Conquer the 18 Risks in Retirement

Do you know the 18 risks your clients, and you, face in retirement?

The American College released a report of everything you and your clients need to be aware of and prepared for. Joining us this month for Power Session LIVE is a panel of experts to help you understand these risks and learn how to protect your clients while growing your business. While some risks like inflation and longevity are pretty obvious, other risks like financial elder abuse may be a bigger threat than you think.

What Advisors Think of this Session

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“I learned some new guidelines on what to do if funds from an existing client are transferred under the DOL rule.” – R Allan Jensen

“Thank you for reviewing the complexity of the DOL that is putting mine (and every advisor)’s career on the whim of who decides to make decisions on Monday after the Sunday football game. (Monday armchair quarterbacking).” – Mark Rogers

“I’m grateful for the DOL update.” – Ken Smith

“I’m glad I learned actually what the 18 Retirement Risks ARE !!” – Franklin “SKIP” Walter II

“Advisors need to make an actual plan with your clients so they feel more comfortable about the future.” – Alex Loncar

“This Webinar taught me to ‘live within your means’.” – Michael Patnode

“In regards to preparing for retirement income more important than assets.” – Lyle Krall

“There are many risks to prepare for retirement!” – Scott Gons

“Advisors need to help clients have a plan they understand, also ‘Buy Income and Invest the Difference’.” – Dave Jones

“I would have never thought of re-employment or employer solvency risk being something that can affect your retirement.” – Maria Zakutny

“I am fortunate enough to be near retirement age!!! Actually, the entire presentation was outstanding.” – William Small

“I love the DOL update.” – Susan McWright

“I loved all the risks discussed in one call.” – Rob Bruner

“Absolutely terrific review…it was great to hear the personal stories from the presenters.” -Michael Baker

“All of the risks are important to understand, but the most important thing is to talk to our clients about them.” – Barbara Cottrell

“The best way to train for these risks and to best help my clients with these risks is to get the RICP designation.” – Michael Baer

“All great information and ideas to use for an educational workshop and with clients one on one.” – Doak Belt

“The 18 risks presented in this webinar were fantastic.” – Gerry Wiebers

“I found the interest rate and sequence of returns risks particularly informative.” – Deb Buckler

“Dave Alison’s 3 bucket plan is an easy yet effective way to plan for retirement.” – Martin Culver

“I need to slow down and think more clearly about the action to take!” – R.Terry Lawson

“I love the DOL update.” – Joseph Guess

“I joined the webinar late, but still learned a lot, some examples are: spousal risk and employment risks gave me more thorough understanding of these. The DOL update was good, and I liked the diagram showing how IRA’s are now pulled into the picture, and care required as fiduciary. The presenters were very good and look forward to attending more webinars.” – Vic Johnson

“It is important to advise clients on the sequence of returns.” – Russell Porter

“Retirement planning is more important than ever.” – Anthony Melsi

“You have to make a serious commitment if you want to stay is this business.” – Bill Popko

“Great tips on presenting.” – Janet Pack

“The Webinar gave me clarity on the new DOL Rule!” – Edward Lozano

“The 3 buckets on retirement planning is a great way to get started.” – Kevin Ross

“The risk steps are so important, and the Webinar covered them all, especially with longevity being the most important.” – Ken Specht

“We are in a heck of a mess!” – Allan Pippin

“Dave Alison’s bucket system is awesome!” – Kimberly West

“This Webinar was very informative!” – Sherry Englehorn

“The DOL regulation discussion was great.” – Adam Thielen

“I loved the DOL presentation.” – Joseph Pereira

“Advisors should be explaining to clients how to deal with sequence of returns with the bucket plan. I like ‘cocktail napkin illustrations’- simple.” – Wade Scott

“Great information from all the presenters!” – Shari Sitzmann

“I loved the 3 bucket approach from Dave Alison!” – Greg Mueller

“I enjoyed the DOL rule update and what it is mean to our daily practice.” – Irina Lueth

“The List of 18 risks should be used by every Advisor, and they should be using it with every client and I plan on using them in my workshops too.” – Michael Garrity