Every Sales YES Begins With a KNOW with Sam Richter

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You don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.​ In mere seconds, your prospect will start to decide if he or she is going to do business with you. What’s the first thing out of your mouth? Is it about you and your company? Or is it about the other person and what he or she cares about? Do you make your prospect or client feel important? Are you relevant? It’s no longer enough to be interesting. You will be shocked at what you don’t know (but soon will).

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“All of the ways to narrow searches on the various social media websites and google search engine was outstanding. Run more efficient searches!” – Mary Gruenberg

“Invisible web searches. Research prospects and find leads.” – Dan Reisinger

“Getting with social media. The NAIFA update on the DOL was very valuable & insightful. Explore my survival without an assistant to expand the use of technology/social media. Thank you.” – Albert Kirchner

“Google search tips; the invisible web; hunting for business-they were all very informative sessions! Research my clients more thoroughly and use these tips for prospecting. Thank you!” – Timothy Pugh

“The website links and search engine tools.” – Dennis Jones

“Incredible tips that can easily be implemented. Spend a few minutes prior to meeting with a client or prospect to find possible connections.” – Bob Hill

“Advance search ideas. Better meeting prep. THANK YOU!” Tom Jacobson

“Social media info. Better use of social media. I LOVE THIS MEMBERSHIP.” – Vern Swegle

“Great search tools which I didn’t even know were available.” – Tim Kiesling

“Wow! The value of research before an appointment. Work to try the various sources Sam gave–and use them!” – Sarah Kerr

“How to do internet searches more effectively. Do more homework up front so I can ask better questions.” – Timothy Eells

“A lot that I need to investigate and try on my own to see what works best for me going forward. Consider some of these techniques after I do some exploring.” – Patrick Robison

“Linkedin & Facebook. Sign up!” – Stan Mock

“So many search tools…wow! Research people first before meeting them… This was a great session!” – Alan Zalewski

“Learning how to get local information on prospects/clients. Refine my searches and more prep with high value suspects/prospects.” – Mark Kokosko

“Search features – used them during the presentation and it helped me connect with a client. Conduct a more detailed search before meeting with prospects.” – Roger Lintner

“Social media advanced search options. Use social media more often.” – Mark Laviola

“Tips and tricks for search.” – Sean Kelly

“Ways to cut down search time.” – Joseph Andrade

“It’s a new world. Learn a little every day. Thank you.” – Steven Daniel

“Best intelligence of the past 2 years on how to access prospect’s info! I’ll be able to ask more connection questions! Thank you for your variety of subjects! Today was fantastic for an agent working on his 45th year in the business.” – Doug Bird

“Boolean Search.” – Laurel Ziemann

“Google search techniques to narrow searches. Will do some more research on clients and prospects to deeper relationships.” – Steven Summa

“Google and other site searching techniques. Apply the 3×5 rule for researching clients.” – Lisa Hatterman

“Name list resources.” – Lanh Phan

“Sam Richter’s total presentation. Deeper searching. Keep up the good work.” – William Popko

“Improved google searching.” – Marsha Walls

“You can find a lot about your prospect for free by doing more involved searches online.” – Joe Swiderski

“Updates. Use with staff.” – Tim Smith

“How much more I need to be using Social Media and especially LinkedIn. Prepare my LinkedIn Profile.” – Dana Hayes

“I realize how little I know. Get Sam’s program.” – Gene Mahn

“How to search. More research.” – Harvey Rohde

“How to get more from social media.” – Steve Milazzo

“Hard to say, it was all good, also the NAIFA update. Use more social media for prospective clients. Keep up the good work!” – Leo Fundaro

“How to better search the internet.” – Diane Marcus

“Tips for “searching” the web. I do research businesses prior to meeting with them, but now I will also do a little research prior to meeting with individual/residential clients too.” – Jeff Reilly

“I am somewhat familiar with the Boolean logic from other sessions. I learned a few new things today. Dig deeper in research. The presentation was clear and concise. Thank you.” – Jean Gabbert

“Google operands. Do more client research online.” – R Allan Jensen

“Very helpful content. Laser focus my prospecting and get better, more qualified referrals. Great stuff.” – Kevin Dyer

“Time saving searches. Use the tips.” – Derek De Souza

“How to properly search. Research every single new person and current client.” – Fred Harre

“How to search Google more efficiently. Possibly use Chambers members list to make contacts.” – Maria Zakutny

“Search tips were awesome! Work the internet tips into my marketing program and perhaps develop a new one down the road.” – Nick Ware