How to Unlock the Largest IRAs Now!
with Ed Slott, CPA

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Featured Guest: Ed Slott, CPA

Ed Slott
Ed Slott, America’s IRA Expert

Your time is NOW!

There is a perfect storm of opportunity for financial advisors happening right now. Even with uncertainty about DOL fiduciary rules, robo advisors, fee pressure and compliance overload, more people than ever are desperate for retirement planning advice, specifically the tax planning for taking their money out. That’s an opening for advisors to attract clients with substantial retirement funds. The tax planning will attract the new money. This program will show you how.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Tax Deferred vs Tax Free Recognize the impact of taxes on retirement accounts and look for ways to help people as they save for retirement.” – Jeff Lauritzen

“Convert IRA to Roth in that age area.” Dean Puyear

“QCD. Shift more focus to tax considerations.” – Phil Andrews

“QCD concept. Ed Slott shared concepts that I can incorporate.” – Steven Holtz

“Help clients with IRA RMD to transfer funds to QCD. How to work with baby boomers with their IRAs. Great presentation!” – Petula Moy

“QCD. Learn more about QCD and IRA conversion to Roth and use of life insurance.” – John Russo

“Emphasize income tax savings and not investment returns. Learn more about tax planning in addition to the RICP designation just received.” – Charles Redd

“Always pay taxes at the lowest rates. Working business and professional marketplace. Great event today.” – Robert Lien

“Everything.” – Raymond Sternberg

“IRA to life insurance mechanics. Review #3 idea with clients and prospects.” – Dave Skutnik

“Importance of taxes in differentiating your practices from that of other FAs. Try to make it a point to both become better acquainted and knowledgeable with tax rules related to my practice, and asking probing questions about tax concerns of clients.” – Kathleen Eckerson

“Reduce the amount of taxes you must pay. ‘Develop an approach and define my clients & prospects who are over 59 – age 70 and begin educating them on IRAs 401(k)s and the use of life ins. to increase retirement income.'” – Dana Hayes

“Taxes are the biggest threat to retirement income. Use some of Ed’s Language…if you own an IRA you own Debt. Great, fast-paced session!” – Peter Acquaro

“IRA conversion to life insurance. Pay taxes now at the historically lowest rate. Communicate more with the tax deferral = tax free concept.” – George Barzizza

“It was all great and familiar to me…Ed mentioned taking the time to connect and explain to the client the difference from tax-def vs tax-free…assuming people have a good understanding of this has probably kept me from a few sales. Develop a presentation track to follow the points made.” – Rob Anderson

“Ed’s comment ‘It’s not how much you convert. It’s how much of the conversion you keep.’ Read Ed’s book on IRAs. Great Presentation.” – Grant Hinchcliff

“Converting IRA dollars into life insurance. I need to connect with a CPA.” – Robert Javens

“QCD focus more on finding 701/2 RMD recipients who are also giving to charity.” – This was my first call and I found it extremely helpful.” – Euletta Gordon

“Use Life insurance to pay taxes on IRA to ROTH conversion, after death for surviving spouse. I will talk to each client or prospect over 59 1/2 about IRA conversions to ROTH IRA’s paying the taxes now. Love it, please keep these coming. Thanks, :-)” – Mona Corbett

“Roth conversion – re-characterization – reconvert as always, integrate new knowledge into my existing process.” – Carisse Gafni

“Cash value double your retirement account. Tax pay on your schedule. Connect with beneficiary. Annual review with client.” – Liza Keh

“If you have an IRA you have debt. More follow up with clients on there IRA options.” – Tim Martin

“Risks and advantages of putting a trust as beneficiary of an IRA. Ask more questions. Excellent presentation and good questions.” -Donald Schleicher

“Trust use of Life Insurance. Pay more attention to clients’ beneficiaries.” – George Lex

“2-day course may be a must. Build practice around tax planning.” – Dennis Burbank

“Liked Ed’s core principals. As a baby boomer, I need to focus on large IRA, 401K’s … Roth Conversion & funnel into Life insurance. Well done!” – Jim Gano

