How HRAs can save you $5,984/yr
+ IT Security and best practices

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This one session offers you two dynamic ideas to help you grow and protect your business! Matt Carberry, HRA Expert, will show you the ins and outs of Health Reimbursement Plans, and how they can save you $5,984 a year in taxes! There’s not much you can do to lower your monthly insurance premium, but there IS a way you can off-set the cost of everything else, including:

  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles
  • Chiropractic care
  • Braces and orthodontics
  • Corrective eye surgery
  • …and almost any other service you can think of!

Next, Brad Otto will present:

  • Where most cybersecurity threats come from
  • Why people / employees are the weakest link in your IT security chain
  • How to design a backup and disaster recovery strategy to mitigate threats
  • A cybersecurity checklist you can use to evaluate where you stand today


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We asked participants: What’s the one best thing you learned from this presentation? What are you going to do differently in your business now that you’ve heard these ideas?

“The possible benefit and use to introduce HRAs to my self-employed friends and clients. Possibility of utilizing savings on HRA deductions for investing.” – Jesse Hauptrief

“Good information on how to use an HRA.” Robin Mitchell

“Health Reimbursement Acct information was great. Very interesting update with the DOL regulation.” – Doug Dengel

“Loved the IT Info.” – Susan McWright

“There are other options for business owners in regards to healthcare and deductions. Invest more time in learning about the HRA and how it could fit my business or those I service.” – Joseph Andrade

HRAs are a potentially huge tax savings for many business owners. Looking for opportunities to educate my clients and prospects on the advantages of HRAs.” – David Newbill

“HRA plan info was great!” – Vern Swegle

“How to use HRA. Revisit some clients and give them information on using HRA. Thank you for providing this information.” – Faye Osdborn

“The importance of securing our info. Implement some suggestions. Keep up the good work.” – William Popko

“Review of HRA. Ask all business owners if they have an HRA. Keep up the good work.” – Chuck Stickney

“DOL update was very helpful.” – Leigh Wallace

“HRA presentation reviewing my clients need for health insurance.” – Martha Trevino

“Never heard of the HRA before. Eye opening.” – Chad Hruska

“TASC is still out there. Talk with business owners about HRAs.” – Woody Syverson

“Value of HRAs. Recommend changes to firm’s cyber security.” – Bill Thompson

“Matthew Carberry’s presentation has moved me to open a QSEHRA. Share my experience with the HRA with my business customers. The IT part was good information and the DOL update was good.” – Wade Scott

“HRA’s are more generous than HSA’s. Recommending HRA’s to my groups. Keep up the great work you do.” – James Goodacre RHU,REBC

“The HRA discussion was way too fast. I now know it exists but have no idea what to do with it. Otherwise, great information as always! Thank you!” – Andrew Powers

“Ways to know a scam is a scam. Be more careful and mindful when opening webpages and email.” – Renee Belanger

“Web security info was great.” – Randy Mader

“Great details on DOL. Great webinar. Very relevant and helpful info.” – Mark Mallon

“How to make yourself cyberstrong. Look into local IT resources like Brad Otto.” – Joe Blake

“Learned more about taking advantage of SEC 105 of the IRS tax code. Make a back-up of my computer files and keep it physically in a different place —- (Brad Otto’s presentation) Great programs, please keep it up!” – Geoffrey Carter

“HRA. Better computer control.” – Joseph Guess

“Both the HRA and the DOL piece. Consider use of TASC.” Dale Seymour

“Current trends. Look at educating clients on HRA opportunity. Good information.” – Robert Lien

“HRA.” – Leon Avila

“Good stuff on IT — have to review the recording to get it all!” – R Allan Jensen

“Cyber security methods.” – Steve Milazzo

“Be sure to backup your computer to avoid Identity Theft, especially RansomWare! More frequent backups to my personal computer & discuss HRA’s with clients as supplements to their Health Insurance. Excellent, timely overall update to DOL Fiduciary Rule … right up to today!” – Joe Anthes

“I had thought that HRAs for sole proprietors were dead. Revisit potential recommendation of HRAs to applicable clients. Discussing with our compliance officer about getting Real Wealth Media approved as a service.” – Garth Hassel

“Looking at HRA accounts for long term care costs. Being able to pose the idea of being able to provide alternative measures to clients current courses of action.” – Lisa Hatterman

“How HRAs work.” – Derek De Souza

“HRA’s can be expanded to sole-prop’s with a TPA. Continue to ask more questions on how are business owners handling OOP expenses. As always, well done!” – Douglas Bird

“HRA opportunity.” – Dennis Jones

“HRA option. Talk with my small businesses about HRA’s.” – Ryan Utecht

“HRA info. Security portion was good as well!” – Mark Miller

“Tax savings for clients; just talking about this the other day. Share share share; talk more with our benefits specialist. I’m a Premier Member – I would love to learn better how I can share previous podcasts with clients that would direct them back to my website via email or links. Lots of great information on the site. Amazing content I just can’t recreate.” – Mark Kokosko

“HRA information. Will use it for myself and clients.” – James Overton