Forecasting Retirement feat. Curtis Cloke – Bonus Session!

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Not only is Curtis a 10 year MDRT Top of the Table Advisor, but he actually created the course material for the “Retirement Income Certified Professional” designation for the American College! Curtis has spent years developing his new software tool that takes life insurance, social security delay risks, etc. into account so you can plan for your clients’ retirement to the T! Get your longevity planning questions answered from one of the smartest guys in our industry, plus learn how to use this state of the art software.

The recording of this bonus webinar is available for free to all! Check it out here.

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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“Rate of return is not the best indicator of success in the market. Save money to be able to attend one of the classes in the future.” – Joseph Andrade

“Technology systems drive everything.” – Rusty Donohue

“Turnkey operation to avoid “Fiduciary Rule” complications. Plan on attending ThriveU.” – Steve Milazzo

“Software ease of use.” – Richard Murphy

“Realistic withdrawal rates are much lower than many clients believe. Use more of the factors discussed with clients, to educate them as Cloke and Hegna think. Good program!” – Bill Brantley

“Supporting the truth that neither all equities or all insurance products is a good retirement solution. I am way behind the curve technically. I was deeply impressed with the presentation and found it significantly supportive.” – Albert Kirchner

“3 Systems.” – Alan Zalewski

“How to use the software. Going to get the software.” – Timothy Mayer

“I have people who could benefit from Curtis’s process. You continue to provide excellent events – thank you!” – Charles Tiedje

“3% rule instead of 4% rule.” – Lee Scher

“Never seen anything like this. It’s awesome. I may want to purchase the software in future if compliance approves. Contacting my company’s advanced sales dept. to see if it’s compliance approved and if not, getting them to buy in for all agents.” – Jeff Duncan

“That I needed to learn more about intelligently approaching retirement strategies. Review solutions that I have already considered.” – Daniel Orellano Jr.

“Meets fiduciary and best interest standards. Show how each strategy affects the solution. Be a better retirement advisor, fits right in with the knowledge I’m gaining through American College course on retirement planning.” – Thom Harrington

“Guarantee income in retirement. Charts and graphs shows to clients.” – Lanh Phan

“The power of presenting clients with the best possible solutions for their retirement years. I’m going to at least give RNG software a run in my practice.” – James Bertine

“The retirement planning tool is awesome! Using some form of a retirement planning tool is essential in today’s world…best interest, differentiation from other advisors, etc. Love these sessions and presenters!” – Signe Nelson-Combs

“Great tool. Using the guarantees as a floor. Thank you.” – Helena Montgomery

“Cutting edge planning software is now here. This is my first event. I now realize how valuable this can be.” – Brenda Speer

“What I don’t know! Spend more time studying.” – Mac Simpson

“Excellent options to plan retirement.” – Steve Rothschadl

“Very good info for the DOL issue. Do more Retirement Analyzers.” – John Davis

“The process and system seemed to make a lot of sense.” – Kevin Zeyen

“Complete solution. Best Benefit I have received for being a NAIFA member for over 30 years.” – Joseph Guess

“It appears to be user friendly. Continue to investigate. Very interesting today. I want to learn more.” – Ray Welsh

“The software is very helpful. It will be improve my presentation to the client.” – Marciaq Cassab

“That great tools are available to help comply with DOL fiduciary rules.” – Joshua Haberman

“Our business tends to divide into two camps. One is fixed investments the other being equity investments and each side says the other is wrong but this proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is mathematical and scientific proof that both must be used to benefit the client. I will use the software to illustrate this point. This was a fantastic presentation that should benefit all who listened even if they don’t purchase the software.” – Joel Wymer

“Looking forward to the Thrive U class in New York in May.” – James Van Ham

“The software package looks manageable/more user friendly vs what I thought the last time Curtis presented this a year or two ago. I was very impressed with the program. Thanks Curtis for answering my question I submitted right away!” – Chuck Stickney

“The dashboard. Go to the training and buy the program.” – Paul Harris

“The various income retirement solves.” – Mark Kokosko

“How comprehensive RNG is.” – Michael Patnode

“I want to learn more about RNG!” – Kyle Satterlee

“Realizing that there isn’t a lot of software out there that can thoroughly analyze collected data. Glad to hear that someone is bringing this to the financial planning market.” – Lisa Rydzefski

“Three different retirement concerns. Approach prospects with the understanding that there may be more to their retirement than just money. Taxes, withdraw rates, etc.” – Brandon Reichert

“It works! I will consider the software. Good stuff, thanks.” – Andrew Jensen

“Good reminder for some strategies I haven’t used recently. Employ multiple retirement strategies.” – Ginger Sharp

“How much more I have to learn after 50+ yrs in this business! Enroll in Thrive Univ. You guys are great. Just keep on keeping on. Thank you.” – Dana Hayes

“The math and science of retirement planning.” – Ken Robey

“Need to take a comprehensive view at retirement planning and having the proper tools to assist in the process. Rethink if I would like to focus more on this type of planning.” – Brian Beduze

“Availability of the software we have been looking/waiting for. Looking forward to having a tool that will do what we had planned.” – Robert Nelson

“The availability of the software and the ease of use.” – William Popko

“This software is extremely good. Bumping brackets and delaying SS benefits when at all possible.” – Michael McGranahan

“Thorough.” – Tom Walsh

“Everything! Learn more about NextGen.” – Leo Fundaro

“Withdrawal rate.” – Sarah Kerr

“The illustration and ease to understand. Develop some of the ideas.” – Glenn Matano

“Really made me think about taking our practice focus from suitability, best interest and fiduciary to science and math as the new standard. Being able to visually depict the outcomes for our clients is the real value here. Incorporate a deeper level of analysis that is at the same time simpler.” – Steven Oriol

“The objectivity of the design of this software material. It does not bias either financial or insurance products. Pay more attention to helping clients evaluate their retirement strategy!” – Mike Weaver