“How brilliant both Ed and Jim are! Subscribe to Ed’s monthly.” Gene Mahn

“Overall tax focus strategies. Consider attending the boot camp.” – David Laube

“The importance of tax planning as a part of all planning more of the same as a CPA who also believes tax are NOT going down and NOT staying the same.” – Scott Gons

“Using life insurance vs a traditional IRA. Incorporate this topic into my client meetings.” – Lee McDonald

“Tax awareness. Learn more.” – J. Garcia

“Reinforces my conviction that Roths are the way to go. Talk more about Roth conversions. I hope your consumer content is pre-approved with my broker-dealer!?” – Michael Fox

“Ways to present life insurance as alternative to IRAs. Have the material prepared for dissemination to clients been approved by [removed] compliance?” – Robert Billingsley

“The consequences of doing inherited IRA rollovers without first stopping to think. Getting more equipped with my life insurance sale.” – Kemisha Robinson

“QCD.” – Shams Merchant

“Tax tree emphasis. Better communication with extended family and beneficiaries.” – Greg Huffman

“Try to focus on ira education.” – Dan Holl

“Use of life insurance to protect taxes, heirs, etc. Reach out to beneficiaries. This was one of the best webinars I have listened to!” – Suzette Livingston

“Ed Slott…not first time hearing message, but he is always great to hear keep focusing on life insurance and Roth conversions.” – Scott Warshaw

“Reminder to always do trustee to trustee transfers and not rollovers incorporate more life insurance into the retirement discussion.” – Paul Haschytz

“Ideas to talk to clients about managing taxes ex. manage investments going into retirement, but manage taxes thru retirement use the tax topic more. Did use it before but now I will use it more.” – Wayne Peck

“Use of Life Insurance. Look into more Life Insurance options.” – Joseph Bockenfeld

“Looking forward to becoming a Premier Member after this session.” – Bob & Terry Grooms

“Life Insurance vs IRA solutions. Introduce Life Insurance as a solution to my senior clients with tax issues.” – Lisa Rydzefski

“Practical ways to discuss tax deferral vs tax free. Have more confidence in discussing these issues.” – Gina Mills

“RMD to QCD. Talk more to people in their 60’s about using IRA $ to put towards life ins.” – Gregory Lentz

“Reminded that TAX PLANNING should be in the forefront over, say, investment return as the main priority. Imperative for the person approaching RMDs. More emphasis on #3 above. Also, being more confident and clear to the client on the advantages of life insurance funding with RMDs and also doing Roth conversions. Nothing further at this time. Please keep up the good work as I have enjoyed these sessions for the past few years!” – Chuck Stickney

“Ed Slott and his abundance of knowledge! I’m already getting the newsletter, I need to consider the boot camp sometime…doesn’t work for me this year.” – Shari Sitzmann

“QCD. Keep my eyes open for these opportunities.” – Gary Gorchoff

“Watch out for trust as bene review bene’s.” – Casey Eden

“One direct transfer of IRA per 365 day or everything would be taxable. Be careful.” – Joseph Guess

“A couple of new ideas about tax planning. Talk to clients about tax planning. I love this and the schedule you have coming up.” – R Allan Jensen

“Tax Alpha. Focus more on tax planning.” – Ken Reeves

“The value of life insurance. Prospect for large IRA’s.” – Charles Zloch

“TAX PLANNING. Focus story around taxes.” – Dave Meyer

“Leverage!!! Sell more Permanent Life!!!” – Matthew Echelmeier

“I was at Mr. Slott’s workshop about 5 years ago. It was such a remarkable learning experience that I told myself that I will attend it every other year. Must get back to hearing him again. If an advisor wants to invest in themselves, going to Ed’s 2 day workshop would be the best education they could get second only to a CFP designation.” – David Schauss

“Tax planning matters. Get tax planning software.” – Jeffrey Jahnke

“Current information. Incorporate the information into class. Thank you, NAIFA.” – Mike Guilliatt

“Ed was great. Be better planner. Good stuff.” – Grant Thompson

“QDC.” – Patrick Moore

“Life insurance instead of IRAs into trusts. More conversations.” – Robert Gascho

“Mistakes can be costly and irreversible. Utilize tax planning as a basis for my future advice. Great info. Keep it coming.” – Joel Wymer

