Disability Insurance Opportunities

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Increase your revenue by 50% by asking your clients one question.

What would happen if you couldn’t go back to work tomorrow? 

Asking your existing clients this one question will open up a world of opportunity for you. Learn from “The Disability Insurance Geek” himself, Corey Anderson, who will break through the myths of disability insurance so you can help your clients make good decisions. Then Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti, survivor, speaker and DI advocate, will share her insight on how you help your clients understand the importance of this critical coverage.

Stay tuned at the end of the hour for another update on the Department of Labor laws. We want to keep you informed and on top of it so no matter what happens, you can take advantage of it to grow your business.

Disability Insurance Awareness Month is in May – let’s make the most of it!

Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti, 2011 DIAM Spokesperson for Life Happens.

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“Valuable disability discussions. I AM EXCITED ABOUT THE FULL SERVICE AUTO-PILOT MARKETING PROGRAM!” – Vern Swegle

“The importance of DI. Get more knowledgeable about DI and make it a part of presentation. I appreciate your sessions.” – Barbara Cottrell

“Use the ranking of most important to client among different type of insurance as an initiation of talking about Disability Insurance. Disability Insurance is more important than Life Insurance – Important to initiate that type of conversation. The presenters are very knowledgeable of the subject matter and topics are relevant to our professional practice.” – Petula Moy

“Do what “The DI Geek” does. Just ask.” – Joseph Guess

“I should try to sell some DI insurance. I will look at DI sales more.” – Marsha Walls

“Family Care Benefits. Talk to more wholesalers as potential clients. Thought both Q & A sessions were also informative!” – Joe Anthes

“Better understanding of difficulties disabled people face. Incorporate these stories more – and start selling DI more frequently.” – Anthony Melsi

“Ask! Ask more of my clients about DI.” – Josh Sirek

“Ways to talk about Disability Protection. Ask more DI questions.” – Mark Kokosko

“The extent of the financial loss of income and how it tears apart the fabric of families when a disability happens. The ideas of information that can be used to inform clients the need. I can also see the agents need to conform with BICE rules to do what is right for our clients and ourselves. Review the last 16 months of appointments and contact clients and prospects about DI.” – James Sharpe

“Look for Jason’s white paper!” – James Van Ham

“To become more active to market DI going forward! Look at ways to market more aggressively for DI.” – R.Terry Lawson

“New angles on DI. Already going for the upgraded Real Wealth Marketing system.” – Allan Jensen

“Reinforce the need for EVERYONE to have DI. Be more vocal to my friends, family, and clients about the risk.” – Terri McDermott

“That I need a process to present DI. Create a process.” Lisa Rydzefski

“Ranking various insurance protections (home, car, retirement, health, and income), and then also talking about related deductibles. Thanks! Adjust my protection presentation. Thanks for the upgraded content, which adds value and justification to membership!” – Phil Andrews

“Follow a process.” – Lisa Ascencios

“Jason’s DOL update. A.S.K to G.E.T. more DI sales. As always, excellent presentations and stimulating thoughts for moving forward.” – Roger Relfe

“I need to prepare much better concerning DI before I present a proposal. I’m going to prepare more.” – Dana Hayes

“DOL update was great.” – Steve Milazzo

“Bullet points for discussion on DI. Make opening question.” – Rusty Donohue