I am going to discuss Long Term Care more.” – Maria Zakutny

“After hearing Tom speak, I am going to think about annuities as a solution more often.” – Lindy Venutsus

“I am going to start talking to everyone about Longevity Credits.” – Lynda Tucker

“I already focus on the importance of covering, at minimum, the needs of retirement; now I will continue to emphasize the power of income versus assets as the most important decision in retirement planning.” – James Thompson

“I will start advising about Long Term Care along with guaranteed paychecks.” – Michael Palet

“After listening to this presentation, I will always present annuities as an option for income planning.” – Anthony Lofaso

“I will start mentioning annuities to clients more often as a possible part of their retirement income strategy.” – Dan Hardt

“I am more confident in the income planning aspect of retirement planning.” – Laurie Bitter

“It’s about INCOME baby!! I am going to share Tom’s books with my clients.” – Matthew Echelmeier

“I am going to talk more about building income for the future and not just assets.” – Greg Shamas

“I am more confident in discussing retirement scenarios with my clients now.” – Lel Arandela

“This gave me the confidence to be more direct and helpful to my clients.” – Marla Norton

“I never realized how important it is to document everything in a client meeting.” – Vicki Bishop

“Revisiting the importance of guaranteed income with clients is a key to success.” – Ernie Price

“Thanks to Tom’s mastery of words, I will be adding many of those he mentioned in my future presentations.” – C Bruce Burnett

“Advisors should think more about including annuities in their presentations.” – Robert Burton

“Retirement is all about income!! The 30 year vacation plan is powerful.” –
Meg Wright

“I am going to bring up the importance of annuities with my clients when we talk about retirement.” – Damian Calato

“I love hearing Tom, especially thru NAIFA and free of charge. There are so many expenses in this job, but need to keep sharpening the tool!” – Elizabeth Houser

“Explain the need to establish THE INCOME BASE needed by each client, and then address the retirement RISKS that could /would derail the retirement plan.” – Franklin Walter II

“I will be looking into fixed annuities more. I rarely use annuities, but when I have they have only been variable.” – Tonya White

“Advisors need to be offering annuities as a guaranteed income tool to at least cover basic needs. They should delay it to age 70 to claim Social Security benefit if possible.” – Petula Moy

“I have heard Tom speak before, but I always learn something new. I am going to look at more single premium immediate annuities and more long term care.” – Susan Riedel

“Tom’s philosophy on retirement planning is awesome, must hear if you haven’t!!” – William Franklin

“This was a very good presentation, excellent job!” – Andy Mendoza

“This was a great refresher on Mr Hegna’s concepts, which I love. I have some of his materials already and have used them successfully in my practice. I needed a re-fresher today and this was great! You should have him back again in 2018!!” – Chuck Stickney

“Keep up the great work of providing strategy and planning concepts to help everyday families with their financial life planning needs!” – Dan Guck

“I am going to talk to everyone over the age of 50 about retirement.” – Mike Immel

“The secret to successful retirement is not about your assets, it is about your guaranteed income.” – Ashley Blume

“Great presentation from Tom and on the DOL update, very timely!” – Jim Gano

“Tom not only presented annuities in an extremely favorable light, but he also provided us with sound bites and practical ways to present annuities in general.” – Alan Stearley

“I am going to discuss more of the longevity factor with clients Along with the idea of leaving the kids insurance dollars instead of cash.” – Raymond Sternberg

“Talk to clients about guaranteed income for life so that they don’t have to worry about out living their money and they can LIVE during retirement instead of worrying.” – Judy Johnston

“Retirement is not about assets. It’s all about income!” – Sam Nielson

“I am going to emphasize the importance of guaranteed income for the essentials.” – Hadley Brown

“Guaranteed income is first and foremost of importance.” – Richard Orred

“Consider income streams when planning retirement.” – Ellen Kratofil

“Assets make people miserable!” – Michael Herholtz

“I am going to discuss LTC and income annuities with every single one of my clients.” – Diane Nanzig

“Annuities should (must) be a part of a retirement portfolio.” – Chris Michel

“Thanks to Tom, I am going to introduce the concept of replacing bonds in someone’s portfolio with income annuities.” – Keith Adams

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