“Tax Planning ideas. Look for more tax planning situations.” – Joe Swiderski

“Review his ideas.” – Ron Meeker

“Importance of tax planning and tax-free retirement vehicles over tax-deferred. Stress the tax advantages of life insurance.” – Ben Savill

“Trusts should not be IRA beneficiaries. RMDs can be rollover to charitable donations. Work on moving IRA funds to Life insurance policies; talk to clients that don’t need RMD funds to use as their charitable donations.” – Kara Stanley

“Permanent life insurance was referenced many times as a reliable tool in retirement planning. Discuss Tax-deferred vs. Tax-free as Ed mentioned at the very beginning of his session. Many thanks for a highly informative (and thought-provoking) session! I would like the opportunity/invitation for updated Power Sessions with Ed Slott as tax changes occur with this new administration.” – Avon Belfi

“Stay on top of your game and work with people who do too. Continue with more questions to my current clients and also seek their referrals.” – Robert Priganc

“No one thing. The basic three suggestions, one of which was to always pay taxes at the lowest rate, were triggers for starting conversations. Take action with clients and beneficiaries.” – Sarah Kerr

“Ed confirmed my recommending QLACs and IRA to life insurance. Probably be more proactive in the above recommendations.” – Randall Reichenbach

“Many things but taxes are key! Use Ed’s simple 3 risk things: Government(Taxes), investments(market risk and tax debt) and outliving your money. Thanks.” – Roger Relfe

“IRA and 401k taxation is a debt to be paid later. Review harder for QCD’s and IRA conversions to Roth-IRA’s. Well done and very professional.” – Joe Spoerl

“IRA Trust options. Use this information with CPA’s / COI’s.” – Diane Sher

“Tax savings ideas. Offer ideas to clients.” – John Bona

“Much good information. Excellent presentation. Focus more on life insurance going forward.” – Laura Barron

“Life insurance used as a tool to aid in estate planning with IRA’s. Learn more from Mr. Slott.” – Michael Anderson

“New focus on cash value life insurance and less focus on IRA trusts due to the risky nature of them being set up correctly based on the complexity of tax laws surrounding IRAs. Learn more about cash value life insurance for retirement planning, which I assume these days is primarily the IUL versions.” – Lori Hunt

“Incorporating your story and walking the talk! Thank you Ed. Great interaction and questions.” – Steven Oriol

“Different words to use with ira holders incorporate language and use life insurance more. I hope I can use the client materials you have, do you work with [removed].” – Tony Woelfel

“The time is NOW! Make sure all my clients know the true difference between tax deferred and tax free.” – Dennis Haning

“It would be great if you could provide any updates to the DoL rule prior to June 9. For example if Acosta does come up with a way to make a change prior to partial implementation.” – Dean Callison

“Make sure that clients understand the difference between Tax Deferred and Tax Free. Do not assume that they know. The difference is ‘Yet’ I’m familiar with these concepts and use them. This was a refresher course for me. I took away some key questions and ideas which I can use to sharpen my presentation. For example, a retiree, or retired couple, may be “debt free’, but own IRA(s). They have a debt called “Taxes”. Thanks for the invitation!” – Daniel Biggs

“QCD. Learn more about tax planning.” – Theresa Richards

“The need to increase my knowledge on tax planning for income distribution especially for baby boomers. Attend Ed Slot’s 2 day seminar.” – Tim Seeley

“How to BEGIN the discussion with the client reference tax-deferral VS. Tax-Free, etc. Make sure that I am approaching applicable clients with the “thoughtful process” needed to have them envision the outcome of #3 answer above. I am not yet ready to become a premier member, as my B-D is new to us and I want to have “due-diligence” with them before I become a premier member.” – Franklin Walter II

“Value of using life insurance to pay income taxes on IRAs.” – Bill Brantley

“Some of the sales ideas with trusts and life insurance vs ira. I’d like to attend the 2 day boot camp.” – Heather Lindsley

“How to use QCD’s to reduce taxable income. Talk to CPA’s about QCD’s.” – Maria Zakutny

“Tax rate for IRA Trusts. Wow, that could be a big deal to a client who isn’t careful. Have a discussion about where tax rates are going long term and ways to reduce taxes.” – Glenn French

“How life insurance can mitigate the tax hit of IRA’s.” – Jay Lipman

“QCD as option for RMD. Ask more questions.” – DAVID FRICK

“Great job.” – Andrew J Jaramillo

“Great tax strategy planning through Roth IRAs, QCDs and life insurance. Talk with clients about these strategies and implement them. Thank you Jim for making this great opportunity available to us!” – Erik Sjodin

“Tax advantages.” – Kerry Murray

“Refreshers from Ed Slott. Try to have more awareness of assets. Nice job.” – Mike Nicholson

“How to explain the ira cash out for life continue to pursue education in this area. Did great.” – Scott Richards

“60 day rollover rule and all IRA’s. Be extra vigilante on funding Life insurance.” – Greg Mccurry

“More important IRA info get a niche marketing program. Thank you for all your efforts!” – Jill Goldman

“I love the information Ed Provides.” – Anthony Vallos

“Using non deductible IRA contributions to do a Roth conversion down the road. Using CRDs”. Continue to further my tax planning knowledge.” – Matthew Lempa

“Taxes revise my presentation.” – Frederick Saide

“The impact of tax on a client’s retirement account” Re-frame how I explain the differences in retirement accounts and other potential optimized options.” – William Torres

“The rule for only one fiscal year IRA 60-day rollover. Make a conscious effort to send Real Wealth info to clients. Great speakers! Thank you.” – Steven Hennessy

“The Qualified Charitable Distribution. Contact everyone and be proactive in being in contact with beneficiaries.” – Shawn Fischer

“60 day rollover restrictions only apply to IRA, not 401k or other pensions. Look to life insurance as a possible tax solution for legacy planning. Study life insurance products and see if any clients fit that situation.” – Judith Shonnard

“Lots of options with and for IRAs. Become more informed.” – Don Breuker

“The use of a QCDs. I am going to get to an Ed Slott workshop! The guy is a genius.” – Kevin Skaltsis

“Making sure the beneficiaries are involved with the IRA planning. Have family meetings.” – Joe Blake

“Charity strategies for 70 1/2 that’s already giving. Review my notes and discuss IRAs more with clients. Listen to more of Ed Slott and maybe attend his boot camp. I’m interested in Premier Membership.” – Sandra Bailey

“I would like to review the replay of today’s great presentation when available.” – Sue DeBruin

“Everything. Get better educated on Retirement Income Planning and related tax issues.” – James Schrack

“Manage investments on the way in and manage taxes on the way out. QCD. We do a lot of things correctly already, but I need to make sure that I know my clients IRA and life insurance beneficiaries. Great talk. Can’t make the Boot Camp, but will subscribe to his website.” – Patrick Robison

“Some real practical tools which can be used to make my practice different than others. Make certain that clients know that tax planning must be an integral part of retirement planning.” – Glenn Newlin

“Good ideas to talk to cpa’s about start talking to more cpa’s and make more efforts to enforce the tax planning approach as a central objective to clients.” – David Bearden

“The importance of continuing education Focus on 60 – 70 year market w/emphasis on helping them make retirement planning decisions.” – Bill Popko

“Updated information on qualified plans and tax free planning. Review Ed’s material.” – Larry Matson

“The importance of tax planning with clients. Connect with more clients about tax planning issues and involve CPAs.” – Bill Thompson

“There is a gold mine out there and I have the potential to be a Miner. Re-listen to the presentation and follow-up on prospects I have thought of during the process. I would like to ramp things up with the tools you have given me today. Where are you at in relation to my strong [removed] affiliation? Does [removed] promote/endorse your work?” – Ronald Meyer

“Ed’s explanation of the pressure on income tax rates to rise in the future and the available to get a “do-over” of ROTH a conversion in case tax rates dip even lower at a future. Encourage clients to pay their taxes at the lowest rate and include life insurance in the planning.” – Margaret Aldrich

“Tax options on qualified savings.” – Mary Strickland

“Some of the language to use when going over an IRA vs Life insurance. Look for more life insurance sales!” – Josh Sirek

“Some of the dangers of beneficiaries to IRA’s Ask more questions.” – Woody Syverson

“Life insurance ideas.” – Bradley Waznik

“The Inherited IRA Stretch law change. Good opportunity to sell more life insurance. Finish my Tax designation do more Roth conversions and sell more life insurance. Love access to Ed he is a hoot!!!” – William Kaczmarek

“Roth conversion. Ask IRA questions.” – Jeff Reilly

“Ideas on RMDs & decreasing tax implications working with entire family when looking at IRA beneficiaries. Great presentation. I have the email on the Premier Upgrade and will look at it.” – Mark Mallon

“IRA info… Develop C of I with CPA’s.” – Joseph Moore

“How to screw up an ira transfer.” – George Beutter

“People need to know what we know! More of what I am already doing. I think I want to start doing seminars.” – Greg Marchand

“QCD. Go to Ed’s workshop. Excellent material to differentiate myself from other advisors.” – Dick Jacobs

“Ed Slott phrases. Review all beneficiaries. Great job.” – Bob Buckley

“Reminder to consider QCD’s for my older clients who contribute to charities. Focus more attention on tax planning elements of product placement and plan designs.” – Kevin Mckee

“Roth IRA conversions can be reversed if tax law changes. Collaborating with more estate planning colleagues about using life insurance to replace the IRA assets. I use this concept in charitable planning discussions and will use it more than ever now.” – Lee M Gatta

“I will look more into roth conversions. Start to see if roth conversions make more sense for my clients, and future clients.” – Christopher Bautista

“Undoing a Roth conversion.” – Paul sabol

“Learn about Roth IRA’s.” – Leon Avila

“Roth conversions make sense into our 60’s and 70’s. Help clients focus more on tax planning strategies.” – David Bernhardt

“It’s all about the taxes. Study more and become a planner. Great job.” – Jodi Ford

“I was reminded of the importance of asking excellent questions and customizing solutions. Be more focused. Excellent!” – Laurie Kaufman

“Controlling taxes is everything. Learn more about tax laws. Great presentation, thanks.” – Kent Demars

“Bring Ed back for more tax saving ideas.” – James Goodacre RHU,REBC

“Focus on tax planning from the beginning of the conversation. I need to have all of my contact with clients and prospects approved by [removed] compliance. Is your Premier Member material approved?” – Barbara Cottrell

“Strategies of IRA conversion to life insurance. I need to read and learn further on the topic. I will discuss and educate my clients before we arrive at the point that we need to implement these strategies. Thank you. I would love more opportunities like this one.” – Mariam Aristakesyan

“Using life insurance instead of allowing clients to have funds in a trust to be taxed at potentially the highest tax bracket. Work on the answer to question #3 as part of my regular practice.” – Peter Magni

“Learn, communicate, document.” – Randy Mader

“Use of life insurance vs ROTH ‘Pay least tax’ phraseology.” – Michael Palet

“Ed Slott was awesome. Use language that was learned. I would like us to run through some Practice Scenarios of clients and what was implemented.” – Ken Beer

“The importance of proper tax planning regarding IRA’s 401K’s etc. Discussed Tax Deferred vs Tax Free.” – Chuck Lape

“Marketing tools available from NAIFA.” – Jay Cranley

“Appreciated all the information. Watch for more opportunities to use life insurance with IRA money. I am interested in hearing when Ed Slott’s next Workshop is.” – Cindy Bong

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Ed Slott was named “The Best Source for IRA Advice” by the Wall Street Journal and called “America’s IRA Expert” by Mutual Funds Magazine. He is a nationally recognized IRA-distribution expert, a professional speaker, and the creator of several public television specials, including the most recent, Ed Slott’s Retirement Rescue!

Ed has been quoted in The New York Times, Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Money Magazine, and Forbes. He has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, FOX, PBS, Public Television, NPR, and Bloomberg TV and radio.

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This webinar was held on Friday, May 12th at 11:30am EST. Become a member or purchase this session a la carte above. Both options give you on-demand access to this session along with resources from Mr. Slott, including the entire slide deck. You can also view the Power Session Library to see what live sessions we have coming up next.

This session included an update on the Department of Labor laws and how to take advantage of what’s happening. Watch the DOL Update for free on our blog.